Yankel Stevan Girlfriend 2021 – Control Z Actor is Dating His Fellow Netflix Co-Star!

Yankel Stevan made his presence felt to the world last year when he appeared in the hit Mexican TV show Control Z, currently streaming on Netflix. The actor played Raul in the show and is coming back for a second season that promises to be bigger than the first installment. The show changed his life as the actor has a worldwide fanbase and he also met his girlfriend on the Netflix show.

The Mexican actor was born on 20 October 1995 to his father, Enrique Stevan, and mother, Aldara Salido, in Mexico City. He grew up in a household where performers were all around, something that piqued his interest in the world of show business. Following in his mother’s footstep, the actor started out as a model at the age of 16, but a world in the TV and movie business was not far behind.

After getting out of his teen years, Yankel Stevan made his TV debut and since then he has not looked back. Balancing advertisement, print, and TV to great success, the actor landed the biggest role of his career in 2019 when casting for Control Z began. He was hired to play the role of Raul, one of the lead actress’ love interest and now he is world famous. So, before getting into that, here is everything you need to know about his girlfriend in 2021.

Yankel Stevan Girlfriend 2021 – Dating Macarena Garcia Romero for Over Two Years

yankel-stevan-girlfriend-2021Yankel Stevan is currently dating his girlfriend Macarena Garcia Romero. They have been together for over 2 years in 2021.
Image Source: Macarena Garcia Romero Instagram

Yankel Stevan is a good looking man with thousands of female fans who track his every move. The actor has is constantly propositioned on social media and fans do not hesitate to express their love for the 25-year-old. All that attention also goes to every aspect of his personal life, and fans want to know if he is dating someone. It is like this for almost all the celebrities in the world.

Well, for the single ladies hoping to keep Yankel Stevan all to themselves, well, we have got bad news. The Control Z actor is currently in a relationship, he is dating his girlfriend Macarena Garcia Romero. There are multiple pictures, from all the way back in 2019 showing the two together and if you have not caught up with their Instagram then, the have also made their love social media official.

Yankel Stevan is Dating His Girlfriend Macarena Garcia Romero

Yankel Stevan and Macarena Garcia Romero were cast together in the Netflix series Control Z. They met for the first time while filming the show and soon fell for each other. Yankel Stevan and his girlfriend Macarena Garcia Romero started dating each other on 22 July 2019 and Macarena made the relationship official on 5 December 2019 when she posted the first picture of the couple together.

On the other hand, Yankel Stevan shared a collage of pictures on his Instagram grid on 13 May 2020. The pictures he shared has stamps on them from October of 2019 but it was only before the summer of the COVID stricken year that he shared a picture of them together. Since then most of their pictures feature the two, totally in love with each other.

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After falling in love while filming a show together, the couple worked on their relationship during the COVID lockdown. Formidable relationships survive hard situations and no can could imagine a harder situation than last year. During the middle of it all, the couple shared their first anniversary together on 22 July 2020. Yankel’s girlfriend posted picture of the two hugging and just a single white heart in caption said it all.

They are still together in 2021, recently celebrating their second anniversary on the same day as last year. Macarena shared a picture of the couple throwing a party for themselves and also getting ready for the released of Control Z season 2. We wish the happy couple, nothing but success moving forward with their relationship, all the fans of the two also probably have the same thought.

Yankel Stevan is Back as Raul in Netflix Series Control Z Season 2

Netflix has a large following in Mexico, and for a long time the streaming platform has been spending a lot to compete with local streaming services. In recent years Netflix has released some big Mexican hit shows and they have translated over seas for some international success. But their recent addition, Control Z, was one of their biggest to date which is why a second season is coming.

Control Z follows students at an affluent school in Mexico. It is a school like any other, there are popular kids and the rest of the kids in school. But when a hacker comes into play and starts revealing secrets of people Sofia sets out on a mission to find out who the hacker is and stop them. The story of secrets, attractions, love, and death follow as the game thickens.

Yankel Stevan plays Raul in the hit Netflix show Control Z. Raul is from a rich family, he is also among the cool kids of the school. But soon he starts falling for Sofia and near the middle of the show, starts helping her in her quest to get some answers. Raul also does not like Javier, Sofia’s friends, as they compete for the affection of the determined Sofia.

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Control Z season 2 is coming to Netflix on 4 August 2021. The cast is led by Ana Valeria Becerril as Sofia, Michael Ronda as Javier, Macarena Garcia Romero as Natalia, Yankel Stevan as Raul, Zion Moreno as Isabela, Andres Baida as Pablo, Xiabiani Ponce de Leon as Ernesto, Fiona Palomo as Maria, and Arian Saavedra as Regina.

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