Jessica Lu

If you didn’t know of Jessica Lu by now, then you will soon find out about the firecracker of a performer from Chicago. The actress was recently hired to play the character of Joy in the finale of God Friended Me and then as a recurring character in the second season which premiered recently.

Born on 18 April 1985 in Schaumburg, Illinois, she was born to a Chinese-Japanese father and Chinese mother who migrated to the States from Korea. Her parents were aspiring art enthusiasts with her father being a photographer and her mother a singer, but at the time singing and photography were not going to pay the bills, which is why they started a restaurant.

Jessica Lu with a short trimmed hair and white t-shirt.Jessica Lu is appearing in ‘God Friended Me’ and playing the character of ‘Joy’.
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Fluent in Korean, Mandarin, and English, Lu was also a performer who loved dancing and performed in her parents’ restaurant, and she was also a proficient violent player while going to train at four in the morning to get lessons on figure skating. But her career was not in figure skating or playing the violin at the restaurant; it was about her acting career.

Falling in Love with Acting and Her Career in Show Business

Jessica Lu is appeared in MTV's Awkward.Jessica Lu appeared in Awkward on MTV.
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Jessica was only ten years old when all of her lessons came in handy and she was one of the most sought after actress to play in commercials in the Chicago area. Some of the biggest brands, such as Calvin Klein, Marshall Fields, and other prominent companies hired the actress to promote their brands.

While doing commercials, she was also studying at her school and moved to Los Angeles after she graduated from Columbia College Chicago. She got a degree in Musical Theatre Performance, but the actress was into the movie and TV industry.

Jessica Lu appeared in American Horror Story: Hotel.Jessica Lu appeared in American Horror Story: Hotel.
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After multiple appearances in different police procedurals and teen drama, the actress landed her first major role in the MTV show Awkward where, in the span of almost five years, the actress portrayed the role of Ming Huang in a total of 36 episodes. Then there was, the Storytellers where she was cast in six episodes, and she did some movie roles till she received jobs in Red Band Society and American Horror Story: Hotel.

Then for a couple of years, she bounced from TV movies to smaller roles till she was cast in the show Reverie. The series did not last for a long time, but Jessica made the most impressions of all the cast members, and the show helped open the door to God Friended Me.

Getting Cast as ‘Joy’ in ‘God Friended Me’

God Friended Me, as the title suggests, is a show about a guy named Miles who one day gets a friend request from someone calling themselves God and he provides Miles with friend suggestions, people he must help. Yes, the premise sounds flimsy and unrealistic, but at the end of the day the whole thing is not about God friending Miles, it is about the man learning what it means to be alive and to see there are people in need.

In the finale of the first season, Miles is stopped at the street during the closing minute of the show, and a girl named Joy comes up to him and tells him, a person, calling themselves God sent his name as a friend suggestion which really makes Miles head spin.

In the premiere of season two we catch up with Miles and Joy is nowhere to be found, but the quest they both go on is cathartic and fulfilling which is why this is one of the most important roles in Jessica’s career.

Relationship with Her Boyfriend Christian Sprenger

Jessica Lu is currently dating her boyfriend Christian Springer.Jessica Lu is in a relationship with her boyfriend Christian Springer.
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When her career was still and going in the right direction, the actress met Cinematographer Christian Springer. The lovebirds were soon dating and made their relationship official on 6 March 2014, and since then the couple is inseparable. Both of the Instagram feeds of the head-over-heels lovers are filled with PDA’s, and intimate private moments.

The couple celebrates birthdays together, they Facetime when busy with work and they are just adorable together. Sometimes you see a relationship and know they are in it for a long haul but and it seems to be the case with Jessica and Christian.

Jessica Lu and Christian Springer in their new home. She is appearing in God Friended Me in season 2.Jessica Lu and Christian Springer moved into their new home this year.
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They’ve been together for almost six years, and recently both of them moved into a new house with their dog Oprah and cat Lucky. The couple is great together, and it feels the only place they are headed next is a walk down the aisle with Mendelssohn‘s Wedding March coming through the speakers.

Are They Married?

It seems both of them are enjoying a blissful love life and she is not wearing any ring, which means she is not engaged and they are happy a couple with marriage currently not in sight. The couple loves each other, which mean they will probably get married somewhere down the line if everything goes well.

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