How Did Ilia Calderon Get a Neck Scar? Reddit Update on Skin Condition!

Ilia Calderon has a visible scar on her neck, but that is due to her skin condition, vitiligo, and not from any injury. Reddit users have wondered if she has had any treatment. She has indeed used creams and ointments, but some have worked in areas of her body but not in areas like the neck.

Ilia Calderon is a news anchor from Colombia. She has hosted a number of news programs, including Cada Da with Mara Antonieta, Noticiero Telemundo, and Primer Impacto. She received an Emmy Award in 2002, and in 2005, she won the Premio Orquedea for best foreign journalist. She is the host of the Aquiquy Ahora weekly newsmagazine on Univision. Along with Jorge Ramos, she presently serves as the news anchor for Univision’s evening national newscast.

On Wednesday night, Ilia Calderon, an Emmy Award-winning journalist who co-anchors the evening news for the Spanish-language network, provoked outrage on the right by grilling the contenders hard on a variety of crucial issues. After addressing the audience in Spanish (the debate was simultaneously broadcast on Univision), she grilled the Republicans all night long on important topics including immigration, hate crimes, healthcare, and other topics. Contrary to Fox News custom, she chose not to ask questions that would be advantageous to the Republican candidates.

During this session, fans applauded her, and viewers were happy with her questions. Many fans have praised her for her initiation, but many fans noticed that she had a scar on her neck, making fans wonder about its details. So how did she get the scar?

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Ilia Calderon Is Suffering From a Skin Condition Called Vitiligo, Leading to a Scar on Her Neck!

If you follow Ilia Calderon (@iliacalderon), you might have noticed that she has scars on her neck and even on her shoulder. The Colombian journalist is well-known for her work on Telemundo, an American Spanish-language television network. She has hosted TV shows and worked for many stations. She has additionally made an appearance in Noticiero Univision: Edicion Nocturna as a co-anchor, but now she is struggling with her skin condition.

Ilia Calderon shared a post talking about her scar on her neck. celebsindepth.comIlia Calderon shared a post talking about her scar on her neck.
Source: Instagram

To let you know, the scar you have been noticing on her neck is due to her skin condition and not from any injury. Being open about the scar she has, the journalist courageously admitted that she received her vitiligo diagnosis about three years ago. Ilia Calderon’s journey of acceptance in dealing with this disability has been a personal one.

Ilia Calderon used Instagram to spread a message of encouragement and empowerment for people dealing with comparable circumstances. She said that the first thing she wants to say is that she is sharing this with us because so many people have asked and noticed, and even though it doesn’t affect her emotional well-being or the health of those who have it, there are people whose lives are changed. She added that if we have more conversations about this subject, hopefully fewer people will have to put up with the looks, the bullying, and the judgment.

Reddit: Ilia Calderon’s Treatment for Her Scar Has Worked for Some Body Parts!

Ilia Calderon gave further information about the skin condition, saying that being affected by vitiligo does not endanger our lives, but it can certainly change them. This is especially true in places where beauty is valued and “looking different” is frequently avoided and shunned. So Reddit users have questioned whether or not she used any treatment.

Ilia Calderon has tried a number of creams and ointments in the two and a half years that she has been a member of this small group (less than 2% of the world’s population has vitiligo), and to be honest (and this is why she dare not recommend any specific treatment), some have worked in areas of her body where pigment is covered, but in other areas, like her neck, she has not seen any change or improvement. She has tried them without being discouraged since she knows that whether they work or not, she’ll still be alright.

Ilia Calderon has used creams and ointments as a treatment for her scar. celebsindepth.comIlia Calderon has used creams and ointments as a treatment for her scar.
Source: Instagram

She gave an important message to the government regarding the treatment, saying that there is hope for Vitiligo treatment. For those 12 years of age and older, the American FDA has approved the topical medication JAK Inhibitor. It’s crucial that you consult your physician. Opzelura, the first topical JAK inhibitor cream for the treatment of vitiligo in adults 12 and older, received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Well, Ilia Calderon is not afraid and doesn’t feel awkward about the scar on her skin, especially on her neck. Rather, she has encouraged people not to worry about it, and it’s not something to be shy about or bullied for. She keeps talking about it and sharing messages with her fans and people through her Instagram, and many people including Reddit users have shown support.

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