Jessi Smiles

Jessi Smiles is a content creator or used to be; she is not so much active on social media platforms anymore. But she was still one of the people who rose with the rise of Vine, and she was also one of the first Viners to make it big on YouTube. Though not much active on social media platforms, she is still in conversations because of her friendship, now rivalry, with Gabbie Hanna.

Jessi Smiles was born, Jessi Vazquez, on 17 August 1993 to her father Rubin, who is an AT&T technician and mother, Christina. Her parents got divorced soon after she was born, and she lived with her mother and her brother Joey. Jessi’s mother soon re-married radio personality Joe Ferrero, and she became the sister of three more step-siblings.

Jessi Smiles was back on YouTube hitting back at Gabbie Hanna for her comments to a fan.Jessi Smiles was back on YouTube hitting back at Gabbie Hanna for her comments to a fan.
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The internet star was born and raised in Miami, and she found her time in school to be extremely difficult because of the way she expressed herself. While she was young, she went through depression and some mental issues like anxiety and bipolar disorder, which still follows her to this day. But she found her respite in her phone after she was introduced to the short video sharing platform, Vine.

Starting Her Career on Vine and Transitioning to YouTube

Jessi was working as a beautician in Miami after her school when she was introduced to the short video sharing platform, Vine, from a model. The internet celebrity always struggled with her sense of humor, which caused a lot of problems in her social life, but her brand of humor was perfect for the short video format of Vine.

Soon her videos were getting attention, and one of her videos was featured on the popular section of the app, which opened the floodgates to numerous new followers on her page. She was one of the fastest rising stars on the app, and soon, she was also one of the most recognizable celebrities of the short video format platform.

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In just over a month of crossing the 10k threshold on the platform, she was followed by over a million different people who enjoyed her self-deprecating humor and hilarious stories about her life. But after a few years on the platform, she started to feel disconnected and decided to transition to YouTube before Vine was shut down for good.

Instead of six-second videos, she was making 10-20 minute long makeup videos and also opened more about her life to her audience. Her audience followed her jump, and soon, she was providing content for more than 900K subscribers on YouTube. Lately, she’s been editing videos for other YouTube stars and not being active much on her own channel.

Jessi Smiles and Curtis Lepore; Online Celebrity Couple to Rape Allegation!

Curtis Lepore and Jessi Smiles were in a relationship after connecting on Vine.Curtis Lepore and Jessi Smiles were in a relationship after connecting on Vine.
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Jessi Smiles was a newbie when it comes to making Vine videos, but she was attracting the attention of other creators on the platform, and when she made a video and wrote, “I just farted,” after she reached 10K followers. Another Vine celebrity Curtis Lepore commented, “Oh my God, I love you.” So, began the romance of Curtis and Jessi after they shared personal info in private messages.

The two flirted back and forth, and it was beneficial to both the stars, and over the course of a couple of weeks, the two fell in love. The problem was they lived on two different coasts of the US, he lived in Los Angeles, and she was in Miami. This also gave Jessi’s manager to stage a publicity stunt of the two, meeting for the first time.

Jessi Smiles accused Curtis Lepore of rape in Los Angeles.Jessi Smiles accused Curtis Lepore of rape in Los Angeles.
Source: NY Daily News

They got their own trending hashtag #curtisandjessimeet, and the event was held at Washington Square Park, with hundreds of people gathered there with their phones out to capture the moment. In the presence of fans, live band, and MTV’s Catfish host Nev Schulman, the couple shared their first kiss together to deafening cheers or shrieks.

Jessi and Curtis started dating on 4 August, well, it was the day they first met, but by the end of the month, there was something wrong. The two stopped talking about one another, and by mid-September, all the images of the two together were gone, then the story broke in October of 2013, where it was stated Curtis allegedly raped his then-girlfriend Jessi while she was sleeping.

Curtis Lepore was accused of rape and he accepted a plea of felony assault.Curtis Lepore was accused of rape and he accepted a plea of felony assault.
Source: Hollywood Life

The couple broke up by the end of August, but during her trip to Los Angeles, Jessi suffered a concussion, and Curtis asked to keep her company, which she allowed. But according to Jessi, Curtis raped her while she was sleeping and then he was arrested by the Los Angeles police.

Charges against the Vine star were filed in January of 2014, and after pleading not guilty, Curtis decided to take the plea deal of felony assault, which resulted in the rape allegation being dropped. After a year of probation and court-mandated community service, the felony assault was dropped down to a misdemeanor.

Jessi rarely talks about the case, and she occasionally addresses the situation while opening fully to her viewers. But when she does refer to Curtis, she never uses his name; instead, she calls him “my rapist.”

Jessi Smiles and Gabbie Hanna; Best Friends to Feuding Enemies

Jessi Smiles used to make videos with her best friend, Gabbie Hanna, before her alleged incident with Curtis. Gabbie used to sleep on Jessi’s air mattress in her living room, but then they stopped doing videos together, and there was a vast divide between the two.

There was rumor the reason the two were no longer friends was; because Gabbie sided with Curtis during the rape allegations. Fans were also going after Gabbie Hanna for her supportive tweet of Curtis (or so they say), and this whole situation caused their relationship to break down.

Gabbie Hanna Responds to Jessi Smiles’ Accusations Via Formal Statement
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The story goes, Gabbie Hanna was hanging out with Curtis’ friends, and according to Jessi, Gabbie told her it is okay to hang out with Curtis’ friends because they were not the ones who raped her. The comment tore their friendship down the middle, but the same topic was broached recently when one of the fans of both the content creators tweeted about the 2013 situation and how Gabbie sided with a “rapist.” The fan was named Deanna, and she was approached in her DMs by Gabbie, who defended herself and manipulated (her words, not our) Deanna to retract her statement.

Instead, Deanna sent the entire conversation to Jessi, who came out of her self imposed hiatus and made a scathing 27-minute long video calling our Gabbie. We are not going to post the video here, but if you are interested in the video, then click right here.

Jessi Smiles and Gabbie Hanna are locked in a feud and fans are not siding with Gabbie Hanna anymore.Jessi Smiles and Gabbie Hanna are locked in a feud and fans are not siding with Gabbie Hanna anymore.
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After the video was out, Gabbie was quick with her reply and response where she did not attack anyone, but only did her credibility more damage, and fans on Reddit were having a field day with her response statement.

Jessi Smiles Married to Her Husband Nassim Ssimou and the Birth of Their First Child, Son Noah

Nassim Ssimou and Jessi Smiles got married in 2017 while she was five months pregnant.Nassim Ssimou and Jessi Smiles got married in 2017 while she was five months pregnant.
Source: Instagram

After the relationship between her and Curtis ended in flames and started a whole court case, which lasted for more than a month, Jessi was not seen with any other man for about two years. Considering everything she went through in her relationships of past, it is understandable for her not wanting to be in a relationship with anyone.

But after a couple of years, love found a way back into her life and her heart, and she met Nassim Ssimou. She appeared on Nassim’s Instagram for the first time on 20 November 2016, and the couple seemed to be head over heels over one another.

Nassim Ssimou and Jessi Smiles welcomed son Noah four months after getting married.Nassim Ssimou and Jessi Smiles welcomed son Noah four months after getting married.
Source: Instagram

Their relationship got serious, and the duo decided it was time they got married. Jessi walked down the aisle on 14 April 2017, and at the time, she was over five months pregnant. The couple’s first child, son Jonah, was born on 19 August 2017, two days after Jessi’s birthday. The whole family lives in LA, and they seem to be extremely happy with the life the family is living together.

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