Joey King Is a Zionist and Fully Supports Israel – Joey King is a Zionist, clearly supporting Israel. She shares an Instagram story where she says that she is sending love and strength to all her Israeli friends. Fans have criticized her for the post she has shared.

Joey King is an established American actress known for her diverse performances in a variety of film and television projects. Her breakthrough came in 2010, when she won her first leading part in Ramona and Beezus. Her career has been defined by a varied range of cinematic and television roles. In her early career, she voiced Katie in the animated feature Horton Hears a Who! (2008) and appeared in Quarantine (2008). She appeared as a guest on several television episodes, including Ghost Whisperer, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Entourage, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Medium, and Life in Pieces. These films’ popularity established her as a notable young actress in the profession.

Joey King, on the other hand, has recently made headlines for another reason aside from her work. Many people wonder if she is a Zionist because of her support for Israel in the current conflict between Israel and Palestine. Her Instagram post where we could she her clear supports towards Israel has many fans wonder about her if she supports Zionism.

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Being a Zionist, Joey King Has Sent Love and Strength to All Her Israeli Friends

We have clearly seen Joey King‘s (@joeyking) support for Israel, and for sure, she is a Zionist. Her Instagram story post, in which we can see her evident love for Israel, is clear proof that she supports Zionism. She is not the only one supporting Israel. Many other Hollywood stars are supporting Israel after Hamas launched a surprise offensive, firing thousands of rockets from Gaza.

Joey King is an actress who is Jewish and a Zionist. celebsindepth.comJoey King is an actress who is Jewish and a Zionist.
Source: Instagram

Joey King is an actress who is Jewish. She published a story about the situation in Israel on her Instagram, showing support for Israel. The actress has removed a social media post in which she expressed sympathy for Israeli protesters in the midst of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s judicial reforms. On Tuesday, March 28, the 23-year-old actress took to her Instagram Story to provide some words of encouragement. She wrote;

The people of Israel are united. Mass protests have been going on for weeks against the Israeli prime minister, who is tearing apart the country’s democracy. The images of everyone marching through the streets fighting for their rights are extremely moving. I’m sending love and strength to all my Israeli friends.

As per source Joey King, was working on an adaptation of the book We Were the Lucky Ones with an all-Israel ensemble. So, after filming in Romania, the 23-year-old actor had to take a break in Tel Aviv for some much-needed R&R. According to her Instagram, it appeared to be idyllic. Amit Rahav (of Unorthodox and Transatlantic fame) guided King through the Israeli city as Addy in Lucky Ones, the third son of the Jewish Kurc family at the focus of the upcoming Holocaust show, in which King portrays the youngest daughter, Halina.

Although she has now taken down the post, it was just a story and is no longer available. There are several screensorts on the social media sites, especially for her Reddit users. One user said, Nah, free Palestine. And not a single one of my Jewish friends disagrees. The cover’s assertion that “if you’re not pro-Israel, you’re anti-Semitic” is absurd and a bad faith argument.

Joey King Is Happily Married to Her Husband, Steven Piet

Joey King married Steven Piet on September 2, 2023, in Mallorca, Spain, with exquisite touches ranging from the bride’s Oscar de la Renta gown to the picturesque backdrop. The couple started dating in September 2019 after meeting on the set of The Act. In February 2022, they announced their engagement.

Joey and Steven clearly have a deep and genuine bond, as proven by their charming and friendly interactions on social media. She publicly showed her appreciation and love for her husband, Steven in a poignant Instagram post on Steven’s milestone birthday last May. Her kind words and real emotions reflected the depth of their link and her joy at having him in her life.

Joey King married her husband, Steven Piet on September 2, 2023. celebsindepth.comJoey King married her husband, Steven Piet on September 2, 2023.
Source: Instagram

Her husband, Steven Piet, is a producer and director in the entertainment industry. He has directed and produced a variety of productions. He directed episodes of TV shows such as Channel Zero, Briarpatch, and The Act, which starred Joey King. In addition, he co-wrote and directed the indie film Uncle John in 2015. He was also a co-executive producer on The Act and Briarpatch. They welcomed the exciting path of wedding planning as fans and well-wishers bombarded them with love and congratulations.