Jen Selter’s Boyfriend: Married? Child, Relationship Details With James Maslow!

Jen Selter doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend right now. As per IMDB, she has been married to Isaiah Selter since 2016, and it even states that they have a single child. However, we are not sure if the information is true or not. During spring break in 2017, she was in a relationship with James Maslow, but they are no longer together.

Jen Selter is a fitness model and social media star from the United States. She rose to prominence as a result of the widespread popularity of her Instagram images of her buttocks. As a result, she has appeared on the covers of magazines such as Vanity Fair, Muscle & Fitness, FHM, and many others. She has brought together the next generation of young women through her commitment to uplifting her social media followers as one of the most powerful social media stars, fitness advocates, and lifestyle experts.

Her fans are now wondering: Who is the lucky guy she is dating? Jen Selter shows her community the importance of devoting focus and effort to one’s own well-being on a daily basis. She has influenced several people to remain fit through her Instagram posts and videos showing her commitment to fitness. Let us provide you with details regarding your curiosity about her boyfriend.

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Jen Selter Has Not Revealed Her Boyfriend and Seems to Be Single!

To be honest, Jen Selter (@jenselter) has been in several dating rumors and is called to have a boyfriend, but she has not revealed her relationship status as of this writing. You must be well aware that she has fans all over the world, both internationally and nationally, and she is the crush of several people and even there was a discussion about it.

Jen Selter seems to be single currently. Jen Selter seems to be single currently.
Source: Instagram

Several girls talked about their partner’s crush Jen. While some of them admitted that their partner preferred Jen Selter above them, others jokingly blamed the media influencer for setting unreasonable expectations for their boyfriend. So it’s not like Jen Selter has not found a suitable boyfriend; it looks like she is not interested in any relationship right now.

If she wanted, she would get any man, as she is famous and has millions of fans who look up to her. However, it might be possible that she is dating someone in private and doesn’t want to reveal his identity. As it is well known, several celebrities hide their relationships. Whatever the case, we hope to see her boyfriend soon.

Jen Selter Is Thought to Be Married and Even Have a Child!

There are several rumors that Jen Selter is a married woman and that she even has a baby. Although the fitness trainee has not revealed information about her relationship or whether she has a boyfriend or husband, as per IMDB, she is married. The page claimed that Jen Selter and Isaiah Selter have been married since November 12, 2016. And talking about their child, it even stated that they have a single child.

However, Jen Selter never revealed being married or having a husband and child either. Speaking of her husband, as claimed, it is Isaiah Selter, and we don’t have any details about it. When we tried to check on Instagram, there was an Instagram account claiming to be Jen’s boyfriend. The bio states, I love God! I’m grateful to be Jen Selter’s boyfriend! For sure, it is a fake account and a fan-made page, as Jen has not followed the account.

So as per our records and trying our best to find the details, it looks like she was never married, and it is just fake information given by the IMBD. If she was married or had a child, there would have been several sources to provide the details, and there would have been enough proofs about it on the internet. She has appeared on multiple Hollywood shows such as The View, Beyond the Tank, Access Hollywood, and others, as well as campaigned for numerous brands such as Nike, Lululemon, and others. So undoubtedly, her marriage details would have been known to all until today.

Jen Selter Was in a Relationship With Her Then Boyfriend, James Maslow!

Jen Selter took her partner on a beach vacation, and admirers assumed she had found a boyfriend, James Maslow (@jamesmaslow). During spring break in 2017, they had a summer romance. According to sources, the two were seen laughing and spending a lot of time together during the time. The two held hands and partied together. In fact, it appears that it was their mutual passion for fitness that drew these two together.

Jen Selter is on vacation with her boyfriend, James Maslow. Jen Selter is on vacation with her boyfriend, James Maslow.
Source: Instagram

Although they didn’t speak about their relationship, it is certain that they had a romantic relationship with one another. But they are no longer together, and the well-known singer James Maslow has moved on with his new girlfriend, Caitlin Spears (@caitlinsheyspears), who is a certified and well-known health coach. And Jen Setle and James Maslow have also not revealed why they separated.