Jisoo’s Boyfriend in 2023: Relationship Rumors With Jung Hae In & Son Heung Min!

Jisoo has not revealed her boyfriend as of 2023. She has been linked with several celebrities, including Son Heung Min and Jung Hae In. But they have never confirmed the rumors. Also, Jisoo revealed that she never had a boyfriend, and she revealed how rigorous their music label, YG Entertainment, and CEO Yang Hyun-Suk were regarding dating.

Jisoo of BLACKPINK has remained strong with new records on Spotify, one of the world’s top music platforms, and has demonstrated tremendous consistency as a soloist while pushing the frontiers of K-pop music. In particular, her smash song “Flower” just surpassed Jimin‘s “Like Crazy,” which took 13 days to reach 50 million streams on Spotify, to become the K-pop soloist’s fastest song to reach that number. It’s a noteworthy milestone record that surpasses even Jungkook‘s “Dreamers,” which held the mark the previous year and is even more incredible than exceeding her friend and fellow BLACKPINK member Lisa.

Without a doubt, Jisoo is one of the most beautiful K-pop idols, with millions of fans and the crush of several men as well as women. We have seen her on social media pages being linked with other artists several times. Now fans are eagerly waiting for the singer and actress to introduce her boyfriend in 2023. Let us look in detail.

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Jisoo Doesn’t Have a Boyfriend in 2023; She Was Rumored to Be Dating Jung Hae In and Also Son Heung Min!

As of 2023, Jisoo (@sooyaaa_) doesn’t have a boyfriend. It turns out that she is quite secretive about her intimate relationships; thus, there is no clear-cut response to this topic. But there are a lot of tales and conjectures about her rumored love life, so let’s look at all of them so you can decide for yourself.

Jisoo is single as of 2023.Jisoo is single as of 2023.
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If you’ve been following Blackpink, you might be aware that Jisoo and Son Heung Min (@hm_son7) have been associated for a long time. When she was sighted watching a Premier League game at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium in London in 2019, the rumor first surfaced. Fans, though, don’t seem to agree with this remark at all. They have used Twitter to express their views on the current situation.

Jisoo has been rumored to be dating Son Heung Min.Jisoo has been rumored to be dating Son Heung Min.
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Fans need a little more than matching wristbands and similarly timed flights, it might be said, to believe in unfounded reports. She is unlikely to respond to the rumors directly this time because she has never truly been involved in any of them before.

Jisoo revealed how rigorous their music label YG Entertainment and CEO Yang Hyun-Suk were regarding dating in an interview from 2016. In 2017, BLACKPINK acknowledged that YG Entertainment has a “dating ban” in an interview with JYP’s Party People. But it’s unclear if the dating restriction will still be in place in 2023! Since only one member of BLACKPINK has been in a “public” relationship, Jennie, we’re guessing that it isn’t the case. She said;

‘Do you happen to have a boyfriend right now?’ Yang-Hyun Suk asked me when we first met.

To avoid spending too much time together, Jisoo even mentioned that YG organizes its trainees’ meals at various times. Even the trainees’ meal schedules vary. She stated in a 2017 episode of Radio Star that in the cafeteria at YG if the boys eat at 6 o’clock, the girls eat at 7 o’clock. But there are more speculations regarding her dating someone, although she has stated that she has never had a boyfriend or been in a relationship before.

Jisoo, a member of the BLACKPINK group, made waves at Paris Fashion Week when several admirers noticed her with a tall, white man with brown hair and light eyes. She promptly clarified the situation in a YouTube video diary after rumors that this man might be her lover quickly spread. She clarified in the video blog that the man who was with her was her security. He arrived in Paris from the United States with a large squad to guard the idol as she appeared at the DIOR fashion show. Even after she explained, social media users continued to speculate about her romantic life.

Jisoo and her onscreen boyfriend, Jung Hae In, were linked by fans.Jisoo and her onscreen boyfriend, Jung Hae In, were linked by fans.
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After much anticipation, the drama “Snowdrop,” starring Jiso, was made available. Her potential as an actor was matched by her endearing and effortless chemistry with Jung Hae In (@holyhaein), which had viewers in awe. Several online users are questioning the two’s relationship because of a dubious aspect. Due to their on-screen chemistry, Jisoo and her co-star Jung were also romantically related. The plot of “Snowdrop” centers on a fresh-faced college freshman named Eun Young Ro (Jisoo), who finds Lim Soo Ho (Jung) drenched in blood and hides him in her hostel.

The hashtag #Haesoo was created by fans who hoped Jisoo and Jung’s on-screen chemistry would translate to their real-life relationship. It’s tough to get over these two!, an admirer recently wrote. […] #haesoo forever [blue heart, snowflake emoji]. Even in the more somber sequences, the two frequently found themselves blushing and giggling during eye contact scenes. Although it is unknown if they ever dated, it seems like they are close friends who encourage one another outside of their job together.