James Corden’s Weight Loss: Struggling With His Image as a ‘Chubby Kid’, Here’s How James Corden Incredibly Lost 84 Pounds!

Familiar for his incredible hosting in The Late Late Show With James Corden, James Corden’s weight loss journey has mesmerized the crowd. Being called a jack of all trades, from movies and TV shows to talk shows and hilarious gigs, the host is making sure the entire world recognizes not just his net worth but also his talents. Here’s how James Corden embarked on his weight loss journey in 2022.

Known for his talk show The Late Late Show with James Corden, James Corden is a man known for his multi-faceted personality. Whether it’s doing a carpool with your favorite celebrity or making you laugh till your stomach hurts, James Corden is the man for it. Recently, Corden is on the highlights for his shocking weight loss.

Born on August 22, 1978, James Corden is not just known as the host of his show The Late Late Show but is also best recognized for co-writing as well as debuting in the iconic BBC series Gavin & Stacey. Before all that, James Corden’s career in the entertainment biz began at the age of 18, when he made his on-stage debut in a one-line role in the 1996 musical Martin Guerre.

Corden’s first TV reporting gig was for the BBC‘s Good Morning with Anne and Nick, where he conducted an interview with Meat Loaf. Following all that Corden rose to prominence from the year 2000-2005 when received his first nomination; a 2000 Royal Television Society Award nomination for Network Newcomer On Screen.

From hosting multiple talk shows and gigs to movie and TV shows, James Corden has done it all! And now he is on the path of his weight loss journey. Steadily making progress on maintaining his weight, fans have been curious to know how he did it! So here’s everything we could find on James Corden’s weight loss.

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James Corden’s Weight Loss: WW, Diet, Exercise and Meditation, James Corden Claims That It Was Actually Change in His Mindset That Really Helped Him Lose Weight!

Going through issues with his weight, James Corden (@j_corden) made efforts to lose it, and nonetheless, he did it! Losing an intense 84 pounds of weight as revealed by Daily Mail, James Corden not just shocked the world but himself as well. Here’s how Corden did it!

In a May interview with The Sun, Corden stated that he is a strong advocate of intermittent fasting and that he normally waits until noon to eat. He usually has a little snack, like a slice of fruit to start his day off lightly, followed by a boxing lesson with his trainer. Corden quotes,

I try to eat healthily and not deprive myself. The notion of going on a diet is everything that is wrong because at some point you are going to revert…It’s like Dry January—it’s brilliant if you give up booze for January but in the back of your mind you’re like, ‘Well, in February I’m going to have a drink’.

Corden strives to eat healthily in addition to this fasting strategy. He admitted to eating an apple that morning and was spotted drinking a 15-calorie, sugar-free, vitamin-packed health drink throughout the interview. Nevertheless, Corden emphasizes the value of continuing to enjoy eating and not limiting the varieties of foods he eats even when he opts for healthier ones.

Also a part of WW, formerly Weight Watchers, Corden revealed in an interview with Oprah how it totally changed his perspective. In his first five weeks following the WW diet, James claimed to have lost 16 pounds. He attributed this success to one aspect that radically altered his viewpoint and made losing weight simpler than he had ever imagined: the adjustment. Giving up his previous obsession with weight loss is all or nothing.

From eating everything in the fridge as he claims to controlling his impulses and making wiser choices, The Late Late Show host reflected back on his journey saying,

Every year for the past decade—probably even 15 years—on January 1st, I’ve told myself and anyone who would listen, that this is it, this is the year I’m going on a diet, I’m going to lose a load of weight—I’m fed up with the way I look, I’m fed up with being unhealthy!

In addition to following WW and exercising out with his trainer, having a healthy mental state is also important for weight loss as James Corden remarks. The actor says he recently began a four-day transcendental meditation course, during which he learned to give himself 20 minutes of alone to allow his thoughts to ‘be whatever they are,’ and that this has proven to be quite beneficial.

Comparing James Corden’s pictures now and from a while back, the changes and improvements are quite significant. Corden looks confident in his skin. Also opening up about his struggles with weight since his childhood and how he has dealt with body issues, James is not just bettering his life but also inspiring many in the process. The actor now weighs around healthy 198 pounds.

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