What Was in Roger's Safe in Kaleidoscope?

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What Was in Roger's Safe in Kaleidoscope?

Roger's safe had a piece of jewelry in Kaleidoscope. Ray and his team broke into the SLS vault, and to ensure Roger's conviction, he hid a piece of jewelry in Roger's safe that they had taken at the Christmas charity auction.

Netflix decided to kick off the New Year with one of its most unusually structured shows in years: Kaleidoscope, starring Giancarlo Esposito. The suspenseful thriller follows a motley crew of crooks as they attempt to pull off one of the largest heists in contemporary history. Kaleidoscope' on Netflix is a one-of-a-kind show in which you may watch the episodes in any order and they will all add up to the finale. Despite being a thriller, the story is structured in such a way that the viewer can not only pick up the happenings at any point in the plot but also that everything is so well-organized that you never get confused about the backstory or goals of any character.

It's a fantastic experiment that not only tests the storytellers' abilities but also makes things more exciting for the audience by keeping them guessing about what they may expect from the story. By the time you finish watching the series for the first time, so many details have been built up that you want to watch it again.

Roger Salas, played by Rufus Sewell, is the CEO of SLS, the top-tier security firm that built and protected the aforementioned vault, and considers Hannah as a protege. As we move on to the story we see Roger being arrested after the FBI agent saw his safe. So, what was in Rogers' safe, let's find out.

Roger’s Safe Had a Piece of Jewelry in Kaleidoscope!

Roger and Ray used to steal from the wealthy and powerful, and they could break into any vault or safe, no matter how guarded it was, when they worked together, but time changed and they became enemies. In the episode of Kaleidoscope, Roger Salas claims they moved the safe to keep their assets safe, but Roger's secret safe remains closed. There's a lot of water within and something else hanging out. What, however, remains a mystery until the White episode.

Ray Vernon, who used to go by the moniker Leo Pap, escaped from prison and began assembling his squad for one of the largest heists of his life. He intended to loot SLS, a company owned by Robert Salas that had an impregnable vault. Leo and his gang utilize bees to block the gait sensor inside the building, and flood the underground safe area to regulate the temperatures, and the most audacious and clever plan is arguably Leo using a mask that replicates Roger Salas' (Rufus Sewell) precise facial features to enter the vault.

Hannah Kim (Tati Gabrielle), Leo's daughter, decides to derail the plans by intercepting the money before it is transferred to the truck that RJ (Jordan Mendoza) will drive out of the building. She intends to reinvest the bonds in the wealthy elite's income streams, restoring normalcy to everyone's life.

The FBI officers, Samuel and Nazan, were almost there, and Bob decided not to risk his life since Ray was greedy and wanted to grab every single bond. But Ray wasn't greedy; he wanted to do something that would bring Roger Salas to justice. Ava assured Ray that stealing the money from Salas' vault and ruining his career was enough, and he didn't need to do anything else.

But Ray was not persuaded, and he returned to the flooded vault to place a piece of jewelry he had acquired from a Christmas charity auction years before. Ray intended to remind Roger Salas of the moment he had deceived him while also exposing his questionable past. Ray was well aware that the jewel could be traced back to Roger's problematic past and would reveal his true identity. Roger went to the SLS building after realizing his vault was under attack, but the damage had already been done. Roger Salas was sentenced to 20 years in prison after Nazan and Samuel revealed his true identity.

Rufus Sewell's (@fredriksewell) character Roger was the type of man who valued his successes, perhaps because he understood how capricious life can be. He realized that if there were good moments, there would also be bad times when things didn't go your way. Speaking of Roger, a.k.a. Graham Davies, Leo's former criminal partner-turned-heist victim is spending his final years in prison for various crimes committed during his life, most notably the theft of a unique necklace decades ago, which was placed in his safe that Ray had kept, that they had both stolen from a charity auction at Christmas.

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