Is Florence Pugh Lesbian? Or Is She Bisexual?

Many people believe Florence Pugh might be lesbian as she has played bisexual characters multiple times. While the 27-year-old actress has never confirmed her sexuality, we believe she is straight as she was previously in a relationship with a man.

Florence Pugh is an accomplished English actress who made her acting debut in The Falling in 2014. However, her worldwide breakthrough came in 2019 with her performances in Fighting with My Family, Midsommar, and Little Women, for which she got Academy Award and BAFTA Award nominations.

Likely, Florence Pugh has also won the Chopard Trophée at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival and has subsequently starred in a number of successful films, including Black Widow, Hawkeye, Don’t Worry Darling, and The Wonder.

Florence Pugh has recently been suspected of being a lesbian, considering the fact that she has been seen playing bisexual characters since the beginning of her acting career. As a result, many people have been curious to learn about her actual sexuality. Well, let’s get started.

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Looking at Her Dating History, We Don’t Think Florence Pugh Is Lesbian!

Florence Pugh (@florencepugh) has kept her sexuality covert, making it difficult to determine whether she is a lesbian. Despite the fact that she played a bisexual character in Black Widow, it is uncertain if she identifies as bisexual in real life. However, some fans have speculated about her possible bisexuality, although there is no evidence to back up these claims.

Florence Pugh was previously in a relationship with actor and director Zach Braff, which would imply that she might not be a lesbian. However, it is vital to realize that one’s prior relationships do not necessarily reflect one’s current or future sexual orientation. Furthermore, Florence must ultimately decide whether or not to divulge more about her sexuality. She has the right to privacy as a public figure and should not be forced to divulge personal concerns.

Even though she was romantically involved with an American actor and director from 2019 to 2022, Florence Pugh is presently single and not publicly dating anyone. They met while filming on Braff’s short film, In the Time It Takes to Get There, and eventually lived together in Los Angeles.

Florence previously was in a relationship with Zach Braff, implying that she is not a lesbian.Florence previously was in a relationship with Zach Braff, implying that she is not a lesbian.
Image Source: CNN

Zach Braff is an actor and filmmaker best known for his role as J.D. on the famous television show Scrubs. He has also appeared in films such as The Last Kiss and The Ex, as well as providing voice work for a number of films and television shows.

The connection between Braff and Pugh garnered notice due to their substantial age difference, with Braff being 21 years older than Pugh. Despite the fact that their relationship ended in 2022, the couple appeared to be happy and supportive of one another during their time together.

After their break up,  there were also suspicions of a love relationship between Florence and fellow actor Will Poulter (@willpoulter) after they were spotted together at a beach. However, she rejected these allegations, claiming they were merely hanging out and not romantically linked.

Florence Pugh has been completely quiet about her dating life, and there is no clear evidence to suggest any other relationships save her previous one with Zach Braff. It is her choice to keep her personal life private, and she is entitled to it. Furthermore, we wish her the best in her personal and professional lives.

Florence Pugh’s Public Image!

Talking about Florence Pugh‘s public image, the Black Widow star is well-known for her fashion sense, with Harper’s Bazaar and British Vogue defining her looks as bold, daring, and unique. She wore a sheer pink gown to a Valentino show in 2022, which drew criticism since it revealed her nipples. In response to the backlash, she defended her decision and her physique on Instagram.

The 27-year-old actress was named to Forbes magazine‘s annual 30 Under 30 list, which recognizes the 30 most prominent persons in Europe under the age of 30, in the entertainment category in 2019. Likely, Time magazine included her on its 100 Next list in 2021, which recognizes rising talents and emerging leaders in their areas.

Similarly, Florence Pugh was named one of the 50 best actors of all time in a 2022 Empire magazine readers’ poll. The magazine called her one of the very best of her generation and ascribed her achievement to her ability to bring a grounded empathy to her characters.