Jennifer Crumbley’s Weight Gain Transformation Looks Bigger – Jennifer Crumbley has a larger figure now due to weight gain. Her appearance on the trail on Thursday was to share her side of the story, and when she came to court, her transformation was difficult to ignore. It seems like she is eating a lot of prison food due to stress.

Jennifer Crumbley is known as the criminal who has been highlighted on the internet for her crime. She is the mother of the shooter at Oxford High School. Even though she didn’t pull the trigger on Nov. 30, she’s responsible for those deaths, said Keast, who opened his opening statement by naming the four students who were killed.

On Thursday, Jennifer Crumbley was present in court to testify and explain her side of the story. Her appearance on the court led several to ask more questions, especially regarding her weight gain. Its noticeable that she has gotten bigger, and fans even commented, saying what they are feeding her in jail. So let us learn in detail about her weight gain.

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It Looks Like Jennifer Crumbley’s Weight Gain Is Due to Stress

The recent video of Jennifer Crumbley on Instagram shows that she has undergone a massive weight gain. She is the mother of the shooter at Oxford High School who shot four students, and she was called out for being responsible for the crime and was in jail. Her appearance on the trail on Thursday was to share her side of the story, and when she came to court, her larger figure was difficult to ignore.

Jennifer Crumbley has really gotten bigger after weight gain. celebsindepth.comJennifer Crumbley has really gotten bigger after weight gain.
Source: Detroit Free Press

If you look at the video, you can easily determine the difference in Jennifer Crumbley’s body, which is the result of her weight gain. The people were there to hear the case and learn her side of the story, but the video of her appearance is going viral on the internet, especially Instagram, where many people have left several comments. Rather than wondering about the case, one user commented on her weight gain saying:

Seems like she is eating a lot of prison food

May be due to stress, she has put on weight. As Chronic stress could result in chronically high insulin levels. This may give rise to insulin resistance, which is when the body’s cells no longer respond appropriately to insulin. This can result in higher abdominal fat and overall weight gain. Chronic stress may produce excessive cravings for fatty or sugary foods in an attempt to control blood sugar levels.

Jennifer Crumbley's recent appearance after weight gain. celebsindepth.comJennifer Crumbley’s recent appearance after weight gain.
Source: Instagram

Another user commented on her weight gain, saying Jennifer Crumbley got big from what she was eating. Well, whatever the situation, we are sure she is not going to talk about her transformation any sooner, as she is in custody and facing criminal charges.

Jennifer Crumbley Is Facing a Trial for Being Responsible for a Mass Shooting

Jennifer Crumbley is the mother of Ethan Crumbley, the teenager who, in 2021, opened fire at his high school in Oxford, Michigan. There have been many other incidents in which parents have been charged with their children’s shootings, but none of them involved a school mass shooting.

His parents are going on trial for manslaughter in cases that will test the limits of who is responsible for a mass shooting. They are on trial separately. Opening remarks in Jennifer’s trial began Thursday, and James Crumbley’s trial is tentatively slated to begin on March 5. Prosecutors charged the gunman’s parents with manslaughter, alleging they were also responsible for the students’ deaths—a novel and rare legal approach.

Jennifer Crumbley did not fire the bullet that day, but she is accountable for their killings, Oakland County Assistant Prosecutor Marc Keast said in his opening remarks. Prosecutors accuse the gunman’s parents of neglecting the risks when they purchased a pistol for their son four days before the massacre, despite the fact that he was struggling with his mental health and contemplating violence.

They also claim that the parents did not mention the gun to school officials during a meeting to discuss Ethan’s unsettling drawings just hours before the deadly shooting. Even with all of that, Keast said, Jennifer Crumbley was still given the opportunity to prevent these murders from ever happening, the day of the shooting. Instead, she chose to do nothing. The parents’ defense attorneys contended that the charges had no legal basis, but appellate courts sustained them. His parents had been in jail since they were arrested on manslaughter charges days after the shooting.