Is Janice Dean Married? Relationship with Her Husband of 13 Years and Their Children

Aug 27, 2020 @ 21:37 GMT-0500
Is Janice Dean Married? Relationship with Her Husband of 13 Years and Their Children

Janice Dean is famous as the weather reporter on Fox News program Fox & Friends. She made her name on the conservative news platform and, over the years, built herself as the trusted voice in weather reporting through her co-hosting job on the channel. Now, she is enjoying a happily married life with her husband.

Before her time on Fox News, the Ontario born weather reporter bounced around between several Canadian and American news platforms. During her time in Ontario, she was a By-Law Enforcement Officer. She is currently a respected figure in weather reporting, who is married to her husband and raising their two kids.

Is Janice Dean Married? Details of Janice's Married Life With Her Husband

Janice Dean is married to her husband Sean Newman for over a decade now.Janice Dean is married to her husband Sean Newman for over a decade now.
Source: Janice Dean Instagram

Janice Dean is married to her husband Sean Newman, for over 13 years now. The couple was married in June of 2007 when they eloped and got married in the City Hall with two of their friends serving as witnesses. After over five years together, the couple got married in 2007, and they have stayed married for over a decade.

According to Janice Dean, they were together for five years when she was stressing over Meteorology class, and he was getting ready for his Master's program. They decided to go out and for some food, and when they met up, Sean was wearing his green sweater, something he wore five years before during their first date.

She loved that sweater but could not figure out what was so special about the night, even when the clues were right in front of her. They decided to go to take a break to freshen up their minds and decided to take a trip to Prime Burger, the same place they had their first date. Still, Janice did not figure out there was something big in play that night.

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After they arrived at the burger place, they saw that it was closed for the night. She was hungry and told Sean they were going to some other place. But Sean had something planned, which is why he stopped her and on the scaffolding in front of a closed shop decided to pop the question.

He asked her if she would be his wife, and after taking in the situation and suppressing the shock, she said yes. Months later, they were planning their wedding when the idea of eloping came up, and the couple decided to tie the knot in City in the presence of their friends.

Janice and Sean Decided to Get Married in a Church on Their 10th Anniversary

It was a normal day for Janice when she was enjoying some quality time with her husband when he mentioned that their special anniversary was coming up. She calculated quickly in her head to remember that their anniversary in 2017 was going to be their 10th one.

The 10th anniversary is a special one, and Sean said they needed to do something big on that day. He proposed getting married in a Church to which Janice replied, "Make it official?" It was a joke from Janice to her husband, but they did, however, renewed their vows in front of their two kids and their family and got married in a Church.

Janice and Her Husband Sean Share Two Kids

Janice Dean and Sean Newman have two sons.Janice Dean and Sean Newman have two sons.
Source: Janice Dean Instagram

Janice is a mother of two sons who are still school. Janice mentioned how her work required her to be on set early in the morning, which meant she did not get to see her sons in the morning, fix them lunch, and drive them to school. Janice missed that part of her son's lives, which was mainly carried out by her husband, Sean.

But to get over that problem, Janice started writing notes to her sons in the night, which would later be put in their lunch boxes by Sean. The notes were simply jokes, but it was a way for her to be in her children's lives even when her work didn't allow it.

Janice said the notes were a massive hit, and even some of her fans on social media asked permission to use the notes she posted on Instagram, for their children. It is a point of great pride for Janice that she and her husband have a hands-on role in their children's lives even when they are both busy with their works. Janice and Sean are great parents to their children.

Janice Dean Recently Lost Her In-Laws to COVID-19

On 27 March, Janice revealed that her father-in-law had died due to COVID-19, and two weeks later, the virus took her mother-in-law too. She blamed Governor of New York for his decision to use care facilities as recovery facilities for patients recovering from the disease.

Janice was vocal about the effect of the virus and the Governor of New York's controversial decision. She was looking to testify when her name was removed from the witnesses' list, and the weather reporter from Canada also criticized news outlets for running puff-pieces about Andrew Cuomo.

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