Jo Koy’s Plastic Surgery Appearance; Rumors or Truth? – Along with his bad hosting, Jo Koy is being called out for having plastic surgery. Although he is aging fine, rumors suggest he has had some non-surgical procedures. So the one who joked about people having plastic surgery himself had it?

Jo Koy is a stand-up comedian and actor. He rose to prominence after appearing on E!’s Chelsea Lately as a frequent panelist. He began his stand-up career in 1994 and rapidly gained notoriety with appearances on BET‘s ComicView and Jamie Foxx Presents: Laffapalooza! He has had several popular comedy specials on Comedy Central and Netflix, including Live from Seattle and Comin’ In Hot. In addition to his comedic career, he co-hosted the podcast The Michael Yo. He has since enjoyed success with a number of TV stand-up specials.

He has found success in the entertainment world and continues to captivate audiences with his comic abilities. Recently, the standup comedian hosted the Golden Globes, making the night wonderful and enjoyable. Apart from his jokes, which are being criticized, his appearance is making headlines, and many viewers are suspicious regarding his plastic surgery.

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Rather Than Plastic Surgery, Jo Koy Might Have Had Cosmetic Procedures

In addition to getting hate and criticism for jokes, fans have called Jo Koy (@jokoy) out for having plastic surgery. He has made several jokes regarding plastic surgery, so did he do it on himself? His appearance shows that he is aging like a fine, but speculations suggest that he has had at least cosmetic surgery.

Jo Koy’s latest appearance at the Golden Globe as a host has sparked discussion on the internet, with individuals alleging that he might have undergone plastic surgery to enhance his appearance. Although fans can’t particularly point out exactly what procedure he had, as far as we can see, other than surgical procedures, he might have had non-surgical procedures.

Fans can't point out Jo Koy's exact plastic surgery procedure. celebsindepth.comFans can’t point out Jo Koy’s exact plastic surgery procedure.
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His non-surgical or cosmetic procedures include Botox and fillers to avoid aging and look more youthful than before. However, the comedian has not bothered to talk about the speculations about it. He seems to be defending himself more against the hateful comments he has been getting for his hosting of a recent Golden Globe Award show.

Jo Koy's has made many jokes about plastic surgery. celebsindepth.comJo Koy’s has made many jokes about plastic surgery.

In recent days, his speculations on going under the knife have increased, especially after his appearance on golden globes, but he has not responded to them. Talking about plastic surgery in 2015, he made a joke regarding the people who were undergoing plastic surgery. He has shared a tweet in 215 that is still available on the internet and says;

Maybe these recent rumors regarding his plastic surgery are just due to fans hatred towards him after his sexist and offensive jokes in the recent G0lden Globe Award show, which was hosted by him. Fans even claimed that he was attempting to be hilarious, but knocking down successful women isn’t and never will be funny. So we can assume that fans tried to play a joke on you by speculating his plastic surgery rumors.

Jo Koy Is Being Criticized for His Hosting Performance at the Golden Globes

Jo Koy has received numerous criticisms and bad reactions for his hosting performance. The anger originates from his jokes falling flat during the event, which disappointed viewers and supporters. It is important to note that public opinion and criticism are subjective, and award show hosts are often chosen by event organizers and producers.

Hosting a Hollywood awards ceremony may be a famously difficult task, with an audience of image-conscious A-list celebrities on the receiving end and a massive television audience examining the material live. So enter Filipino American comedian Jo Koy, who was announced as the Golden Globes’ last-minute pick only two weeks before the ceremony. He was unique in that he appeared to immediately elicit outright animosity, which the Beverly Hilton had not seen since Richard Nixon‘s memorable tantrum.

He got the Golden Globes hosting assignment barely ten days before the program. He stated that he had fun during the event but acknowledged that it was an off night. It was a moment that he will always remember. It’s a challenging environment. He added;

I won’t lie, it was a difficult job. I’d be lying if I said the criticism wasn’t hurtful.

His jokes included references to Saltbun star Barry Keoghan‘s on-screen nudity, Ozempic (the color purple is what happens to your butt when you take Ozempic), Oppenheimer‘s length (I just have one complaint: it needed another hour), and Barbie (based on a plastic doll with big boobs). In addition to Jo’s Barbie gags and Taylor jokes, people criticized him. Fans even claimed that he was attempting to be hilarious, but knocking down successful women is never funny.