Is Shea McGee Pregnant Again? How Many Kids Does She Have? Is She Expecting a New Baby?

No, Shea McGee is not pregnant again, despite what the rumors say. Shea and Syd are already parents to their three children: Wren, Ivy, and Margot. She gave birth to her third new baby, a daughter, in July 2021, and now she doesn’t seem to be expecting any more children. So far, the Dream Home Makeover host has not confirmed the rumors of her pregnancy. The rumors might be due to her weight gain.

Shea McGee and Syd are the stars of the well-liked home remodeling program Dream Home Makeover on Netflix. To completely please their clients with their work, the creative duo has renovated numerous homes over the years. They must elevate the main ideas to a level that is enough to leave one speechless keeping in mind the vision and needs of their client.

Shea and Syd McGee, the stars of Dream House Makeover, started their careers in the remodeling business when they shared pictures of their home makeovers on social media. They started their own company called McGee Studios once their work took off and they gained attention.

The fourth season of the reality series covers five new sets of homeowners who enlisted the workshop’s assistance to realize their ambitions, carrying on from the fantastic job that the McGees demonstrated in the first three episodes. Shea and Syd McGee, remodel their clients’ homes by their tastes and needs.

Season 4 of The Dream Home Makeover just debuted on Netflix. On Friday, December 9, 2022, the series was made available. With the release of the show, Shea McGee is rumored to be pregnant again. How true is that? Let’s find out.

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No, Shea McGee Is Not Pregnant Again in 2022: Shea and Syd Already Have Three Kids, the Most Recent of Which Was Born Last July!

Shea McGee is rumored to be pregnant as of 2022. Shea and Syd McGee are already parents to three children: Margot, Ivy, and Wren. Despite living in the public eye, the power couple has mastered the skill of concealing the specifics of their private lives. Shea and Syd exchanged vows in the Salt Lake City Temple and then hosted a lavish reception in a stunning barn outside of Mapleton.

In January 2021, Shea McGee made the news of her third pregnancy public. Shea estimated that their family would grow by one person around the middle of July. Wren and Ivy are already close in age. The interior designer and co-founder of Studio McGee (@studiomcgee), along with her husband, added that there is a five-year age difference between their two eldest children and this one.

The birth of their third child, Margot was quite different from the experiences of their first two, as their first two children were born when the college pair turned business partners were starting Studio. When Wren, their third child, joined the family, Shea McGee had recently left her career in public relations and taken a gamble on opening her own design business. A few months after she was born, Syd resigned from his miserable job, wrecking the family’s finances and leading them to suffer for years.

Although rumors of Shea McGee being pregnant are circulating over the internet, she is not pregnant, as of 2022. Shea has already given birth to three daughters. And her third daughter was born on July 20, 2021, so now she doesn’t seem to be expecting any more children. So far, the Dream Home Makeover host has not confirmed the rumors of her pregnancy. The rumors might be due to her weight gain. The pair seems to be focusing on their career after having three children.

Shea McGee had unconsciously developed a taste for magnificent linens and large, organic seagrass rugs while growing up in Texas. She redecorated the pair’s first home, which they had purchased in Orange County, California, in 2010. The couple is co-parenting their two lovely girls when they are not with clients. Their smallest baby girl is the sneaky one, while their older boy exudes calm and composure. She plays pranks on Syd and Shea, such as slicing off a strand of hair while no one is looking, even for a brief while. She keeps them on their toes.

Ivy’s arrival in 2015 represented a year after the relocation, which was made as they were still hard at work laying the groundwork for what is now a recognized business. They had finally found their first workplace, which was a run-down building without heat.

Mr. and Mrs. Sydney McGee had modest beginnings but lofty goals, starting from crappy. Shea McGee threw her all into renovating their first home together and realized along the way that she had a passion for the profession. She changed careers after earning her degree to become one of the first Instagram influencers in design. Syd helped her achieve her goals and provided valuable advice, which ultimately made him a contributor to the initiatives she undertook when she was first starting.

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