Who Plays Young Morticia Addams in Wednesday? Meet Netflix Cast Gwen Jones and Learn More About the Actress in 2022!

Nov 25, 2022 @ 9:36 GMT-0500
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Who Plays Young Morticia Addams in Wednesday? Meet Netflix Cast Gwen Jones and Learn More About the Actress in 2022!

Gwen Jones plays a young Morticia Addams on Netflix's Wednesday in 2022. It's her debut performance with an acting credit. However, the Wednesday role may pave the way for additional screen time for the rookie cast. Meanwhile, Catherine Zeta-Jones, who is an accomplished actress, portrays adult Morticia, 

In Netflix's Wednesday original series, a lot is happening. You have the escapades of the title character as an adolescent at Nevermore Academy, where she finds it difficult to make friends, fit in, or find love. Then there is a murder mystery, perhaps involving a monster that is escaping. Secret societies, the storied past of the institution, and a psychic's coming-of-age story must all be dealt with. Although Wednesday has a lot of work ahead of it, it mostly manages to keep all these spinning wheels in balance.

After then, the situation turns into a murder mystery, with the monster perhaps still at large. Cults, the school's colorful past, and the coming-of-age tale of a psychic are all things to consider. Although Wednesday has a lot of work ahead of it, it manages the various moving pieces very successfully.

The horror-comedy series, which was created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, premiered on Netflix on November 23, 2022, and Tim was hired to helm the first four episodes. Jenna Ortega plays the titular Addams family teen in her first year at the same school as her parents, Nevermore Academy. So who plays Young Morticia on Wednesday? Let's investigate!

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Gwen Jones Plays a Young Morticia in Netflix’s Wednesday While Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones Plays the Role of the Adult Version!

The lead role, Wednesday Addam, is played by Jenna Ortega (@jennaortega). Catherine Zeta-Jones (@catherinezetajones) portrays Wednesday's mother, Morticia Addams, in the meantime. As we know, Jones plays the role of adult Morticia, but who plays the role of young Morticia? Let's find out.

Wednesday features Gwen Jones as the young Morticia Addams, while Lucius Hoyos plays the young Gomez. Gwen's thrilling debut is her first performance with a credit. In light of this, viewers won't have seen the actress in any previous roles; however, the Wednesday role may pave the way for additional screen time.

The Addams Family returns to live action in the new Netflix series, and Wednesday Addams is being sent to boarding school. Due to her attempted murder, she gets expelled from her high school. She threw live piranhas into their pool to kill the bullies harassing her brother. She is transferred to Nevermore Academy, a school for misfits and her parents' old school. Due to her strong academic performance and the family's long history at the school, the principal approves her late entry. But Nevermore Academy, where Gomez and Morticia first met, is not just any ordinary school.

Wednesday must learn how to navigate the difficulties of high school while working to solve a mystery that dates back to the time her parents were academy students. Despite her best attempts, she learns that escaping the consequences of her family's past may not be easy. Of course, Wednesday is thrilled to be continuing in her parent's footsteps, and she blends in just well with the other students in the horror series. We get a few glimpses into Morticia and Gomez's time at the academy as young, lovelorn youths, away from her social faults. These scenes feature several actors.

In one of Wednesday's recurring subplots, it is revealed that, despite their romantic engagement, Gomez and Morticia's time at Nevermore Academy wasn't without incident. Young Morticia is played by Gwen; however, little else about the character has changed. She still resembles Zeta-Jones exactly, with long black hair and opulent clothes.

In addition to being younger, Gomez isn't any different. Hoyos looks great in a suit and has the same haircut. Catherine recently praised her character Morticia as an iconic female figure in an interview with the TV Times but made clear that she wanted to give the role her unique spin. In light of Morticia having two children and being deeply in love with her husband, Zeta-Jones stated that she was interested in discovering the character's origins.

Zeta-Jones, who was born on September 25, 1969, is an accomplished actress. Among other honors, she has won an Academy Award, a Tony Award, and a British Academy Film Award. Zeta-Jones, who was born and raised in Swansea, always wanted to be an actress. She performed in the West End performances of the musicals Annie and Bugsy Malone as a young child. She returned to acting after a three-year break in the 2012 comedy Lay the Favorite, which also starred Bruce Willis and Rebecca Hall.

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