Is ‘The Snow Girl’ Based on a True Story? Know More About the Netflix Series!

No, The Snow Girl on Netflix is not based on a true story. It is based on a novel written by the Spanish author Javier Castillo, who experienced a similar event when his daughter was very young.

The Snow Girl, a Spanish mystery thriller series on Netflix, was originally titled La chica de nieve. The story revolves around the disappearance of a young girl named Amaya Martin, Ana and Alvaro‘s daughter. Miren Rojo (Milena Smit), a trainee journalist, is tasked with investigating the case with her superior, Eduardo (José Coronado), and Inspector Millan (Aixa Villagrán) because the parents receive no ransom demands following her disappearance.

The trail is cold, and everything appears to be a puzzle, but Miren sets out on her own to find the kidnappers. While doing so, she is plagued by a traumatic incident from her past, which she uses to help her in the case. The complicated disappearance case becomes even more complicated when the kidnappers send a videotape of Amaya to Miren, instructing the reporter to share it with Amaya’s parents.

Meanwhile, Davida Ulloa and Laura Aleva are the two directors who worked together on this project and turned it into a binge-worthy series. We were fascinated by the realistic portrayal of Amaya’s heartbreaking disappearance and wonder if the thriller series is based on a true-life kidnapping story. So, here’s what we have to say about it!

The Snow Girl: The Netflix Show Is Not Based on a True Story; It Is Based on Javier Castillo’s Novel of the Same Name, Which Was Published in 2020!

No, The Snow Girl on Netflix is not based on a true story. The series is based on the eponymous novel by Spanish thriller novelist Javier Castillo (@javiercordura). Although Amaya and her kidnapping are fictional, the author was inspired to write the novel by a true-life event.

Castillo’s book began on a particular day when he was walking down the street with his wife and then three-year-old daughter. When he let go of his daughter’s hand for a moment, the author was filled with terror that something horrible would happen to her. He was concerned about the possibility of never seeing his daughter again, so he wrote a novel about a young girl who goes missing, leaving her parents with no guarantee of ever seeing her again.

Castillo explained in a 2020 interview how his fear of pedophilia and separation from his daughter inspired him to write La Chica de Nieve. Castillo explored Ana and Alvaro‘s lives after Amaya’s disappearance in the book to depict the conflicts and fears that every father and mother has when it comes to their children’s safety. Although the novel’s narrative is fictitious, the author succeeds in grounding his novel in reality through this exploration of Ana and Alvaro’s mental space. Amaya’s parents are not unlike the parents of any other missing child.

Castillo’s apprehension about pedophilia became the foundation for a significant plotline in the book and series. Miren comes across James Foster and David Luque while investigating Amaya‘s disappearance. They are involved in the operation of a child pornographic website called Slide. Millán’s investigation also leads her to the rapes committed by David and his son Samuel, which were videotaped and uploaded to the previously mentioned website.

Merin quickly realizes that her rapists have recorded her and uploaded the video to the website. Castillo was able to address how child pornography and pedophilia are still major issues in today’s society through this storyline.

According to Castillo, La Chica de Nieve is also a commentary on modern journalism, which prioritizes sensationalism over ethics and societal commitment. While Miren attempts to portray Amaya as a responsible and committed journalist, her superior only seeks to exploit her connections to the case in order to sensitize the information she gathers for the commercial benefit of the newspaper.

The author also wanted to highlight the importance of local journalism through Merin’s efforts to find Amaya, especially given that the latter is just one of hundreds or thousands of missing children for a national journalist to be deeply concerned about.

Despite the fact that The Snow Girl is a fictional series, the storylines admirably reflect contemporary reality. Castillo’s novel serves as the foundation for a brutally honest social commentary rooted in the harsh realities of our times, as directed by David Ulloa and Laura Alvea.

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