Buddhafield’s Leader, Jamie Simone Gomez Now: Is the Cult Still Active?

Jamie Simone Gomez is the leader of Buddhafield, which performs several rituals. Despite several complaints, he has not been charged or arrested. According to Netflix’s documentary, How to Be a Cult Leader, Jamie Simone Gomez’s cult’s inner workings became public, and he has now conveniently relocated to Hawaii, where the Buddahfield sect is supposedly still active. Learn in detail about his Wikipedia.

How to Become a Cult Leader, Netflix‘s newest documentary, offers a tongue-in-cheek deep dive into six of the most prominent cults of all time, analyzing the mechanics and identities required to develop and operate a cult. Because, as Netflix puts it, “there are harsh lessons to be learned from history’s most malignant manipulators.” Each episode focuses on a different cult, ranging from the Manson Family to the People’s Temple, Heaven’s Gate, Aum Shinrikyo, and the Unification Church.

The episode focuses heavily on Buddhafield founder and leader Jamie Simone Gomez, who, like other cult leaders, has an interesting past. While there is no denying that cults can arise from a variety of beliefs or goals, Buddhafield is one that has left many people perplexed owing to the way its leader employs the New Age movement. And now, fans are wondering if Buddhafield is still active and what its leader’s details will be in 2023.

Meet Buddhafield’s Leader, Jamie Simone Gomez, and Learn About His Wikipedia!

The third episode of the Netflix documentary series How to Become a Cult Leader focuses on famed Buddhafield founder Jamie Simone Gomez. Let us get in detail about his wikipedia details.

Although Jamie Simone Gomez’s exact age is unknown, he was born in Venezuela as the son of a wealthy rancher. He had a plethora of choices accessible to him; but he just had one dream: to become a world-famous celebrity. As a result, he moved to Hollywood as quickly as possible but was unable to land anything more than a nonspeaking role in ‘Rosemary’s Baby,’ a brief time with the Oakland Ballet, and a few explicit sexual flicks.

Jamie Simone Gomez is the leader of Buddhafield. celebsindepth.comJamie Simone Gomez is the leader of Buddhafield.
Source: CNN

That’s why he eventually decided to become an acting teacher in Florida, where he discovered he had the intrinsic charisma to entice people with his words and faith-based new beliefs. Jamie Simone Gomez’s classes wound up being more spiritual than anything else because they addressed God as well as the various ways one should exist. As a result, the teacher amassed a few loyal students before traveling to California to “capitalize on the superficiality of everyday American life.

Jamie Simone Gomez, on the other hand, purportedly did not raise a single finger, although every other member was compelled to perform daily labor tasks in order to reach the point of all-knowing. He’d reportedly been “spontaneously enlightened” after meeting a guru, only to find he “needed to become a leader of other people to raise their consciousness.” According to the original production, the leader asserted that this transfer of power and wisdom was done with nothing more than his fingertips, despite the fact that it was still quite rare to see someone with much less experience.

But, according to several of his former followers, Jamie Simone Gomez had no master and simply read up on other cult leaders and their techniques to work out his own unique pattern. Nonetheless, by the mid-1990s, he had complete control over a group of hundreds of people, all of whom gave up their loved ones, sexual intercourse, gluten, dairy, narcotics, and alcohol to be with him. The push into plastic surgery, abortions, and not being permitted to say goodbye to relatives before their deaths were undoubtedly the oddest features of Buddhafield.

Jamie Simone Gomez Has Now Relocated to Hawaii, and the Cult Buddahfield Is Still Active!

Many former Buddhafield members have come forward with accounts of ritualistic abuse during their time at Jamie Simone Gomez‘s cult since the late 2000s. Despite this, the cult leader has continued with his malicious operations. Despite several complaints, he has not been charged or arrested. In fact, he still has some followers, as seen by their attempt to spy on and boycott Holy Hell’s debut at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival.

Jamie Simone Gomez is now in Hawaii. celebsindepth.comJamie Simone Gomez is now in Hawaii.
Source: CNN

According to CNN, he responded to Will Allen‘s documentary in 2016 with an official statement that stated, “Holy Hell is not a documentary; rather, it is a work of fiction designed to create drama, fear, and persecution, knowing that this is what sells.” With Netflix’s How to Become a Cult Leader reigniting the debate over his abusive leadership, it’s worth wondering if Jamie Simone Gomez will take action against Netflix now.

According to How to Be a Cult Leader, Jamie Simone Gomez relocated his headquarters from Hollywood to Austin, Texas. But since his cult’s inner workings became public, he has now, conveniently relocated to Hawaii, where the Buddahfield sect supposedly still active.

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