Hera Hilmar

Iceland is taking over the world; first, it was the soccer team which won over every human being and made the world join in when they did the “clap” after each win. And then there is Hera Hilmar who is slowly making her mark in Hollywood with each passing performance and winning over the hearts and minds of the people with her brilliant portrayals, and now she is going to bring her talent to SEE.

Born on 27 December 1988, Hera Hilmarsdóttir, as she is known to her friends, started her life and career in Iceland. Coming from a family of filmmakers, her parents were both involved in acting and directing; she took up acting from a pretty young age. Her first stint in the world of acting only lasted for three years when she started focusing on her studies, but after she reached the age of 19 and graduated, she took up the art of acting as her full-time career.

Hera Hilmar standing in front of Acne Studios logo and after she appeared in the show SEEHera Hilmar at an event with a golden dress and black overall.
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Hera’s first role in a movie The Quiet Storm earned her an Edda nomination for Actress of the Year which she didn’t win then but would do so about seven years later in 2015 for Life in a Fishbowl and again in 2017 for the movie The Oath. The actress was making heads turn, and her special mention at the Zurich Film Festival made sure Hollywood, soon came calling.

Her Rise to Stardom

The actress appeared in English language movies before, but the award circuit recognition allowed the Icelandic actress to reach new heights. She also appeared in Da Vinci’s Demons where she played the character of Vanessa Moschella for 25 episodes. Soon it was Peter Jackson who was calling the actress to play a role in the adaptation of the beloved book Mortal Engines. After production delays and ever-changing dates, the film made its debut and resulted in the studio losing more than $175 million from the project.

Hera’s role as Hester Shaw was lauded, but the abysmal performance at the box office resulted in all hopes of a sequel and franchise going down the drain. The film was a big failure for the studio, but it was another rung on the ladder for the actress to get to the place she was destined to. Soon it was the TV industry who came calling; she was asked to be a part of a major production mounted by Apple TV+ for a science fiction dystopian future series starring Jason Momoa.

Playing Maghra in Apple TV+ Show ‘SEE’

Hera Hilmar as 'Maghra' on Apple TV+ series 'SEE' starring alongside Jason Momoa's character 'Baba Voss.'

In SEE, humans beings lost the ability to see some 600 years ago and the power of sight was thought to be taken by gods to protect the land from the humans, and when we first see this new world, the people in it will be without the blessing of sight, and they need to rely on other bodily functions to hunt and survive.

Hera was cast to play the role of Maghra in the TV series which is still to premiere, and she was one of the main cast members of the series where she stars opposite to Jason. She will also give birth to twins in the highly anticipated series and the children, and their ability to see will be the major point of conflict in the series which pits Queen Kane and Baba Voss against one another. Maghra, her children’s father and the people of the tribe try to protect the kids at all costs and prevent them from falling into the hands of Queen Kane.

Watch: The trailer for the first season of SEE coming to Apple TV+ on 1 November 2019

SEE is costing the hardware company in the vicinity of $15 million per episode to produce which is one of the most expensive TV series ever created right in line with what HBO paid for the final season of Game of Thrones. SEE will be available for streaming on Apple TV+ when the streaming service and the show will debut on 1 November 2019.

Hera Hilmar’s Dating Life and Her Boyfriend

Hera Hilmar with a mystery man in Iceland whom she is supposedly dating.

Hera is a shy person, and she is rarely seen out and about; also, she goes home to Iceland whenever she gets the chance. The actress is known for keeping all of her personal life private, which is understandable, and there is also no confirmation of a boyfriend in her life. But the thing is, one man keeps popping up in her Instagram feed where she is captioning the photo “Love” and more in line with the phrase. She probably does share her life with a boyfriend, but the name, or their relationship status, is still under wraps.

There was also a suspicious photo of a wedding on her Instagram, but we can confirm the actress is not married but only in love with a man she is not ready to share with the world.

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