Kamala Harris Weight Loss 2021 – Few Pounds Lost by the Vice President Since the Inauguration!

Kamala Harris was a Junior State Senator from California when her pointed questions during multiple Trump officials’ hearing brought her national recognition. Now the Vice President of the US, the Californian has been in the spotlight, more than she ever was during her time as Attorney General of California. With all that attention, people across America see a change and are searching for Kamala Harris weight loss. Here we detail her healthy habits and everything that she does to stay in top shape.

Born Kamala Devi Harris on 20 October 1964, the political was born to her Indian mother and Jamaican father in Oakland California. Sporting a mixed background, she grew up during the Civil Rights movement fight and later integration to American schools. Kamala once detailed how she was one of the first generation of kids who were bussed to former whites-only schools.

Growing up with one sibling and a family of educated members, Kamala set her sights on getting a complete education. Spurred on by her parents’ activism past, law was the obvious choice as she joined Howard University and started working menial jobs for senators. All that hard work and early exposure to politics helped Harris as she rose to prominence in California and later rode her staunch beliefs to become the first African American and Indian American to hold the office of Vice President. But all of that is just preamble to the large topic at hand, the Kamala Harris weight loss and fitness routine, so, without further ado, here we go.

Kamala Harris Weight Loss 2021 – VP Details Keeping Fit and Going Almost-Vegan

kamala-harris-weight-loss-2021Kamala Harris weight loss in 2021 stood at about 5 to 10 pounds. A healthy diet coupled with running and exercise is behind the weight loss.
Image Source: Kamala Harris Instagram

Being in public office or being in the election trail for that matter, is not conducive to a person’s health. Hotel and restaurant food, lack of sleep, no place to exercise or even have time to do so, no one blame a person for putting on some pounds. Even after getting elected, legislative agendas, and keeping up with talking points of the campaign live little time for a person to get into a healthy habit.

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But Kamala Harris who has been fighting for public office for better part of two decades has found a way to keep herself fit. From her healthy food habit to getting in a workout no matter the sleep she got the other night. Even after the pandemic started and going to the gym or having a spin cycle was not on the possible, the VP kept herself from putting on those pandemic weights. Kamala Harris weight loss is trending now because the Vice President has even managed to shed, visibly, some of her weight.

How Many Pounds Has Kamala Harris Lost Since the Inauguration? Before and After photo Analysis and Her Diet + Workout Regiment

One of the biggest factors of Kamala Harris weight loss has been her strict dedication to working out, no matter the sleep she got the night before. The VP got on a Zoom call with the 44th President of the US and told him about her daily morning routine. She said, “I work out every morning, regardless of how much sleep I’ve had, It’s just the best way to start the day.”

Even as the pandemic was making sure no one was going to the gym, the 56 year old said she got liter bottles in her home, filled them with water and used it as make shift weights. All of that was combined with her routine of getting on her soul cycle bike, probably replaced with a peloton at home. But doing exercise is only a small part of being healthy, diet has an even bigger road to play, something the VP is acutely aware of.

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Kamala Harris weight loss in 2021 is only possible because the Vice President said she cut down on her red meat consumption. She also emphasized on early good veggies, saying, “I believe in eating well. It’s not fanatical. Eat good food. Make sure you’ve got good vegetables.” While she has not given up on red meat all together, the VP said cutting down and adding more vegetables was the right thing for her.

She also mentioned cutting down on sugar and soda, something we can all be more sensitive towards. The calories we consume through sugary drinks do wonders for gaining weight. So, the idea of Kamala Harris weight loss regime in 2021 is simple, eat veggies, plan a diet, go almost-vegan (fully if you can), and exercise, no matter what side of bed you wake up on.

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At age 56, the VP was spotted running the steps of Lincoln Memorial and interacting with visitors in early morning. She was running with her husband and you can be assured the Kamala Harris weight loss of 5-10 pounds in 2021 has a lot to with these early morning running. Even if you cannot go out and run, diet and in room exercise can do wonders, as the VP details during her various interviews, so there are no more excuses.

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