Jordan Smith’s Gender: Sexuality Details!

Jordan Smith is a man, and his gender should not be questioned. He was thought to be gay or trans since his appearance in The Voice, but he is straight. The singer is happily married to his wife, Kristen Denny.

Jordan Smith is a talented singer-songwriter whose mesmerizing vocal abilities and natural ability to connect with an audience have cemented his reputation in the annals of music. His voice made him stand out from a young age, drawing the interest of his friends, family, and community. He developed his vocal abilities through church choirs and community concerts as he got older, winning praise and admiration for his strong voice and emotive delivery.

In 2015, he entered the ninth season of the renowned singing competition “The Voice,” which marked a pivotal point in his journey. Jordan Smith continuously astounded the judges and the crowd with his breathtaking performances throughout the competition. During the blind auditions, his performance of Sia’s Chandelier rocked the chairs of all four judges, signaling the entry of a true talent. His appearances on the show were evidence of his flexibility, as he performed in a variety of musical styles, from pop to gospel, dazzling the audience with each one.

His ascent to fame is evidence of his commitment and undeniable talent. He has maintained his success in the music business, mesmerizing listeners with his passionate performances and powerful vocals. Jordan Smith is growing his fan base each time he performs, and there are fans who wonder about his gender.

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Jordan Smith Is neither Gay nor Trans, and He Is a Straight Man!

There should not be confusion regarding Jordan Smith‘s (@jordansmithlive) gender, as he is a male. He is an American singer-songwriter who was born in Whitley County, Kentucky, on November 4, 1993, as a boy. He demonstrated fantastic musical skills at an early age and joined the school choir and community events right away.

Jordan Smith's sexuality has been questioned since his appearance in The Voice. celebsindepth.comJordan Smith’s sexuality has been questioned since his appearance in The Voice.
Source: Instagram

It’s not the first time his sexuality has been questioned; long before Jordan Smith came on the show, The Voice, there were rumors regarding his sexual orientation. He even claimed that many people frequently assumed he was transsexual due to his appearance and voice. Fans questioned his sexuality while he was performing on the stage, wondering if he was gay or transsexual.

Anyone who watched Season 9 of The Voice believed Jordan Smith was gay. When he participated in the ninth season of the television singing competition in 2015, he quickly rose to fame and recognition. He won the season after his stirring and moving performances, which he delivered with the help of Grammy-winning coach Adam Levine, won over millions of spectators. Many people were astonished to learn that he was heterosexual when he presented his then-girlfriend, Kristen Denny. At the start of the season, the girlfriend confused a lot of people. But in reality, they were a relationship, and on January 1, 2016, he married Kristen Denny, his lifelong partner.

Jordan Smith was the target of bullying and harsh comments on social media. But despite these criticisms, the gifted vocalist maintains his strength and indifference. On National Release Day 2016, Smith, a fervent supporter of the LGBT community, released a song titled “Stand in the Light” that addressed the issue of homosexuals and lesbians who are still reluctant to come out. And this song was also the main reason behind fans thinking he was not straight, which is totally untrue.

Relationship of Jordan Smith With His Wife, Kristen Denny!

Jordan Smith is indeed married and has a wife. In 2016, he tied the knot with his longtime love, Kristen Denny. The marriage ceremony was held in Middlesboro, Kentucky. Denny, like her husband, is a native of Kentucky. The artist claims that Denny has supported him through good times and bad. For the blind auditions, Kristen went with him, and they kept in touch through Skype the entire time Smith was on The Voice.

Jordan Smith and his wife, Kristen Denny, have been together since 2016. celebsinepth.comJordan Smith and his wife, Kristen Denny, have been together since 2016.
Source: Instagram

You might remember Jordan Smith’s 2015 The Voice audition, where his girlfriend Kristen Denny happened to be in attendance. Kristen, the Season 9 winner of The Voice, doesn’t seem to have been around much throughout the remainder of Jordan’s trip, but now that Jordan Smith proposed to her over the weekend, she is back in the spotlight. They have been together ever since.

Fans are happy, as many The Voice viewers were there to witness their relationship. Today, they’re still together, and their journey of love is worth remembering. And based on the image and the others Jordan posted on Instagram, it appears that they are a very happy couple and are living a great life together as husband and wife.

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