Who Are John Gotti’s Kids, Wife, and Grandchild?

John Gotti had five kids with his wife, Victoria. Angela, Victoria, John A., Frank, and Peter Gotti He has a professional mixed martial arts fighter named John Gotti III, one of his grandchildren. Let us learn in detail about all of his children.

Get Gotti, a 2023 documentary series on Netflix, includes a group of interviews with people who solved the enigma surrounding crime boss John Gotti‘s criminal actions. During his heyday, John, the leader of the Gambino crime family in New York, was regarded as one of the most formidable and lethal mafia bosses. The show tells the story of his ascent and descent through a variety of eyewitness accounts from reporters, law enforcement, and even former mafia members.

The public’s interest in John Gotti’s last hours has been piqued by the new Netflix documentary Get Gotti. He passed away while battling throat cancer while incarcerated. Even though the tumor was successfully removed during his first operation, cancer returned two years later. After a severe decline in health, he passed away in 2002, saying last word.

Although Get Gotti is no longer alive now, after the release of Netflix’s documentary, Get Gotti’s life has been the topic of discussion among viewers. He still has a family tree, and that has led several viewers to wonder about his kids and grandchildren in 2023. So let’s get into detail.

John Gotti Had Five Kids, Angela, Victoria, John A., Frank, and Peter Gotti, and a Grandchild!

Talking about John Gotti‘s children, he had five kids with his wife, Victoria. Angela, Victoria, John A, Frank, and Peter Gotti. The lives of his children differed substantially in terms of public attention, legal troubles, and celebrity, despite his involvement in criminal activity and controversy.

The oldest of John Gotti’s children is named Angela. She leads a quiet life that is hidden from view. She is a positive role model for her family, being the oldest. Victoria, however, made a distinct entrance into the public eye. She became well-known as a reality TV star, writer, and television personality. Books and movies have chronicled her life and adventures. She worked as a reporter for WNYW, the Fox Television Network’s flagship station in New York City, and a columnist for the New York Post.

In 1995, she penned her debut book, Women and Mitral Valve Prolapse, and throughout the years, she released five more.  A 2009 memoir titled This Family of Mine: What It Was Like Growing Up Gotti was one of the books. In 1984, she wed Carmine Agnello, her high school lover, but the two later got divorced in 2003.

John Gotti's grandson, John III, is a martial arts fighter. celebsindepth.comJohn Gotti’s grandson, John III, is a martial arts fighter.
Source: MMA News

Though not in the best way, John A. Gotti, sometimes known as John “Junior” Gotti, continued in his father’s footsteps. He got entangled in organized crime and had several legal issues, including trials and jail time. In 1999, he was imprisoned for racketeering. In 2010, he avoided being found guilty when four racketeering trials resulted in mistrials. He got married to Kimberly Albanese, and the two of them have six kids together, one of whom is a professional mixed martial arts fighter named John Gotti III. He is a one of the well-known grandchildren of John Gotti.

John Gotti’s another kid, Frank unfortunately passed away on March 18, 1980. Victoria was so devastated by his passing. His parents laid him to rest in Middle Village, Queens County, New York, USA’s Saint John Cemetery and Mausoleum. Peter Gotti is the youngest kids among all. In the 1960s, he worked for the Gambino family, and by 1988, the mafia regarded him as a made man. A year later, Peter was made Capo.

He was a sanitation worker for the New York City Department of Sanitation, but he was forced to resign due to an injury he received from a garbage truck. Federal prosecutors claim that Peter assumed leadership of the Gambia shortly after John Jr.’s 1999 prison sentence. He was found guilty on several counts, including money laundering, extortion, and racketeering.

Meet John Gotti’s Wife and His Children’s Mother, Victoria!

Before Victoria DiGiorgio married John Gotti, she was just a typical adolescent girl. They dated for forty years before his death in 2002. Victoria, the notorious crime leader John Gotti’s wife, has maintained her solitude in spite of the attention her husband’s illegal actions brought him. The public’s interest in this lesser-known person has increased, particularly in light of the recent October 22 Netflix release of the his documentary Get Gotti.

John Gotti with his wife, Victoria. celebsindepth.comJohn Gotti with his wife, Victoria.
Source: CBS News

His wife, Victoria DiGiorgio has managed to stay out of the spotlight by maintaining a low profile following John Gotti’s arrest and eventual death. She is now able to live a quiet and pleasant life with her kids, free from the unwelcome public attention that people connected to her husband’s illicit activities frequently face as a result of this choice.