Who Is Hannah’s Baby’s Father in Kaleidoscope: Reddit Update!

Jan 5, 2023 @ 9:08 GMT-0500
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Who Is Hannah’s Baby’s Father in Kaleidoscope: Reddit Update!

Hannah's baby's father has not been revealed yet in Netflix’s Kaleidoscope. Although her pregnancy was revealed in the weeks before the theft and later gave birth to a daughter named Lily, the identity of the father has not been made out. However, Reddit users are having discussions and making their possibility theories regarding who might be the baby's father.

Kaleidoscope, a Netflix original series, follows Ray Vernon, who assembles a team of highly competent individuals to steal billions of dollars in unregistered bearer bonds. The stakes are as high as the heist's payoff, but Ray is willing to risk his life for them. We quickly realize that the concerns are much more personal to him and extend beyond money. Finally, the storm passes, and Ray discovers the truth about the secrets, lies, and betrayals of the people he trusted the most.

Six months have gone by since the first hour of the heist. Leo (Ray) is currently suffering from serious physical disabilities as a result of an illness that is most likely Parkinson's disease. He can have one final conversation with his daughter, see his grandchild over the phone, and find the emotional closure he so desperately sought as a father. Hannah Kim is played by Tati Gabrielle. You may have previously seen Gabrielle in one of the many cunning roles she performed on your favorite hit television show before she took on the role of the cunning Hannah Kim.

Hannah Kim, Ray's daughter, discovered she was pregnant in the weeks before the theft. She later gave birth to a daughter named Lily. And now viewers are incredulously waiting to learn about the baby's father. So, who is Hannah's baby's father? Let's find out.

Hannah’s Baby’s Father Has Not Been Revealed Yet in Netflix’s Kaleidoscope; Let’s Look at Reddit Discussion Regarding the Child’s Dad!

Hannah Kim (Tati Gabrielle) (@tatigabrielle), Ray's daughter, discovered she was pregnant in the weeks before the theft. She later gave birth to a daughter named Lily. She remained silent regarding the father, though. Although this information was undoubtedly unimportant to the plot, many fans are still clamoring to find out.

Tati Gabrielle gives life to the complex Hannah Kim in Kaleidoscope, a heroine whose allegiance becomes more elusive as the series goes on. Due to her troubled connection with her estranged father Leo Pap, Kim's objectives become hazy as the robbery's stakes rise to catastrophic heights (Giancarlo Esposito).

Although the exact truth regarding Hannah's baby's father is yet to be revealed Reddit users have made their discussion and theory regarding who might be the father. Looking at the discussion majority of the fans have doubts about Roger's son. And some thought Roger's son to be too young. One of the users wrote;

Hannah would be way too young for Roger's son. Since she was a little child in the Violet episode, which took place 24 years before the Heist, Hannah is in her early 30s. Roger, nicknamed Graham, wasn't even dating his future wife until later; he didn't have children until then. And by the time of the heist, I believe his son should be finishing high school. In addition, I believe Roger would respond to Hannah's pregnancy with more emotion if the father was his son.

It might be Roger's son, Brad and Hannah remained silent because he shot her father. Uncertainty surrounds Leo's fate, which is revealed in the first or penultimate episode, Pink. The ringleader of the robbers is having movement issues due to the advanced stages of his Parkinson's disease. However, Roger's son, whom he had tricked into stealing jewelry at the end of the heist episode, shoots him afterward. So it makes sense, she didn't want to reveal her baby's father's truth, as he was the one who tried to kill her father.

Even though the series is coming to a close, there are still several unresolved plotlines; in other words, there are a lot of loaded guns that never fire. Why was the baby's father never acknowledged, if he was in this series right under our noses?

Fans even guessed Samuel to be the father, however, Hannah and Samuel only talked to each other once. Apart from that, he never pretended to know her, never expressed an interest in her, and never acknowledged her. Since Samuel was attracted to Nazan, why would there be a rapid jump to him being the baby's father? The attempt to tie the loose plot thread feels more like a jump than something that makes sense based on the information at hand.

Fans even believe the father of the child to be a random man. The sole significance was Hannah being pregnant generally to raise the stakes on her end; the show never thought it was significant enough to be a legitimate plot component.

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