Who Plays Young Gomez Addams in Wednesday? Meet Netflix Cast Lucius Hoyos and Learn More About the Actor in 2022!

Lucius Hoyos plays a young Gomez Addams on Netflix’s Wednesday in 2022. Lucius Hoyos is an actor who has made appearances in Everything’s Fine, Our House, and Once Upon a Time on Staten Island. Meanwhile, adult Gomez is played by Luis Guzman.

The new Netflix show Wednesday centers on Wednesday Addams during the first semester of the main character’s time at Nevermore Academy. The writers may explore considerably more of Wednesday’s adolescent years by setting the story in high school when there is a potential for new friendships and new romances. Addams attracts the attention of particular people throughout the semester, which frequently results in romantic circumstances.

Secret societies, the institution’s illustrious past, and a psychic’s coming-of-age tale must all be addressed. Despite having a lot of work ahead of it, Wednesday largely succeeds in keeping all these spinning wheels in balance. In the new Netflix series by Tim Burton, Jenna Ortega will play the title role on Wednesday, as The Addams Family enjoys a resurgence in popularity.

Following performances in the Ti West movie X and the horror movie Scream, Ortega has established a name for herself in the horror category this year. As her final significant role until 2022, the 20-year-old played Wednesday Addams in the highly anticipated Netflix series. Nobody will be surprised to learn that the eight-part series has a romantic component because it alternates between a murder mystery, high school drama, and a coming-of-age story.

Tim was selected to direct the first four episodes of the horror-comedy series, which was developed by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar and made its Netflix debut on November 23, 2022. The elder cast is well known, but viewers are curious about the younger one. Gomez is one of the cast members who is being looked up online for the young version. So, on Wednesday, who plays Young Gomez? Let’s look into it!

Actor Lucius Hoyos Plays a Young Gomez Addams on Netflix’s Wednesday While Luis Guzman Plays the Role of the Adult Version!

In Netflix’s Wednesday, Lucius Hoyos (@lucius_hoyos) portrays the younger Gomez. Episode 5 ultimately reunites the family after focusing on Wednesday’s exploits in Nevermore Academy for three consecutive episodes. In addition to providing us with more Gomez, Morticia, and Pugsley, You Reap What You Woe also gives Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) (@jennaortega) the chance to confront her family about the Addams’ shady Neverland past. While the mystery of Show 5 may appear unrelated to the whole monster thing, the episode goes further in exploring the pasts of key figures involved in concealing the atrocities, and we get to see young cast members.

Lucius Hoyos is an actor who has performed since 2012. In addition to having French Canadian, Irish, and Scottish ancestry from his mother’s side, Lucius also has a Quechua background through his father’s Peruvian/Ecuadorian family. The 21-year-old actor’s TV credits include Chad, Everything’s Fine, Between, Heroes Reborn, and Incorporated. Awake, Our House, Once Upon a Time in Staten Island, and now on Netflix’s Wednesday, he plays the role of young Gomez. Meanwhile, adult Gomez is played by Luis Guzman (@loueyfromthehood).

While attempting to solve a mystery that dates back to the time when Wednesday’s parents were academy students, Wednesday must learn how to negotiate the challenges of high school. Despite her best efforts, she discovers that it might not be simple to avoid the repercussions of her family’s past. Naturally, Wednesday is overjoyed to be following in her parent’s footsteps, and in the horror series, she fits right in with the other students. We catch a few glimpses of Morticia and Gomez when they were young, lovelorn teenagers away from her social flaws at the academy. These scenes feature several young actors.

You Reap What You Woe, like every other Wednesday episode before it, uses a school event to set things in motion and explain how Nevermore operates. This time, when the proud parents of outcasts visit the school to see how their kids are doing, Wednesday experiences her first family weekend. It’s the ideal chance to unravel the mysteries surrounding Gomez’s alleged murder, the passing of the normie who led to the Nightshades’ dissolution, and Mayor Walker’s early unethical deeds.

It also demonstrates how Wednesday Addams is not the only Nevermore student experiencing family issues because Enid (Emma Myers) and Bianca (Joy Sunday) must also endure their mothers’ and fathers’ visits. Tyler (Hunter Doohan) sends Wednesday Gomez’s old police file in the first episode of the show. According to reports, Wednesday’s father, the younger Gomez (Lucius Hoyos), was detained as a student at Nevermore on suspicion of killing Normie Garrett Gates (Lewis Hayes).

Garrett eventually confronted Gomez because he was in love with Morticia. Right at Nevermore, a sword trespassed on Garrett’s chest, and Weems (Gwendoline Christie) was the first to discover his body. Gomez was cleared in a coroner’s report even though all the evidence pointed to him as the murderer, freeing Wednesday’s father, young Gomez.

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