Amy Hart’s Weight Gain: How Many Pounds Does She Weigh Now? – Amy Hart’s weight gain has been talked about by several of her fans and followers. Her bigger size was not due to eating habits or any health issues, but to her pregnancy. She was trolled for her weight gain. And she has not revealed how many pounds she weighs now.

Amy Hart, a well-known reality television actress, rose to prominence after appearing on the renowned show ‘Love Island.’ Love Island is a British reality television dating show in which swimsuit-clad twentysomethings spend several weeks in a luxury villa looking for their romantic match. She began her journey on ‘Love Island’ in 2019, becoming an Islander in Season 5. She formerly worked as a flight attendant for British Airways before beginning her television career. She also won the title of Miss United Kingdom in the Miss Beautiful Pageant System in 2017.

Amy Hart’s presence in the worlds of entertainment and pageantry has established her as a popular figure among fans and admirers. Recently, several of her fans and followers have been discussing her appearance, especially regarding her weight gain. She looks a bit overweight, so no doubt they are wondering to learn more about her recent weight gain.

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Amy Hart Looks Bigger Due to Weight Gain

No wonder you might not have noticed Amy Hart‘s (@amyhartxo) weight gain. Although she has now shed some pounds, she still looks bigger due to her weight gain, and she has even been trolled for her transformation. So let us get into further details regarding it and also find out how many pounds she weighs now.

When we first saw Amy Hart in the fifth season of Love Island, she had a slim figure, and her weight was not that big. However, if you check out her recent pictures, you can clearly see that she looks big after her weight gain. And let me tell you, her bigger size is not related to her eating habits or any health but is due to her pregnancy.

Amy Hart's recent weight is unknown. celebsindepth.comAmy Hart’s recent weight is unknown.
Source: Instagram

It’s really normal to gain weight during pregnancy, and the hate she was getting for her weight gain was really unnecessary and childish, as people must be aware that people put on several pounds while having a baby. No doubt, fans were unnecessarily mad at her; maybe it’s not weight, but they are hating her for other reasons.

After giving birth to her baby, Amy Hart still had postpartum weight, which is natural. However, she has shed several pounds, but still, her weight gain is noticeable in every picture she shares on Instagram. Although fans have wondered about her current weight, she has yet to reveal how many pounds she weighs now. Also, she has made a new-year resolution to shed weight. There is no doubt she has been affected by several comments made about her transformation.

Amy Hart Was Trolled for Her Weight Gain

Amy Hart has been open and honest about her entire pregnancy, and she has documented it extensively on social media. Among the thousands who support her, the actress has also received some nasty trolling from strangers who make comments about her weight gain. She stated that she found it unusual because, in the six months since she disclosed that she was pregnant, she added;

everyone—those I know and people I don’t—believes it is socially acceptable to tell me how large I am.

Amy Hart's weight gain was the result of her pregnancy. celebsindepth.comAmy Hart’s weight gain was the result of her pregnancy.
Source: Instagram

She has made countless jokes about her pregnancy weight increase, which is totally typical. Strangers recently chastised her for casually referring to herself as overweight. The star went on to say that it’s fine for others to say it, but the moment she reclaims it and admits that she has gained weight and refers to herself as ‘fat’ in a lighthearted way, people start kicking her.

Amy Hart Got Engaged to Her Partner, Samuel Rason

Yes, Amy Hart from Love Island is engaged. She just announced her engagement to Samuel Rason (@samuelrason) and posted photos of the beautiful proposal to her Instagram account. Amy, who starred on the fifth season of the popular reality show in 2019, fell in love with Samuel after the show, and the couple welcomed their first child earlier this year. Her engagement announcement has sparked excitement and happy responses from her followers and supporters.

Amy’s engagement is a huge milestone in her relationship with Samuel, and it represents the beginning of a new chapter in their journey together after meeting on Love Island. The couple appears to be pleased with this new chapter in their relationship, as evidenced by Amy’s Instagram post celebrating the surprise proposal.

Sam Rason is a prominent entrepreneur and model. The pair, who announced their relationship in August 2021, have a young son named Stanley, who was born in March. However, there is no formal news regarding their marriage; if such information becomes available in the future, it will be updated as quickly as possible.