Uncover Jason Manford’s Weight Loss: Support Group & Team Rh Update!

Jason Manford underwent a weight loss of 3 stones with the support of his family and a Facebook support group. Reports suggest he followed a diet plan given by Team RH. However, this has yet to be confirmed by Jason.

Jason John Manford, better known as Jason Manford, is an English comedian, presenter, actor, and singer. He gained fame in 2010 after appearing on the television show Comedy Rocks. Recently, he has been in the news after the tickets for his next tour are out for purchase. Where is he doing his tour?

In 2024, Jason will be on a solo UK tour. He will be performing live in the different big cities of the UK, and his venues include the London Palladium, Blackpool Opera House, First Direct Arena in Leeds, and Manchester’s brand-new 23,500-capacity Co-op Live. Many people seem excited about the announcement, and the tickets are already available on Ticketmaster pre-sale tickets.

On the other hand, many people are claiming that Jason has been working hard for his weight loss to look fit in his UK tour. In this article, we will be talking about his diet, exercise, and what made him lose weight. Well, let’s get started.

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Jason Manford Has Undergone Significant Weight Loss With the Help of His Own Support Group on Facebook!

There is a Facebook group called the Jason Manford (@jasonmanford) Weight Loss Support Group. Jason, who has worked very hard to maintain his healthy body, seems to be quite family-oriented on the internet. Some of his online fans claimed that he has followed a diet plan given by Team Rh, but the news has not been confirmed by Jason yet.

Jason has been working on his weight-loss journey for a long time. However, he hasn’t attended the gym for a week because his knee was injured a few weeks ago. Many people were concerned about his health and how he injured his knee. The injury shaved a layer of cartilage off the inside of his knee, but he is getting better.

Jason Manford before and after weight loss. celebsindepth.comJason Manford before and after weight loss.
Image Source: Celebs-In-Depth

Many people thought the injury might affect Jason’s weight loss goals, but he has started going to the gym. He even posted about being better and doing light leg exercises. He also mentioned that he wished he was a better swimmer; he could do about 4 lengths before he was shattered or bored. Many people have been suggesting he take it easy and not go to the gym or pool.

How Much Weight Did Jason Manford Shed?

In 2021, when people started noticing changes in Jason Manford‘s appearance, many people asked if he had a weight loss or not. After the rumors started flooding all over the internet, Jason admitted in June 2021 that he had lost some weight and revealed that he had lost almost 3 stones in 2021. He said that he decided on New Year’s Day to start being healthy and focusing on his lifestyle after reaching a peak of 17-st 5 lbs and wearing size 40 jeans.

Jason Manford shed almost three stones in 2021. celebsindepth.comJason Manford shed almost three stones in 2021.
Image Source: Instagram

Continuing the interview, Jason said that he had been very worried about his weight since his adult days. He started considering his weight loss when the little things, such as trying on clothes that didn’t fit or getting out of breath playing with his children.

He took his first step by trying a variety of diets, but in the beginning, nothing was working for him until he stopped eating so much and started moving more. He also mentioned how being overweight helped him in his work and stated,

I get a bit of a buzz out of it. I started to write jokes about being overweight – you can take the power away from the bully or the heckler – they were my defence. Always a worry when they’ve gotta use a sharpie so they know which one to do! I’m having both! I almost asked him to write ‘not these’ on my knees!’

Did Jason Manford get help from Team Rh for His Weight Loss?

Jason Manford is very concerned about his weight loss diet and exercise. He goes to the gym regularly and follows a strict diet. Some of his fans online have claimed that he follows a life plan that is suggested by an application called TeamRH.

TeamRH is a company that offers weight loss plans, personalized coaching, and protein-packed recipes for your new transformation. It’s not yet confirmed if Jason follows their diet.

Not only do fans seem to be inspired by Jason Manford‘s weight loss, but some of his die-hard fans have opened a Facebook page to support him in his weight loss journey. The name of the group is, the Jason Manford Weight Loss Support Group, and the group has more than 126.9k members. It looks like our 40-year-old comedian has a lot of fans who love to support him in his lowest and highest moments.