Is Andrew Ridgeley Gay? Sexuality Rumors With George Michael!

May 30, 2023 @ 0:22 GMT-0500
Is Andrew Ridgeley Gay? Sexuality Rumors With George Michael!

Though the speculation that Andrew Ridgeley is gay has generated a lot of heated discussions, the fact remains that he is not. He is happy with his new socialite girlfriend, Amanda Cronin. Many people thought that he was in a relationship with his childhood friend and bandmate, George Michael, but they were just good friends who remained the same even after they broke up their band, Wham!

Do you know Andrew Ridgeley? What is he currently working on? Is he planning to do something with Netflix? Are you guys excited to see his next project? Who is Wham? What is the relationship between them? Who are the stars of his upcoming project?

The singer is currently working with Netflix to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Wham!'s debut album, Fantastic. In the documentary, there is also mention of the late George Michael. According to some online sources, it will cover a lot of unseen footage, and there are loads of things being lined up to celebrate Wham.

Not only that, but the press has discovered the new news, and recently, Andrew has claimed that George was under pressure to succeed academically before starting a band. Now, after the statement, people are curious to know how much Andrew and George know each other. In this article, we will be talking about Andrew's personal life and gay rumors.

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Andrew Ridgeley Is Not Gay and Just Shared a Close Bond With George Michael. He Is Currently Dating His Girlfriend Amanda Cronin, Ending Sexuality Rumors!

Andrew Ridgeley (@andrewjohnridgeley) is not gay; he is straight. Many people have heard rumors about him being gay, as he doesn't have any children yet, and some have also linked him with George Michael. Well, he has never addressed these rumors, and he doesn't seem to be a member of LGBTQ+, and for George, he describes their relationship as a best friend.

Andrew Ridgeley shared a close bond with George Michael. celebsindepth.comAndrew Ridgeley shared a close bond with George Michael.
Source: Celebs In Depth

Andrew Ridgeley started his career by playing in various local music groups, which helped him to be one of the leaders at The Executive. Besides the music work, he is also involved in charitable work and has several times participated in the Dallaglio Cycle Slam. As of now, he is busy making a documentary with Netflix to mark the 40th anniversary of Wham!'s debut album, Fantastic.

When it comes to the news of Andrew Ridgeley's personal life, he has always tried to be private, and he doesn't let anyone know about his love life in detail. His first love was Keren Woodward, with whom he got married in 1990. They shared 25 years but failed to save their relationship and got divorced in 2017. Where is Karen now? Is Andrew still single?

Woodward is an English singer and the founder of the girl group Bananarama. She was involved in singing from her early days, sang in choirs, and performed in amateur dramatics with Dallin in her school days. She came to fame after releasing her first single, Aie a Mwana with Dallin and Fahey in 1981. Before being with Andrew, she was in a relationship with model David Scott-Evans, with whom she shared a son.

Picture of Andrew with his current girlfriend and with his ex-wife. celebsindepth.comPicture of Andrew with his current girlfriend and with his ex-wife.
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Andrew Ridgeley was silent for a long time, but after some time, he shocked his fans by going public with his new socialite girlfriend, Amanda Cronin. They made their first public appearance together at Wimbledon in June 2022. The super-wealthy influencer was wearing a long white-green one-piece, while the singer was in formal wear.

Although the pair haven't said anything about their relationship, many insider stories have been covered by the online press. They are said to have been dating for more than a year. Cronin explained her relationship and her dating life once and said;

I am looking for love, but I never get approached. I want a man who is kind, passionate, sincere, and authentic, I don't want to do dating apps – I just believe the right person lands in my life, it always has.

Why Did Andrew Ridgeley Leave Wham?

Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, were members of the band Wham! They had recorded several songs together, but because George was the band's heartthrob singer and garnered the most attention, there was a need for him to go solo. It is said that George's signature early song was written with Andrew and was originally released as a Wham! single before being rebranded as his solo song.

With many differences from each other in 1986, the band came to an end after the success of their last song, Careless Whisper. Although they remained close friends after Wham!, they never sang together. Many people started calling Andrew gay after Wham ended. People started predicting that Andrew and Michael were in a relationship during the band period, but the news is not true, as both had partners and both seem to be happy with their partners.

After the death of George, when Andrew Ridgeley was requested to sing Wham! songs live soon, he denied it and said he would never perform their songs without George by his side. It looks like both of them regretted the decision to split Wham, as Andrew even stated it.

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