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Ruta Gedmintas is an English actress born on 23rd August 1983 in Canterbury, Kent. Her most notable performances include The Lost Samaritan (2008), The Strain (2014), and A Street Cat Named Bob (2016).

Ruta Gedmintas’ role as Serafina Pekkala in ‘His Dark Materials’

Ruta Gedmintas is portraying Serafina Pekkala in the HBO series 'His Dark Materials'.

Ruta Gedmintas is portraying Serafina Pekkala in the HBO series ‘His Dark Materials’.
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His Dark Materials is a fantasy TV series based on the popular fantasy books by Philip Pullman which is co-produced by BBC and HBO.

Ruta Gedmintas is playing the character of Serafina Pekkala in the fantasy adventure series. Her persona is the clan queen of Lake Enara witches.

Serafina is married to the character James Cosmo in the series played by Farder Coram. He helps Serafina by fighting off a daemon from another witch. Subsequently, they get closer and end up in a relationship. Farder and Serafina even raise a baby together who unfortunately dies off a disease.

Serafina and Farder go their separate ways with the former opting to be with her people while Coram sticks with the Gyptians.

The series led by Dafne Keen sees Ruta playing a pretty significant character who could be in the series for the long haul.

His Dark Materials premieres on 3rd November on BBC One in the UK and a day later on 4th November on HBO.

Ruta Gedmintas is in a relationship with her partner Luke Treadaway since 2011

His Dark Materials star Ruta Gedmintas is dating her partner Luke Treadaway.

Ruta Gedmintas is dating her partner Luke Treadaway.
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Ruta and Luke Treadaway are dating since 2011. A few years later, the couple shared the screen together for the very first time on the sets of A Street Cat Named Bob (2016). The duo played the real-life characters of Betty and James Bowen in the movie.

The actress’s character Betty lives near James’ house in the film. One day when a cat crashes into James’ home, the duo develops a beautiful friendship which eventually turns into romance.

The two soon sparked a connection in real life, too, and inevitably fell in love. Although workplace romance is a common occurrence, they looked absolutely adorable together and still do almost a decade later.

Ruta Gedmintas and Luke Treadaway look adorable together.

Ruta and Luke look adorable together.
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The pair moved in together into a flat in North London merely two years into their relationship. However, they were not alone in the apartment. The lovebirds shared the room with Luke’s twin brother and a friend.

Meanwhile, the couple is yet to be married and there’s no confirmation whether they’re engaged either. So, for now, they’re merely girlfriend and boyfriend. It remains to be seen when they take their relationship forward or even decide to welcome children into their life.

Gedmintas is best known for her performance in ‘The Strain’

Ruta Gedmintas as Dutch Velders in The Strain.

Ruta Gedmintas as Dutch Velders in The Strain.
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The Strain is an American horror drama series from FX which aired from 13th July 2014 till 17th September 2017.  The story revolves around a mysterious viral outbreak with similarities to an ancient strain of vampirism, threatening the existence of entire humanity.

Ruta played the role of an internet hacker hired by Palmer (Jonathan Hyde) named Dutch Velders. She revolts against the company upon realizing what she did.

Watch: Dutch Velders (The Strain) | Castle

The actress is a recurring character in season 1 while the main cast in seasons 2 to 4.

Besides The Strain, Ruta is well known for her appearance in several TV shows, most notably Spooks: Code 9 (2008), Lip Service (2010-2012), The Borgias (2011-2012), and Do No Harm (2013).

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