Selling the OC Cast, Alexandra Jarvis’s Age: Marriage With Husband!

Selling the OC cast, Alexandra Jarvis, was born on May 6, 1990, making her 33 years old. She is enjoying her recent marriage to her husband, Sergio Ducoulombier, despite their 14-year age gap.

A spin-off of “Selling Sunset,” “Selling the OC” on Netflix follows the staff of The Oppenheim Group‘s office in Orange County, California. In the reality program, drama, opulence, and professionalism are presented in an amusing balance. One can’t help but watch with bated breath as the series goes on as workplace politics set off a series of events. The real estate company’s personnel have left a lasting impression on the followers of their acts, whether it be due to professional rivalry or personal grudges.

Despite her traumatic breakup with Alexandra Rose in Netflix‘s Selling The OC season 2, Alexandra Jarvis also spent the majority of the season gushing about her now-husband, Sergio Ducoulombier. While a lot was stated about her past relationships. She had enough screen time on the show Selling the OC, which has made fans wonder more about her personal life, especially her age.

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Alexandra Jarvis Is a 33-Year-Old Cast Member of Selling the OC!

Alexandra Jarvis (@thealexandrajarvis) was born on May 6, 1990, making her 33 years old and a Taurus, according Netflix Life. Despite her traumatic breakup with Alexandra Rose in Selling the OC season 2, she also spent the majority of the season gushing about her now-husband, Sergio Ducoulombier (@sergioducoulombier). While a lot was stated about her past relationships, including the myth that she had been engaged “ten times” thanks to fellow agent Polly Brindle, not much was revealed about her fiance on the show.

You shouldn’t overlook Alexandra Jarvis as an agent just because she’s in her twenties. Since she was the first person employed in the Orange County office, she has excelled there. She is a multidimensional native of Alabama whose career began in employment law and commercial disputes but who finally decided to focus on real estate and use her legal training to assist clients in closing deals.

Jarvis from Selling the OC is 33 years old. celebsindepth.comJarvis from Selling the OC is 33 years old.
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According to her Oppenheim Group bio, Alexandra Jarvis is a results-driven businesswoman who “positioned herself at the top of the Orange County real-estate market. She has had a challenging time selling The OC. Even though the show’s characters expressed regret to her for their treatment of her in season 1, it seems that any attempts at reconciliation have been abandoned. She was initially a popular favorite, but her strong rejection of Rose’s mentorship and her heated exchange with Polly may have caused some people to think differently about the once-pleasant Southern belle.

Alexandra Jarvis’ Marriage Details With Her Husband, Sergio Ducoulombier!

Whatever Alexandra Jarvis position with her friends may be as of this writing, it’s clear that she’s not too concerned; she’s just enjoying her recent marriage to her husband, Sergio Ducoulombier despite their 14-year age gap. The couple wed secretly on April 14, 2023, in Italy’s famous Villa del Balbianello, where she donned a custom Michael Costello gown that cost $50,000, as she had hinted throughout the series.

The couple got together for the first time in June 2019 at a restaurant. They dated for two years before becoming engaged in December 2020. She revealed to Kayla that Sergio had “been working so hard on this company he started a few years ago,” saying that it was a fintech business and that Sergio had produced an entire product that was patented. Sergio has reportedly served as the CEO of the mobile payment platform Slip Cash since January 2019, according to LinkedIn.

Alexandra Jarvis with her husband, Sergio Ducoulombier. celebsindepth.comAlexandra Jarvis with her husband, Sergio Ducoulombier.
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She claimed to have “everything done” for the wedding by the Season 2 finale. A cottage with a view of Lake Como in Italy is where Jarvis and Sergio wed on April 14, just a few weeks after filming was over. They wished to be free of all the social pressures associated with typical weddings, she told People at the time.

Regarding the wedding and reception, Jarvis exclusively revealed to People that they wanted to have a really private and romantic wedding day free from all the typical expectations that were placed on us. They decided to let the two of them travel to Italy. They’ve been there before, and that’s where he first confessed his love to him. She first withheld her response after he had already declared his love for her. For them, it is a particular spot.

They chose Lake Como as their wedding location because of how magical it is there—the lush vegetation and unspoiled beauty. Actually, it’s the ideal romantic setting for what they had in mind. The 33-year-old has recently revealed that the dress is a lavish, completely adorned beaded creation with rhinestones.