Jensen Ackles is Taking Supernatural’s Costume Inspiration to The Boys Season 3

Jensen Ackles is keeping Supernatural’s memory alive in The Boys season 3.

Supernatural bid farewell after 15 amazing years last week (albeit to mixed reactions amongst fans).

Saying goodbye is never easy whether it’s parting with your favorite characters or something as simple as your beloved pair of shoes. When it comes to Jensen Ackles and his supernatural outfit, the star takes one of his favorites to The Boys season 3.

Previously revealed in August 2020, Ackles would be the new cast in the Amazon Prime show as Soldier Boy, the “Original Superhero.”

Jensen Ackles will be portraying Soldier Boy on The Boys season 3.

Jensen Ackles will be portraying Soldier Boy on The Boys season 3.
Source: Den of Geek

The star, who just finished his 15 years spell as Dean Winchester on CW’s Supernatural, will retain some of his memory on Season 3 of The Boys.

Speaking with EW, Ackles said:

I somehow managed to end up with the same kind of boots for Soldier Boy that I wore as Dean Winchester. Different color but same boot.

Even though the shows occur in two different universes, there’s one clear link between the two series, Eric Kripke.

The Boys was developed for small screens by Supernatural creator Kripke and released on Amazon in 2019, earning some impressive ratings in its latest Season 2.

Boots are certainly a crucial symbol for a hero called Soldier Boy, and we can only guess what Ackles would look like in the superhero costume.

Filming for the third season is scheduled to begin in early 2021, as per Kripke who posted on Twitter:

#TheBoys Will Return. #Season3 Begins Filming Early 2021. You’re Not F**king Ready.

The season premiere is titled “Payback” and is written by Craig Rosenberg, who crafted Season 1 and 2 editions.

Watch this space for more information on Jensen’s involvement in the third season of The Boys.

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