Julie Bowen’s Boyfriend in 2023: Does She Have a Husband?

Julie Bowen doesn’t appear to have a boyfriend in 2023. According to her, she hasn’t been in any relationship or dated anyone since her divorce from her ex-husband, Scott Phillips.

Julie Bowen is an American actress best known for her performance in the ABC sitcom Modern Family. She made her television debut in the serial opera Loving and then appeared in ER, Ed, and Boston Legal. Likely, her film credits include Happy Gilmore, Multiplicity, and Joe Somebody.

However, Julie Bowen’s breakthrough role came in 2009, when she was cast as Claire Dunphy in Modern Family, which ran for 11 seasons and won numerous Emmy Awards. Her performance on the show garnered her six Primetime Emmy nominations, two of which she won. In addition to her acting career, she has been active in humanitarian organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Baby2Baby, and Stand Up To Cancer.

Julie Bowen has been in the spotlight for the past few days. Not for her exceptional job and acting, nor any impending project. But what about her personal life? That’s right, her boyfriend and love life are all the rage. Her fans are all curious to find out who owns her heart and who is her, Mr. Perfect, the love of his life. We now have all of the answers to the inquiries about Julie Bowen’s boyfriend in 2023.

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As of 2023, Julie Bowen Doesn’t Appear to Have a Boyfriend!

Talking about Julie Bowen‘s (@itsjuliebowen) boyfriend, she previously discussed her romantic life in an interview where she admitted that she had retired from her love life. Meanwhile, she is no longer interested in dating or relationships. She enjoys being single and wishes to remain so. Furthermore, she also stated that she hasn’t dated anyone since her divorce from her ex-husband.

The Modern Family cast has previously shared a 13-year marriage with software developer and real estate businessman Scott Phillips. The pair married in September 2004 and have three children: Oliver, Gustav, and John. They announced their split in early 2018, and Julie filed for divorce a few days later, citing irreconcilable differences.

Julie Bowen doesn't seem to have a boyfriend. celebsindepth.comJulie Bowen doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend.
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However, in a recent appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Modern Family star discussed her romantic relationships. So, let’s dive in and find out what Julie said about her love life on the show. Surprisingly, the 53-year-old actress has a crush on pop sensation Harry Styles (@harrystyles). She admired not just his musical style and intensity, but also his butterfly tattoos. But to let you know, her crush is currently dating Olivia Wilde.

Over the year, Claire Dunphy actor has also been rumored with many other celebrities including her co-stars. But to begin, she is not in a love connection with her on-screen son, Nolan Gould. The actress joked about her close relationship with Gould, who allegedly lives nearby, during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel. She mentioned the amusing element of going out with Gould, as they frequently attract unwelcome attention and scrutiny from the public, after emphasizing that she is a mother of three and a divorcee.

Julie Bowen even drew comparisons to The Brady Bunch, a legendary TV sitcom in which one of the actors playing the son, Greg Brady, dated the actress playing his mother, Carol Brady, in real life. She continued the joke by saying she was dating Gould in 2023, though it’s clear she was merely making a playful remark. Overall, Julie Bowen appears to enjoy a lighthearted and humorous connection with her Modern Family co-stars, and she remains quite discreet about her personal life aside from the occasional joke or tale.

More About Julie Bowen and Her Ex-husband’s Divorce!

Julie Bowen and her ex-husband, Scott Phillips hinted at the continual disagreements and upheavals in their relationship long before they announced their divorce and made it public. When the Emmys were held two years ago in 2016, the couple did not appear on the red carpet together for the first time.

Despite the fact that their wedding anniversary was on the same day, they were not together. And when she was questioned about her spouse at the time, she just bought his tennis tournaments and swept the underlying issue under the rug. At the same time, she made light of her marriage to Philips.

Julie Bowen divorced her ex-husband, Scott Phillips, in 2018. celebsindepth.comJulie Bowen divorced her ex-husband, Scott Phillips, in 2018.
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Though they were not seen together at the Emmys, they were seen together a few weeks later at the Los Angeles LGBT Centre’s 47th Anniversary Gala Vanguard Awards. When asked about their breakup, Philips stated that they were too tired of worrying about it. But, as parents, they were both striving to save their marriage for their children. They officially ended their marriage and filed for divorce on February 1, 2018. On September 13 of that year, the court granted their divorce.

When their divorce was finalized, the couple also chose to split their $25 million wealth, which included assets, cash, and everything else. Julie Bowen collected more than $13 million, while Philips received $12.3 million from their $25 million inheritance.