Is Asahina Aya Transgender, Like Her Character Hikari Kuina in Netflix’s Alice in Borderland? Details Explained!

Asahina Aya isn’t transgender like her character Hikari Kuina from Alice in Borderland. In real life, she doesn’t have any masculine features like trans women do, so it’s very evident that she is a girl. Aya’s character, Kuina, was born a boy and later had s*x reassignment surgery to become a woman.

The Netflix thriller series Alice in Borderland centers on Ryhei Arisu and his friends as they unwittingly participate in a series of games that put their lives in danger. Arisu and his buddies decide to become players to survive because there is no other option but to die in the games. The Japanese series, which appears to be influenced by the spirit of Alice in Borderland, centers on Arisu and her group’s encounter with fellow contestant Usagi as everyone makes an effort to succeed in the games and make it out of the city unscathed.

The science fiction program, which was directed by Shinsuke Sato, garnered 18 million household views in its first 28 days, making it one of the most well-liked Asian programs available. When it was first released in December 2020, the series received high marks from critics. It has won praise for the quality of its editing, actors, and visual appeal.

The main character of the story is Ryohei Arisu (Kento Yamazaki), who, along with his pals Karube (Keita Machida) and Chota (Yuki Morinaga), enters a mysterious world and learns that to survive there, they must take part in various risky actions if they want to survive there. The show immerses viewers in the same craziness and mayhem that the characters are swiftly forced to adapt to when they learn there is no obvious path back to the real world of Tokyo and the only way to survive is to play.

The show follows a group of varied strangers. Viewers of Alice in Borderland are interested in finding out more about the actors, particularly Asahina Aya, who plays Hikari Kuina, after the show’s debut. Fans are now speculating as to whether Asahina, like her on-screen persona Kuina, is transgender. Here are the details!

Asahina Aya Isn’t Transgender Like Her Character Hikari Kuina From Alice in Borderland: Details on Her Role Who Was Born as a Boy!

Asahina Aya (@asahina_aya) plays Hikari Kuina, the resident of The Beach in Alice in Borderland, who is transgender. Residents of The Beach are collaborating to play the games and gather as many cards as they can in the hopes that they will each be able to escape the world at some point. Hikari makes plans to steal the card set from Hatter in Chechnya.

Aya’s character Kuina is transgender in Netflix’s show Alice in Borderland, and now viewers wonder if she is a trans person in real life. Asahina Aya isn’t transgender like her character Hikari Kuina from Alice in Borderland. In real life, she doesn’t have any masculine features like trans women do, so it’s very evident that she is a girl.

Asahina Aya is a Japanese actor, the exclusive model for Ray magazine (@ray_magazine), and a female fashion and glamour model. She made her acting debut as Enjoji Sayuri in 2017’s Tokyo Alice, an Amazon Original Drama, and now as Kuina in Alice in Borderland.

Kuina was born to a dojo master as a boy and was meant to be his capable successor. Kuina trained in martial arts to ease the tension between her strict father and considerate mother, but her father repeatedly reprimanded her for failing to land the killing blow on her foe. Kuina started using cosmetics at this point as well. Knowing this, unlike her father, Kuina’s mother pushed her to choose her path. After undergoing sex reassignment surgery to become a woman, Kuina eventually left her house. After that, she obtained employment as a boutique clerk, where she claims she consistently caused herself difficulty.

Later, upon learning of her parent’s divorce and her mother’s deteriorating condition, she hurried to the hospital where her mother was being treated. Kuina promised to care for her as long as she lived. Kuina was sent to the Borderland at the time and is adamant about returning to the original world to be with her mother. Kuina makes Arisu’s first attempt at friendship by explaining to him why she is returning to the home world and warning him against clashing with Aguni’s martial sect. When Arisu learns about the human remains that have been placed outside the beach, Kuina and Chishiya explain their plan to him.

Kuina is unaware that Chishiya simply tells Arisu to open the baited safe, which makes Arisu and Usagi nervous. She intervenes just in time to prevent Chishiya from leaving the beach with the cards by dragging him into the witch-hunt game.

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