Henry Lawfull Age: Teenager’s Family, Siblings, Father and Other Details You Need to Know!

Henry Lawfull is 15-years-old, currently in high school and living with his family that includes his two smaller siblings, in Chingford, North East London. All the details about the A Boy Called Christmas star’s age, birthday and other facts you need after watching the Netflix movie.

Netflix has an amazing effect on talented young talents, while older actors also get a boost from the streaming platform but younger performers tend to fare well. There are ample examples of teenage actors reaching the stratosphere after appearing on the platform. Well, it is probably a given at this point considering 200 million plus paid users have Netflix on their phones. And the latest kid to get the star treatment is one Henry Lawfull who is appearing in the holiday themed movie, A Boy Called Christmas.

With Christmas time just around the corner, Netflix is making sure its library of content is filled with movies and TV shows that can be enjoyed during the holidays. While StudioCanal did all the heavy lifting with the production work and later, Netflix later stepped in to purchase the international rights and people except in the UK are already streaming the movie getting comfortable for the weekend. So, as interest shifts from the movie to the stars of the flick, here is everything you need to know about Henry Lawfull.

Henry Lawfull Age: 15-Years-Old and Starring in His First Movie

henry-lawfull-age-family-netflixHenry Lawfull’s is 15 years of age and has two younger sisters and lives with his family in Chingford. Seen here in the photo with his two sisters and his father and mother.
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Henry Lawfull Looks particularly young in the new Netflix movie A Boy Called Christmas. But don’t let the film fool you into thinking the actor is closer to ten years old. The reason he looks so young is because the Netflix flick started production after the summer of 2019, so over 2 years have passed since the camera started rolling. He was coming off appearing in a single episode of Les Miserables.

That was his first professional performance and after a successful audition the actor was handed the role in A Boy Called Christmas, based on the hit Matt Haig book of the same name. At the time of his casting, the actor was 13 years old and all the time of the film’s release, Henry Lawfull’s age is 15-years-old. He looks even younger in the movie, but as we explained, it has a lot to do with the filming period than the actor’s actual age.

Henry Lawfull Family: Eldest of Three Kids of His Parents

Coming into the film and TV industry at the age of 13 is no small feat, considering the schooling requirements and the uncertainty that the industry brings, it is always a gamble. Plus for a young actor to perform, they need the help of their parents, a family coming together for the success of one individual is how a young actor’s dreams are fulfilled.

For Henry Lawfull, it was the same as his parents came together to make sure he had all the help he needed to succeed in the business. Henry Lawfull was born to his father Mark Lawfull, 48, and mother Michelle Lawfull, 47. His parents were the support system that made it possible for Henry to get to auditions and later travel all over Europe to film his first movie.

But Henry is not the only kid in the family as his parents also raise two young daughters. Henry Lawfull has two young siblings, Mae Lawfull, 13, and Ava Lawfull, 10. The family of five lives in Chingford, North London, UK and the kids also attend school there. The family also has one dog who goes everywhere with the family, even a shortened family vacation to France.

Henry’s mother detailed what it was like when the whole family went to France for the summer. They were planning a few weeks of relaxation after being stuck in the home during the pandemic. But the summer of 2020 trip ended in shambles as the UK government announced a lockdown of the country and gave British citizens in foreign country, only about a day to get back home.

Well, Henry’s mother Michelle Lawfull did not have much nice things to say about the government. She detailed her frustration, “Twenty-four hours, a lot of miles, a lot of stress and a lot of money down the drain. Don’t get me started on this government. It’s not printable. We took a risk, arrived yesterday. Made it as far as a hotel in Tours last night, saw the news and booked a ferry straight back today. That was £160. But we were so stressed we booked for a car, not a van. So now we’ve just spent another £350 on the shuttle. The whole thing’s been a disaster.”

So, the family did not have a great time during their vacation, huddled in the camper van after their trip was cut short, it was an experience though. Henry Lawfull probably has forgotten all about it now as he is starring in his first movie, something that is a proud moment for his parents and family.

Henry Lawfull Plays Nikolas in the Netflix Movie A Boy Called Christmas

Based on the book by Matt Haig, A Boy Called Christmas has been in development for a few years now and finally we are getting to see the movie in theatres as well as on streaming services. Directed by Gil Kenan from a script that she co-wrote, the movie follows as young boys quest to find his father. Netflix got the international rights of the movie and it is currently streaming on the platform.

The story follows, “an ordinary boy (with a loyal pet mouse and a reindeer at his side) sets out on an extraordinary adventure to find his father who is on a quest to discover the fabled village of Elfhelm.” Henry Lawfull plays the young boy Nikolas in the movie. Nikolas and his pet mouse and elf are on a mission and that is where the story starts to unfold.

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A Boy Called Christmas is currently streaming on Netflix. The cast of the movie is led by Henry Lawfull as Nikolas, Jim Broadbent as Father VowellZoe Colletti as The Truth Pixie, Sally Hawkins as Mother Something, Michiel Huisman as Joel, Toby Jones as Father Topo, Maggie Smith as Aunt Ruth, Rune Temte as Anders, Indica Watson as Little Noosh, Kristen Wiig as Aunt Carlotta, Stephen Merchant as Miika the Mouse (voice), Rishi Kuppa as Little Kip and Joel Fry.

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