David Suchet

With over 113 credits to his name, David Suchet is one of the most successful and recognizable actors of the 20th century. But those movies and TV credits are not the only things David is known for; he is also an award-winning stage actor who received the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire from the sovereign (queen) of the United Kingdom.

The most recognizable character the actor played was Hercule Poirot in the series, Agatha Christie’s Poirot for over 24 years. He last played the role in 2013 and said he would be willing to come back and film a movie based on the character, but he was done with starring in the TV version of the character.

David Suchet looking into the camera.David Suchet will appear in the ‘His Dark Materials’ which arrives this fall.
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Though an established actor, he is also known for his recognizable voice which is why the actor was cast in the show His Dark Materials to voice the character of Kaisa. His role is a snow goose who is also the Dæmon of the witch Serafina Pekkala. To say Kaisa is a character in the books is doing the Dæmon an injustice.

David Suchet is Voicing the Character of Kaisa in His Dark Materials

David Suchet will voice a character in the upcoming 'His Dark Materials.'David Suchet will voice a character in the upcoming show ‘His Dark Materials.’
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David Suchet is talented, but his voice is also one of a kind which is why the veteran, award-winning actor was asked to voice a character in the upcoming series. His role is Kaisa which takes the appearance of a snow goose in the books, but the series will show the character as a gyrfalcon.

The goose does not appear in the series’ trailers which is why this description is all from the books. The dæmon acts more like an envoy to the witch Serafina. Even though the companion first appears to be horrifying, he is also one of the sagest beings in existence. The show also got one of the sagest people in real life to voice the character, which is why there is excitement to see the actor in action.

Watch: The trailer for the first season of His Dark Materials

The character was tragically cut from the first movie adaptation, The Golden Compass, of the books in 2007. The images and concept arts for the characters were released, but the dæmon never made an appearance alongside Eva Green in the movie. We hope to see a couple of moments of Serafina actress Ruta Gedmintas and Kaisa voice actor David Suchet on the screen just for the sake of book adaptation.

The Life of David Suchet and His Wife Sheila Ferris

David Suchet and his wife Sheila Ferris.
David Suchet met his wife Sheila Ferris almost 50 years ago.
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David found the love of his life in 1972, and it was acting, which resulted in the meeting of the now inseparable couple. Belgrade Theatre in Coventry England was the place where David was asked to show up for work, and so he did, he got there and for the first time saw his future wife, Sheila Ferris.

It was love at first sight for the talented actor. He saw her, and the future movie and TV star was head over heels over the beautiful English girl. But the best of relationships do not always start out with both sides feeling the same way, the two were working together, he was the talent, and she was working for the theatre which complicated things in the early days.

David Suchet and his wife Sheila Ferris at an award show.David Suchet and his wife Sheila Ferris are happily married and with two kids.
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David tried to get her attention, he was not forceful, and slowly but surely he was finally able to find a little crack on the wall of solitude she erected between them. Over time he was able to take apart the whole thing brick by brick, and finally, she saw not an actor working for the theatre but a sweet man who was putting in the effort to make her smile and going the distance to be in her life.

After multiple attempts, the actor was able to get a date with the love of his life, and soon the two were dating which went for about four years, and the whole thing reached a point where he wanted to put a ring on it. The sweet couple got married on 30 June 1976, and since the beautiful day when they exchanged their vows, they are not looking back.

David with his wife Sheila; he will appear next in the show 'His Dark Materials.'
David Suchet is happily married to his wife.
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For over 43 years the couple is together, whenever there is an event or a premiere or a ceremony, David and Sheila arrive hand in hand like teenage lovers and their relationship is just enviable. The only hope for us is we get to see the couple celebrate their silver jubilee in about seven years’ time.

Their Army Captain Son and Physiotherapist Daughter

David Suchet with his wife Sheila Ferris, son Robert and daughter Katherine.David Suchet getting awarded with his wife, son and daughter present.
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When two people get married after thoughtful consideration and planning, children are almost always part of the plan because who wouldn’t want a little bundle of joy to love and care for. David and Sheila also always thought about bringing their kid to the world, which is why after four years of marriage, they started trying to get pregnant which resulted in the birth of their son Robert in 1981. Two years late, it was Katherine‘s turn when she took her first breath in this world in 1983.

Both the kids of David and Sheila went on to make their parents proud with the son joining the Royal Marines where he reached the rank of Captain and then left the service with full distinction and honor. Katherine studied and became a physiotherapist, and both the grown-up children were there when their father was awarded the respected Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. The two parents and children couldn’t be more proud of each other.

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