Alice in Borderland Chishiya’s Death: Does He Die in Season 2?

No, Chishiya Shuntaro doesn’t die in Netflix’s Alice in Borderland, despite being shot twice. Chishiya is bleeding profusely throughout the remainder of episodes 7 and 8 after being shot twice, which led viewers to believe he’s dead. Shuntaro played by actor Nijiro Murakami, is one of the rare individuals who was brought back to life after briefly being declared clinically dead.

Netflix’s survival action thriller series Alice in Borderland centers on Arisu (Kento Yamazaki) and several unlucky players who are forced into a post-apocalyptic Tokyo to participate in a series of games. Each game is symbolized by a different playing card, and the characters can only leave the city once the entire deck has been used. Shuntaro Chishiya, one of the main characters in Alice in Borderland, was introduced in season 1 and has since played a crucial role as the crafty character has attempted to influence others at every chance.

The Netflix survival action thriller series Alice in Borderland was adapted from the manga series of the same name by Haro Aso. Chishiya goes on to play a significant role in the players’ overall success in the Borderlands game. He excels at the diamond and heart games because of his exceptional intelligence and cunning.

Shuntaro Chishiya, one of the characters in the Netflix survival action thriller series Alice in Borderland, portrayed by Nijiro Murakami, suffers serious injuries in episode 7 of season 2, leaving viewers concerned about the character’s death. Let’s find out!

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No, Chishiya Shuntaro Doesn’t Die in Netflix’s Alice in Borderland Season 2 Despite Being Shot Twice!

Chishiya does not die by the end of Season 2 of Alice in Borderland. He is bleeding profusely throughout the remainder of episodes 7 and 8 after being shot twice, leading to her death and making viewers believe that she is dead. So, what exactly happened, and how did he end up in this state? Let’s find out.

Chishiya played by actor Nijiro Murakami (@njr_mk), is best known for Destruction Babies. Chishiya is one of the four individuals who, at the end of the first season, manage to reach the observation center, which is hidden within a subway tunnel, where they learn that all the dealers have been murdered. After being attacked by the King of Spades at the start of the second season, he breaks away from the other members of the group.

He appears to reach the same conclusion as Arisu, that he may avoid a confrontation with the King of Spades by playing other games after realizing that going for the King of Spades on his own will be foolish, especially because he is not a great physical player.

Solitary confinement, sponsored by the Jack of Hearts in Teio Prison, is the first one he participates in. The game is won by Sunato Banda, a serial murderer, and Ki Yaba, a member of the Yakuza. Chishiya leaves the Jack of Hearts in their capable hands. The King of Diamonds, who turns out to be Keiichi Kuzury, the former No. 2 of the Beach group, hosts the following game that Chishiya plays at the Supreme Court. The scales over a person’s head will tip if they score a negative ten.

Chishiya triumphs once more and gains insight into equality and humanity in the process. In flashbacks, it is shown that Chishiya had optimism and hope when he first started working as a doctor, but that element of him progressively withered away after seeing how the corrupt and powerful functioned. He soon turned into the very thing he once hated. In contrast, Kuzuryu stuck to his beliefs even after seeing through the proverbial curtain and understanding how the world operated. Kuzuryu sacrifices himself throughout the game to uphold his morals, showing the other guy the value of upholding one’s morals.

Later, Chishiya runs into Arisu and Suguru Niragi. Chishiya and Arisu are forced to respond when the latter says he wants to play a game with the other two. Chishiya took the bullet that Niragi fired at Usagi, saving her life. When the King of Spades shows up there, Arisu and Usagi hide him and Niragi under the automobiles. Chishiya is one of the characters who survive the Borderlands despite being shot. He wakes up in a hospital bed in the old world after turning down the chance to stay in the Borderlands as a resident.

It appears that a meteorite burst over Tokyo, severely damaging the city’s infrastructure and leaving many people dead. Chishiya is one of the rare individuals who was brought back to life after briefly being declared clinically dead. He, like everyone else who has returned, has no memory of what transpired, but he and Niragi awaken on the bed next to each other, knowing there is hostility between them.

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