Is Biggie From Baddies West Trans? Reddit Wonders if She Is a Man or Woman – Biggie from Baddies West has not revealed being trans. Several Reddit users have had discussions over her sexuality, wondering if she is a man or a woman. However, she calls herself a woman. And her massive voice and manly features should not be labeled as transgender.

Biggie is a model, social media influencer, and TV personality from America. As a cast member of the reality series Baddies West, she gained notoriety. After Baddies ATL and Baddies South, the third season of the Baddies franchise is called Baddies West. Natalie Nunn is back, bringing the Baddies and the big, nasty tour bus with her. Throughout this western leg, the girls put their friendships and patience to the test by hosting and performing at some of the trendiest clubs in the city.

She became well-known as a cast member of the Prime Video, Baddies West. Her fan base has grown significantly since she was on the show, and now there are several rumors about her sexuality, and fans want to know more about her personal life, wondering if she is trans. Reddit users wonder if she is a man or a woman.

Sources Claim Biggie From Baddies West Is Not a Trans

Biggie (@pvd_biggie), who you all may know from the show Baddies West, has been called out as a trans. Not only in her Instagram section but even in Reddit discussions, fans have shown curiosity, with many wondering if she is a man or woman. So what’s the truth? Is she really trans? Let us get into detail regarding the rumors.

As revealed by several sources, Biggie is not transgender, and to those wondering whether she is a man or woman, yes, she is a woman. Several of her photos, which were taken when she was younger, show that she was born as a girl and raised as a woman, and they also depict her as a victim of transphobia and an innocent woman.

Biggie from Baddies West has manly features leading to transgender rumors. celebsindepth.comBiggie from Baddies West has manly features leading to transgender rumors.
Source: Instagram

Biggie’s massive voice and manly features lead many people to believe that she is transgender. During an Instagram live a few months ago, one of her admirers also questioned her about her gender, to which she remained silent; this worked as fuel for rumors. Her forceful personalities and loud voices often lead to her being mistaken for a transwoman.

Indeed, though, it is a desperate attempt to label black women as masculine when they are not. And what would be the issue with that, even if she had been born a man—which she obviously wasn’t—and anyone who believes that ought to get out there and interact with actual people? There are variations in voices and body types. But she is a woman. and not trans.

Reddit Discussions Over Biggie’s Sexuality: Man or Woman?

Reddit users have shared their thoughts on Biggie‘s sexuality as a transgender person. She is a notable character for followers of the Bad Girl series and its spin-off, Baddies. He is an unrepentant non-conformist in the Baddie universe. However, the explanation for her rise to prominence is simple: Reddit users are obsessed with her sexual orientation, even if she is an inspiration, pushing people to embrace honesty and question social norms. The discussion was held writing;

Some of y’all are weird for assuming Biggie is a man

While another user said;

I just assumed that she was, and I didn’t even consider it to be offensive; I’m sure that many other people felt the same way.

A third made an inquiry, saying,

How many times did you try to type this tirade, make assumptions, and still be incorrect? Take a job and quit being a jerk. It’s calling your name.

Biggie from Baddies West is a woman. celebsindepth.comBiggie from Baddies West is a woman.
Source: Instagram

One user questioned ‘She acknowledged being transgender at the audition, didn’t she?’ She is not the only person in this industry to be called trans; there are many more such celebrities. People frequently assume that a tall, dark-skinned black lady with a deep voice was born a man. This is really sad and subtly racist and transphobic. They also treat Megan Thee Stallion, in the same way.

Biggie has been subjected to prejudice and transphobia as a result of this stereotype, including offensive remarks made on social media about their gender identity and biological sex. She has, however, publicly acknowledged these incidents and emphasized her status as a proud biological woman. She was born as a woman, and she will always be. No matter how much someone explains their sexuality, fans will never stop commenting on their sexuality.

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