Holidate Netflix 2020 – Cast, Release Date, Plot and Other Details You Need to Know

Watch out Hallmark Netflix is moving into your domain. The streaming platform has been going hard on holiday-themed romance movies and shows, and their recent addition to their ever-growing list is Holidate. A movie with a recognizable cast and a story that encompasses all the holidays during a single year.

Recently Netflix released a kid and teen-targeted movie, A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting, and with Thanksgiving around the corner and people stuck in their homes, a romance movie may be what the doctor ordered. So, from the cast to the movie’s plot, here is everything you need to know about Holidate.

Holiday Netflix 2020 – What is the Movie About?

holidate-cast-plot-2020The cast of Holidate is led by Emma Roberts.
Image Source: Netflix

As the movie title probably gives some of the plots away, the story of the new Netflix follows a not-couple who is fed up with being asked about their relationships during holidays. They do not have an answer which satisfies their friends and family, so they decide to be each other’s date for a year, only meeting during the holidays.

Netflix wrote about the plot, “Sloane and Jackson hate the holidays! Their enduring singledom leaves them subject to the judgment of their meddling family members or stuck with clingy, awkward dates on each festive occasion. When these two meet, they pledge to be each other’s plus-ones for each holiday celebration over the course of the year.”

There are definitely other movies like this, and we are pretty certain how the movie ends. But considering the movie’s cast, we are excited when it comes to the execution of the movie. Holidate‘s plot is pretty generic, but people who are going to watch this movie are not doing it inspired by the trailer or the plot.

Holiday Netflix Cast – Recognizable Faces in Store

Any movie or show’s make or breakpoint is the cast. A great cast will elevate a bland script, but the other way is not true. So, Holidate casting directors were not taking chances when it comes to the talent in front of the camera as a few recognizable and talented faces are present in the movie’s cast.

The most recognizable in the cast of Holidate is Emma Roberts. The We’re the Millers actress plays Sloane in Holidate. Emma has been in numerous holiday-themed movies; some worked, others did not, but she definitely has the talent to carry a movie.

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Luke Bracey plays Sloane‘s romantic partner in Holidate. Luke cut his teeth appearing in Australian soap Home and Away, later playing Johnny Utah in the remake of Point Break. The handsome hunk is appearing in Holidate as Jackson.

Out of the two leading cast members, there are other names who appear in the film. Jake Manley plays York, Jessica Chapsaw plays Abby, Frances Fisher plays Elaine, Kristin Chenoweth plays Aunt Susan, Alex Moffat plays Peter, Cynthy Wu plays Liz, Mikaela Hoover plays Laila, and Billy Slaughter rounds out the cast playing Barry, with King Bach also appearing in a limited capacity.

When is Holidate Release on Netflix, and Does it Have a Trailer?

The release date for Holidate is a little weird. The movie is set for an October release, and Halloween has already passed with Thanksgiving still a month away. It would have been perfect for the movie to come out on the heels of a holiday, but Netflix has decided to release Holidate on 28 October 2020.

The first trailer for Holidate was released almost a month ago, on 29 September 2020. On Netflix’s official YouTube page, the trailer has close to a million views and over 15,000 likes. It appears people are excited to see the movie; a feel-good film may be exactly what we need right now.

Where was Holidate Filmed – The Filming Location of Holidate

According to casting calls made in Atlanta, we can surmise the movie was shot in Atlanta, Georgia. A casting call went out asking for extras to appear in a movie called Holidate last year. Most Netflix movies and TV shows are shot in Atlanta, so Holidate also filming there does not seem like a big surprise.

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