Elliot Page Before Plastic Surgery – 2021 Met Gala Look Sends People Scouring the Internet!

There are only a handful trans men working in Hollywood. While the film industry is trying to clean it’s record on LGBTQ+ representation Elliot Page (formerly Ellen Page) became the first prominent Hollywood trans man to appear in the Times cover. And recently, while making a 2021 Met Gala appearance, people are searching for Elliot Page before plastic surgery. While The Umbrella Academy actor has gone through some changes, we wanted to dive into his new appearance as per the interest of the fans.

Elliot Page rose to prominence in the 2000s as he was one of the youngest performers to be nominate for a leading acting role Oscar. Juno shot the actor to fame while X-Men series propelled him to wide spread international recognition. Coming into the 2010s Elliot was one of the most sought-after performers in Hollywood and the varied filmography is the testament for a long and successful career.

But not only in the acting world, real life has also been eventful for the actor who came out as gay in 2014. Elliot said at the time that it was important for him to be truthful and he even started dating a girlfriend. That was not the only change in his life though as the Elliot came out as the transgender and non-binary, using he/him and they/them pronouns. Since the actor’s transition people have been wanting to know Elliot Page before plastic surgery, compare how his looks has changed and we are here to give you some details.

Elliot Page Before Plastic Surgery – Before and After Transformation that Show Stark Difference

elliot-page-before-plastic-surgery-2021In the above before and after picture you can see Elliot Page before plastic surgery. Met Gala 2021 got people looking for old pictures of the actor.
Image Source: Instagram

Elliot Page came out as transgender in December 2020, after having top surgery. The actor explained how he always felt like a boy from a young age and the surgery not only saved her body but also saved her life. The idea of living in a body that was not his own was a mental pressure that was elevated with the transition surgery.

It appears The Umbrella Academy actor has completed her transition in 2021 and in recent days people started seeing real changes which resulted in everyone wanting to see Elliot Page before plastic surgery. There were visible changes before when Elliot went shirtless and showed of his post-surgery body, but Met Gala appearance in 2021 was when those changes were so pronounced.

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Sporting his long tried and tested short hair, Elliot Page stepped out on the Met Gala red carpet wearing a slightly oversized Balenciaga suit with huge shoes to go along with it. He also had a bright green flower on his suit’s lapel, something that was deduced as a tribute to poet Oscar Wilde who was shunned for being “different” than sexual norms of the 19th century.

Beyond the clothes itself, people were talking about the actor’s face. All the Elliot Page before plastic surgery picked up steam on the internet after a drastic change was seen on the face of the actor while at the Met Gala. Most of it was probably the look, makeup and the setting, but one cannot deny Elliot Page looks a lot different than he did last year.

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The Umbrella Academy star’s chin appear to be a little flatter and his cheeks appear a little thin as well as lifted slightly. During transition surgery is obviously the main and highly invasive procedure, but before and after the surgery hormones and other supplements are necessary to regulate the body. They also change a person’s body, slightly, over time and that must be the case with Elliot Page.

Above you can see the before and after pictures of the actor, comparing and contrasting his looks before 2021. You can discern for yourself the Elliot Page before plastic surgery details and after surgery changes. The actor is only a few months removed from his surgery which means we may see more differences down the line, but the 2021 Met Gala was the coming out party for Elliot Page which got everyone talking.

Elliot Page will Appear in the Netflix Series The Umbrella Academy Season 3


The Umbrella Academy is a Netflix superhero series premiering in 2019. It became one of the highest watched shows on the streaming service resulting in a second season pickup. Based on comic of the same name, the first two seasons of the show as critically acclaimed and it is currently gearing up for the release of a third season.

The Umbrella Academy story starts when 43 women around the world give birth at the same time on 1 October 1989 at 12pm. All the women never showed signs of pregnancy until the time labour started. This results in eccentric billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopting seven of the 43 children who later develop superpowers and The Umbrella Academy is formed.

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First two seasons of The Umbrella Academy deals with the siblings trying to stop apocalypse but the third season will deal with inadvertent consequences of messing with time. The Sparrow Academy will be shown in season 3 as Vanya, played by Elliot Page, and the other siblings try to figure out how to deal with the new world they have created.

The Umbrella Academy season 3 will most likely arrive on Netflix at the end of 2021.

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