Chase Stokes Before Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos of the Outer Banks Stars!

Before his hiring on the Netflix show Outer Banks, Chase Stokes was broke, he was living in couches and used the last of his money to get a flight so he can go audition for this role. Now, he has a career in Hollywood, a well-paying job, a beautiful girlfriend and millions of fans following his every move. So much so that “Chase Stokes before plastic surgery” is trending now and fans want to see before and after photos of the Netflix star.

Chase Stokes was born on 16 September 1992, to his parents in Annapolis, Maryland. After finishing high school he left behind his ice hockey enthusiasm and decided to start a career in show business. Well, it is not easy to break into Hollywood as millions of others have experienced it over the years. But dedication and a little luck is what it takes to really make a mark in the city of angels.

After bit-part roles in TV shows and movies, Chase got a chance to audition for Outer Banks. He initially refused the show but when he learned more about his character, the actor was sold. And that was the right decision to make in that time as the show turned out to be a career starter. But with the success of the show also brought intense attention from fans resulting in plastic surgery rumors.

Chase Stokes Before Plastic Surgery – Fans Want Before and After Photos

chase-stokes-before-plastic-surgery-2021-outer-banks-netflixChase Stokes before plastic surgery look. Before and after photos compared to great detail.
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Fame and spotlight are addictive things, it comes all of a sudden and there are years of hard work that go into being in that spotlight, staying relevant and not fading into obscurity. In the past Hollywood has asked actors to be thin, work on their face and other aesthetic aspects of their lives. We wanted all of our star to look a certain way, but things are changing a little now.

People are more open to different ideas of leading men and women in TV shows and movies. While inclusivity is slowly crawling its way into Hollywood, that does not mean we have totally moved away from good looking people. And sometimes the actors feel the pressure to maintain their success they need to look youthful all the time. That is where plastic surgery comes in as all the imperfections of a performer are smoothed out with medical procedures. It is also the reason why fans want to know what Chase Stokes before plastic surgery looked like.

Chase Stokes has been in the limelight for a few months now but fans think he went under the knife to look the way he does not. Chase Stokes before plastic surgery is trending now because some fans suspect the John B actor did not look like this, always. We searched for information regarding plastic surgery and compared before and after photos of the actor, and here is what we found.

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There does appear to be some changes to his chin that look more than just what aging would do to a person. The point of his chin is a little more defined and so is the jawline that fans have been fawning over for a year. His nose appears the same while we would not be surprised if someone told us some Botox was involved in giving his cheeks more definition. Chase Stokes before plastic surgery queries have some legs to stand on, it appears.

Frankly, Botox is so common these days, many performers in show business as well as normal people are doing it. We would not be surprised to find some of that done to accentuate more noticeable features of the Outer Banks actor. Chase Stoke before plastic surgery, supposedly, looked a little different, but the before and after photo changes can be attributed simply to age. He may have had some work done, but without a drastic change in appearance, there is no way to assign credit.

Chase Stokes Returns as John B in Netflix’s Outer Banks Season 2

Outer Banks was the unlikely hit on Netflix last year. Released before the summer, the show was many people’s escape during the pandemic, sweeping across the world. With teenagers falling in love, enjoying the sun and going after a mysterious treasure made it all a campy fun show to hang out with. But soon Outer Banks became a massive hit, propelling the 5 leading stars to international stardom and allowing Netflix to greenlight a second season.

The Netflix show follows a group of teenagers living in Outer Banks during the summer. An area divided by vacationing rich people and local poor, the divide is also evident among young kids. John B is a native of Outer Banks and living without a father, who was lost at sea. One day a mysterious package arrives at his doorstep which sends John and his friends on a quest to find decades old gold.

Chase Stokes plays John B in Outer Banks. John B is a teenager with a life headed nowhere, but he has friends who can help him battle loneliness. As he is just going through the motions, a package arrives alluding to a larger treasure that can help his and all of his friends’ lives. John B and his group of Pogues head out on a mission to find the gold and maybe help themselves in a world that is definitely unfair.

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Outer Banks season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix. The cast of the show is led by Chase Stokes as John B and Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron, Madison Bailey as Kiara, Jonathan Daviss as Pope, and Rudy Pankow as JJ, with Caroline Arapoglou and Drew Starkey also starring as Rose Cameron and Rafe Cameron, respectively.

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