Is Spencer Storbeck on the Bachelorette 2023 Autistic? Reddit Users Discuss His Disability (Autism)!

Many Reddit users are wondering if Spencer Storbeck from The Bachelorette 2023 is autistic (has Autism). However, he has yet not revealed having a disability.

The Bachelorette, a spin-off of the hit show The Bachelor, is a reality dating TV series that focuses on young and attractive women each season who are given the opportunity to discover the man of their dreams from a pool of gorgeous and eligible bachelors. Every season of the show features a wild card, and we met Charity Lawson straight away. However, this time, Spencer Storbeck‘s limo entrance was quite embarrassing. Even the producers of the show orchestrated the occasion with their standard music of discomfort.

Spencer Storbeck was probably one of the most interesting people in the Season 20 premiere episode, and we all applaud Charity for speaking to him with grace and compassion. However, one of the biggest surprises occurred at the end of the program when the TV star was given a rose. Meanwhile, he was unable to speak and was unable to control his facial responses. Seeing that, many Reddit users observed that he lives with social anxiety. Well, is Spencer autistic? Let’s find it out.

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The Bachelorette 2023: Spencer Storbeck Has Yet to Reveal if He Is Autistic!

During the 2023 Bachelorette latest’s confessional episode, Spencer Storbeck (@spencerstorbeck) was noticed unable to control his facial responses and scratched his eyes several times. He was physically struggling to speak and barely got a word out. He tells Charity Lawson (@charitylawson) uncomfortably that he could teach her how to kick him in the genitals, and she attempts to laugh it off. He then assures her that she will always be secure with him. The gesture is heartfelt, but Charity is clearly feeling unsafe. This led many Reddit users to wonder if Spencer is autistic (a person who is suffering from Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)).

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurological and developmental disorder that affects people’s interactions, communication, learning, and behavior. According to the NHS, Autism symptoms in adulthood include feeling uneasy in social situations, having difficulty expressing oneself, not understanding social ‘rules,’ getting too close to others, and more.

Spencer Storbeck is suspected of being autistic. celebsindepth.comSpencer Storbeck is suspected of being autistic.
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Later in the episode, Spencer approaches Charity and informs her that he has a son. He’s nervous about how she’ll react, but he’s relieved when she adds that if they connect, she’d be excited to meet his son. However, the rest of Bachelor Nation was horrified to find that not only had Spencer chatted to a woman, but he had a child with someone.

Similarly, fans of The Bachelorette were also surprised when Charity Lawson handed him a rose, indicating that he will return next week. They believed the producers compelled her to keep Spencer on the show. While some people said Spencer made them feel uneasy, others thought he looked like a criminal or a villain from The Dark Knight trilogy.

However, all of Spencer’s critique isn’t entirely justified. Nobody understands his past or how he reacts differently when surrounded by cameras during a competition for a gorgeous woman’s heart. Furthermore, it’s not anyone’s business to diagnose any of The Bachelorette’s suitors, but Spencer’s conduct could be explained if he’s on the autism spectrum or has any kind of other disability. And his decision to put himself out there and go on the show is surely admirable.

Spencer Storbeck Comes From a Normal Family and Has a Normal Job!

Spencer Storbeck is a 32-year-old regional sales director in Panthera Dental’s Sleep Division, where he has worked since February 2021. Prior to that, after graduating from the University of Wyoming in 2016, he worked in medical sales at and Quest International, Inc.

Spencer Storbeck’s graduation year suggests that he may have taken a break between high school and college, or that he graduated from high school later, as he would have been 25 in 2016. He was an offensive lineman on the varsity team in high school in 2006 and 2007, which is rather outstanding. He now appears to have a number of supportive friends and family members rooting for him on his Bachelorette trip.

Spencer Storbeck currently works as a regional sales director in Panthera Dental's Sleep Division. celebsindepth.comSpencer Storbeck currently works as a regional sales director in Panthera Dental’s Sleep Division.
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Little is known about Spencer Storbeck’s son and former partner, but according to ABC, “This single dad’s got humor and heart. As a father to a young son, Spencer brings a lot of life experience to the table, including having the courage to change careers and pursue his master’s degree.” He is a fan of Jack Kerouac and Anthony Bourdain. None of those things raise red flags for us, therefore it’s very conceivable that he was simply nervous in front of the camera!

Even so, viewers feel the producers persuaded Charity Lawson to give Spencer a rose after Night One. He was certainly entertaining! And, if Reality Steve is true, we likely won’t see much more of Spencer in the second half of the season.