Joe Locke Boyfriend: Charming Netflix Show Heartstopper’s Fans are Already Shipping Two Co-Stars in 2022

Heartstopper is quickly becoming one of the most beloved shows on Netflix and fans are fawning over the stars of the romance series. Joe Locke is sending fans wondering about who his boyfriend is in 2022 and we have got some details for you!

Shining in the bright light with his role as Charlie Spring in the Netflix’s Heartstopper, Joe Locke has risen to fame by the night. Openly gay in his reel as well as real life, the curiosity around Locke’s real life love- his boyfriend is growing wildly!

18 and ready take over the entertainment biz, it’s quite remarkable how Joe Locke could make an impact on the audience’s hearts with his first debut. Since the actor is literally a rising starlet, there’s not much details know about him. However, out of everything that concerns Joe, who his real life boyfriend, is something the fans are dying to know. So, here’s everything we got on Joe Locke’s boyfriend.

Joe Locke Boyfriend: Who is the Star’s Lover in Real Life?

joe-locke-boyfriend-sebastian-croft-heartstopper-2022Fans are speculating Joe Locke’s boyfriend in 2022 is his Heartstopper co-star Sebastian Croft.
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Being an exemplary figure with his confidence and charm as a young gay actor, Joe Locke has made many interested in his life, especially his love life in no time. The mystery on who Joe’s current boyfriend might be needs to be unraveled for the sake of his fans.

Scouring through the actor’s socials, he appears to be a jolly young man enjoying every bits, pieces and people in his life. Sharing pictures with his friends and family, Joe seems to like sharing moments and joys of his life, sending a signal that he isn’t really the type to keep it private.

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As to who his boyfriend is, this might be a bit tricky to find. Not being the type to keep things private, Joe’s Instagram doesn’t exactly  reveal who his boyfriend is although it does send some hints on who might be in his heart. His fans too have assumed who could the rising star’s current boyfriend be, Joe on the other hand hasn’t openly declared who actually is his present-day lover is.

Is Joe Lock dating one of his Co-Stars?

Rumors has it that Joe Locke might actually be dating his co-star and his Instagram too sends off the same message. While his reel life lover is Nick Nelson played by Kit Connor, many believe that his real life lover might be Sebastian Croft who plays the role of Ben Hope in the Heartstopper.

Fans can’t help but ship Joe with Sebastian in real life. Out of their work place, Joe and Sebastian appear closer to each other as spoken by their pictures on their socials. Sharing cute pictures of themselves on their Instagram, Joe and Sebastian stirred some tea on their relationship. Not just pictures of them with their friends but also with selfies, date nights and outings with one another, the pair have made many question if they are really just co-stars and friends or something more.

Appearing closer to one another and spending more time with each other off-screen more than their other co-stars, Sebastian could actually be Joe’s boyfriend. Many believe that the pair are keeping it lowkey before making their relationship official. However, Croft hasn’t openly declared if he is gay or straight which raises doubt on whether the pair are just close friends or each other’s boyfriend. Though Sebastian has LGBTQI+ flag on Instagram bio, the actor hasn’t verbally claimed to be a part of the community which makes his possibility of being Joe Locke’s real life boyfriend faint.

Apart from Sebastian, fans also speculate if Kit and Joe have something off-screen. But the evidences present show that the two are only on-screen lovers and don’t have anything in real life.

 Is Netflix’s LGBTQ+ Series Heartstopper a Hit or a Miss?

Bringing the love story of two teen boys in the most adorable way as possible, Heartstopper is all that’s being talked about in the Internet. With a unique love story to light, the series 14-year-old Charlie as he develops feelings for popular rugby player Nick after the two bond over whether or not doing homework on the way to maths is suitable. The question remains; Is it a hit or a miss?

Adapted by Alice Oseman from her graphic novel series of the same name, consisting of eight episodes, the series premiered on April 22, 2022 and has been one of the most watched drama on recent days. As directed by Euros Lyn, the series follows the queer coming-of-age drama about queer identity, love, and friendship. The show, which is set in Truham Boys School and Higgs Girls School, focuses on queer people in same-sex schools and explores the politics of their existence while intricately presenting high-school romance.

Openly gay at his school, Charlie is treated as an outsider, thus being bullied every now and then. However, a twist in his fate occurs as he is seated next to Nick Nelson, the star rugby player. One thing leads to another and the two eventually fall in love against all odds. Alongside presenting a plethora of stories, exploring sexualities and subtly educating, the main focus of the drama remains on Charlie and Nick, and the nuances of their young gay loving hearts.

Reviewed as unutterably sweet and wholesome by The Guardian, the series received quite remarkable reviews to date. A fan writes, “Best thing i’ve ever watched being a gay person myself really took me down memory lane of all the struggles that us pride gay people had to go through to finally except ourselves for who we are and to finally live our life and not be ashamed of ourselves and not be scared for how we acted talk or style ourselves.” The series is given a rating of 4.9 by Google users, thus making it a hit and worth the watch.

The cast include Kit Connor as Nicholas “Nick” Nelson, Joe Locke as Charles “Charlie” Spring, William Gao as Tao Xu, Yasmin Finney as Elle ArgentCorinna Brown as Tara Jones, Sebastian Croft as Benjamin “Ben” Hope, Cormac Hyde-Corrin as Harry Greene, Rhea Norwood as Imogen Heaney, Kizzy Edgell as Darcy Olsson.

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