Is Pickle Related to Baki? Does He Die? Is He Defeated?

It has not been revealed yet if Pickle is related to Baki Hanma. He has taken the same stance as Yuujirou, implying that he is of the Hanma bloodline. Pickle and Baki fought but were not defeated; they were equal. He then disappeared in Tokyo but didn’t die. His age is About 200 million and he stands at a height of 245 cm (8’0″).

Netflix‘s Baki Hanma season 2, the much-awaited sequel to the famous anime adaptation of Keisuke Itagaki‘s manga, premiered on July 26, 2023. Pickle, a primitive man with great strength and acute instincts, is one of the season’s main characters. He exhibits animalistic conduct driven solely by instinct. He has the distinction of being the Baki Hanma series’ oldest character. He is portrayed as a massive humanoid figure that lived during the Jurassic or Cretaceous periods. With the release of Season 2, people have speculated whether Pickle is related to Baki.

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Neither Manga nor Anime Have Revealed if Pickle Is Related to Baki Hanma!

Netflix recently renewed the Baki Hanma anime for a second season, and one thing we know for sure is that Pickle, a primitive caveman who awoke in the current age, will be Baki‘s next opponent to defeat while training to grow strong enough to face his father. But rather than their fight, fans thought, if Pickle is related to Baki, are they related to one another?

Pickle has taken the same stance as Yuujirou, implying that he is of the Hanma bloodline, which may be considered as he might be related to Baki. His strength is well beyond that of an ordinary human being, owing to the fact that he had to develop his body to the point where he could hunt and kill powerful predators during the dinosaur era. In a strength test, he was revealed to be able to take on Yujiro’s base level, implying that his raw strength is on par with any other character in the anime. He is a physical marvel due to his enormous stature (8 feet tall) and highly muscular build.

We are not sure if Pickle is related to Baki Hanma. celebsindepth.comWe are not sure if Pickle is related to Baki Hanma.
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Pickle and Baki’s connection remains a mystery, with no conclusive answer presented in the manga or anime. However, intriguing indications and speculations have emerged, implying a possible link between the two. His obvious excitement and appreciation for Baki’s fighting prowess is another intriguing suggestion. He has faced various modern martial artists, but none have impressed him as much as Baki. Baki’s speed, agility, technique, and unbreakable spirit charmed him. He even shed tears after their duel as a sign of appreciation and gratitude for Baki’s challenge. Notably, Pickle referred to Baki as “brother” in his own language, showing a bond beyond mere antagonism.

The internet is buzzing over the character‘s entrance in Baki Hanma Season 2. His presence is impressive, being both the tallest and oldest figure in the story. Fans believe Pickle and Baki are brothers or are related because they share characteristics such as height, weight, strength, endurance, senses, instincts, fighting style, spirit, and honor.

Does Pickle Die? Is He Defeated by Baki Hanma!

The Pickle arc is brought to life in Baki Hanma season 2, introducing viewers to one of the series’ most fearsome characters. His age is About 200 million and stands at a height of 245 cm (8’0″). His physique, physical development, and pure inner strength make him an intimidating foe. His tall stature gives him a tremendous advantage in fights. His massive stature is explained by his Jurassic-age origin, which accounts for his gigantic form. Fans have shown interest in Pickle and Baki’s fight and who is stronger and who is defeated.

Pickle is as strong as Baki and is not defeated by him. celebsindepth.comPickle is as strong as Baki and is not defeated by him.
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Baki is also preparing for his confrontation with Pickle. Baki comes close to defeating him, despite the fact that he morphs into his most powerful form and gives it his all. Instead of taking an easy victory, he gives Pickle the opportunity to determine the winner based only on stamina. He has the upper hand in this regard. Mitsunari Tokugawa asks Retsu and Kaoru Hanayama for their thoughts on the winner as Baki lies prone on the ground, receiving medical attention. The three of them had been monitoring the conflict.

While Retsu believes Pickle won since he had the opportunity to kill Baki, Kaoru Hanayama believes Baki should have won. Mitsunari Tokugawa thinks both men are correct. He moves away from the place where he had been living for the past few days after his battle with Baki. They meet on a rooftop and look out over the city. Meanwhile, the President of the United States signs a Formal Treaty of Friendship with Yujiro Hanma. Before that, Pickle expressed his gratitude to Captain Strydum for bringing him to Japan, where he could fight many tough men. He then disappeared in Tokyo, but doesn’t die.