John Partridge’s Weight Loss: A Look at His Transformation!

John Partridge has undergone a significant amount of weight loss in recent years. While many speculate that his battle with cancer was the cause of his changes, the EastEnders star stated that being sober and following a keto diet helped him maintain his body.

John Partridge, an English actor, dancer, singer, panelist, and television presenter, is one of the best actors in the industry. He is best known for his role as Christian Clarke in the popular BBC television soap opera EastEnders but he also has a wealth of experience performing in musical theater as a singer and dancer. He also played Rum Tum Tugger in the official Cats movie.

John revealed in March 2018 that he had testicular cancer in 2004. He had kept his diagnosis hidden for fear of losing his job, and he first mentioned it in 2018 to encourage men to screen for and test for prostate and testicular cancer.

And recently, John Partridge has been linked to his illness due to his current lean body transformation. People claim he looks completely different than he used to be. As a result, many people have been curious to know if his testicular cancer is the reason behind his recent weight loss physique.

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John Partridge’s Weight Loss: The 51-Year-Old Previously Stated That His Body Changed After He Began Following a Keto Diet and Staying Sober!

John Partridge (@johnnypartridgecooks) has undergone a significant amount of weight loss in recent years which seems fantastic. Likely, his public profile has also most likely grown as a result of his recent lean body transformation. And if you compare before and after photos of him, you will notice a significant physical transformation. His weight loss has gotten a lot of attention, and fans want to know the reason behind it.

John Partridge before and after weight loss.

John Partridge before and after weight loss.
Source: Celebs In-Depth

While many people claim John Partridge’s recent appearance is due to his battle with testicular cancer. But to let you know, the EastEnders star has already overcome his battle with cancer. The surgery to remove the tumor and testicle was complicated by the hernia and required 101 stitches. However, cancer has been removed, and Partridge did not require chemotherapy. He underwent reconstructive surgery, which included the placement of a prosthetic testicle made of a rubber-like substance in the scrotum. Now he seems completely healthy, fit, and fine.

On the other hand, Partridge previously credited his weight loss to giving up drinking. Likely, he also stated that he started following the Keto diet to stay healthy. He explained, “Thanks! I’ve lost weight since I stopped drinking a year ago. I started doing the ketogenic diet [a low-carb, high-fat diet], and it really works for me.”

Likely, John Partridge also expressed that he started taking his health seriously after being diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2004. Staying sober was one of the right changes in his life. Later, he stated, “When I had to strip off for The Real Full Monty last year, I spoke for the first time about my cancer It prompted a massive change. I’m minimizing the possibility of the cancer returning by changing my lifestyle. I stopped taking drugs, too.”

John Partridge's recent appearance.

John Partridge’s recent appearance.
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When John Partridge quit drinking, he began to open up to friends and family about the aftermath of his diagnosis. When he was approached to participate in The Real Full Monty, he saw an opportunity to turn his negative experience into something positive. It’s been emotional, especially when he’s shared his story with other celebrities, including former footballer John Hartson, who survived stage 4 cancer that spread to his brain.

John Partridge’s Net Worth!

John Partridge is a wealthy soap opera actor who is also one of the most popular. According to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Partridge has a net worth of an estimated $5 million.

In 1988, John  Partridge joined the Cats touring company as a dance captain, a position he held from 1989 to 1990. He performed the roles of Alonzo, Rumpus Cat & Mr. Mistoffelees. Later, he joined the New London Theatre’s West End production of the play, where he played Rum Tum Tugger and Munkustrap. He also made an appearance as Rum Tum Tugger in the 1998 official film adaptation of the play, which was directed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and shot at the Adelphi Theatre.

Since 2010, Partridge has hosted the National Lottery, and since 2011, he has co-hosted the show with Jenni Falconer. Later, along with Sheila Hancock and Charlotte Church, Partridge was a judge on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s  TV show Over The Rainbow. Later, Partridge appeared as a guest panelist on an episode of ITV’s Celebrity Juice.