How to Watch 1899 in Original Language? What Language Was the Series Filmed In?

1899, a Netflix sci-fi mystery TV series, has no proper way to watch in its original language: To add to the authenticity of the 1899 viewing experience, the show is dubbed into seven different languages. Hence, you’ll have to watch it on the dubbed version if you wish to watch it in one specific language!

1899 is a Netflix sci-fi mystery TV series that follows a passenger ship carrying several migrants from London to New York. When Captain Eyk receives signals from an unknown ship, he wonders if it’s from the missing Prometheus. Because the Prometheus carried over 1400 passengers, he decides to take a detour to see if this unknown vessel is the Prometheus and if there are any survivors on board.

Few of the passengers are crucial to the overall plot. They are migrants with dark secrets who want to flee their past. When their ship arrives at the location, Eyk discovers that the ship is indeed Prometheus. Soon after, the Kerberos passengers begin to experience unexplainable events, and chaos ensues.

However, some viewers may be wondering why it feels off. After asking several questions, we discovered that the majority of people prefer to watch the dub rather than the subtitled version. If you’re watching 1899, you won’t be able to see the dub. The show is spoken in seven different languages to add an extra layer of authenticity to the 1899 viewing experience. Is there the best language to watch 1899 in for the best binge-watching experience? What is the “correct” original language to watch 1899 in? Here’s what we know so far.

There Is No Proper Way to Watch the Netflix Sci-Fi Mystery TV Series 1899 in Its Original Language: The Show Is Dubbed Into Seven Different Languages to Add to the Authenticity of the 1899 Viewing Experience!

To summarize, there is no correct way to watch the Netflix sci-fi mystery TV series 1899 in a specific original language. According to what the creators of 1899 said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the best way to watch the first season of 1899 is in your native language, while also experiencing the cultures and languages of the other characters from different countries.

For fans of thriller mystery series who want to binge-watch something new before Thanksgiving, all eight episodes of 1899 have already been released on Netflix on 17 November 2022. Given that the series was created by German screenwriters/producers Jantje Friese (@baranboodar) and Baran bo Odar, German would be the original language to watch 1899 in.

It is a mystery series set aboard a passenger ship traveling from Europe to the United States, with people from various countries speaking various languages. Some characters can only communicate in English, while others can communicate in Polish, German, Portuguese, or Spanish. Some characters, such as the ship’s captain, are bilingual. He alternates between communicating in English with the passengers and German with his crew.

While data shows that most users around the world prefer to watch dubbed versions, the showrunners’ dedication to the original language was critical. The difficulties of the language barrier, as seen in the series, also brought the team closer together. Cast members compete in translation guessing games and assistants cue actors who may have missed a line in another language. The entire complicated process results in performances that reflect the real-life experience of an immigrant crossing into America in the midst of unfamiliar voices.

Jantje and Baran discussed their creative decision to include a diverse range of languages with The Hollywood Reporter. The co-creators of 1899 explained that they felt there was a significant underrepresentation of European cultures in films and television. As a result, they decided to take action in 1899. Jantje explained,

For a long time, even already in film school, we had this urge to change [the underrepresentation], to really have characters from particular countries speak in their own voices, because language really defines character. If you want to have an authentic performance, it’s just better when the actors perform in their own language.

Shooting a series with so many different languages wasn’t always easy for German showrunners Jantje and Baran, but it felt necessary. Later, Baran stated, “Some days I have to listen to Cantonese all day. And I have no idea what they’re saying, but by rehearsing a lot, I can actually tell what they’re saying.”

In the dub, English-speaking characters are played by their original actors. Various actors dubbed English characters who spoke in other languages. That’s unusual. It sounds and feels odd. Make sure your Netflix settings look like this before watching 1899. Otherwise, the show will be meaningless! Worse, it renders significant portions of the play meaningless. Use your remote to select the small speech bubble option at the bottom of the screen when the show begins. From there, the audio should be “English [Original]” and the subtitles “English [CC].”

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