Sinqua Walls Girlfriend 2021 - Who is the Resort to Love Actor Dating Currently?

Jul 27, 2021 @ 23:30 GMT-0500

The first big market exposure of Sinqua Walls' career happened in 2008 when he appeared in the hit NBC show Friday Night Lights. Since then he has gone on to appear in some noteworthy movies and TV shows with his latest being a Netflix film called Resort to Love. The actor has also sparked relationship rumors throughout his career, so, here we are discussing his girlfriends, rumors and dating status in 2021.

Sinqua Walls was born on 6 April 1986, to his parents in Louisiana, United States. At a young age the actor and his family moved to Marina del Rey, California and soon young Sinqua started developing love towards acting. Richard Donner's Radio Flyer helped the 7-year-old Louisiana native realize his love of acting. Soon after finishing high school, he enrolled at the University of San Francisco, studying theatre and film. He graduated in 2007 and soon after that the young actor was appearing in TV shows.

It was a steady climb for young Sinqua who was offered guest roles in TV and supporting roles in movies. But it was something the actor wanted to do which is why he stuck with the smaller roles in hopes of lading something big. After a few years of grunt work, the actor was offered a role in Power which introduced the actor to a larger audience, and now he is starring in a Netflix movie. But you are here to know about Sinqua Walls' girlfriend and relationship status in 2021, so, here is everything we know.

Sinqua Walls Girlfriend 2021 - Relationship Details

sinqua-walls-girlfriend-nickayla-rivera-2021Sinqua Walls dated his girlfriend Nickayla Rivera. He appears to be single in 2021.
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When it comes to movie and TV stars, there have always bee interest from the general public about their relationship status. People want to know if the person they are watching on the big or small small screen are married or dating someone in real life. That is way of connecting with a celebrity who most of us will never meet in person so it is obvious a good looking black man like Sinqua Walls is going to cause the same level of intrigue.

There have been some relationship rumors and girlfriends of Sinqua Walls over the years. From co-stars to celebrity models and actresses, rumors have a way starting. According to reports there have been one confirmed relationship of the actor while he is rumored to be dating someone in 2021. Sinqua Walls dated his girlfriend Nickayla Rivera for about two years.

Sinqua Walls Dated His Girlfriend Nickayla Rivera - Plus 2021 Dating Status

Sinqua Walls was dating his girlfriend Nickayla Rivera in 2016. They were spotted together in Los Angeles leaving a dining place and were pictured holding hands as the two tried avoiding the sun and the cameras. While they did not publicly acknowledge the relationship, it was clear for everyone to see that the two were dating.

Nickayla Rivera is a model and an actress. She is also the younger sister of actress Naya Rivera who tragically died last year. Nickayla mourned her sister’s passing and was off the social media for about 4 months. She received some criticism later when she appeared to be celebrating her birthday, few months after her sister’s passing.

It is not known for how long the two were together but it is rumored to be a little under 2 years. Sinqua and his then-girlfriend split in and around 2018 and it is not clear if they have remained friends. Nickayla does not appear to be dating anyone, however another rumor has beset the former Power actor.

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Sinqua Walls is rumored to be dating Naturi Naughton, his Power co-star. While Sinqua’s stint on Starz original show did not last long, the actor made a few friends while working on the beloved show. Naturi Naughton was one those friends and fans things she is his girlfriend. Naturi has stoked the flames herself by posting Sinqua’s photo and captioning it man crush Monday.

They have made appearances together and even after working together about five years ago, they appear to be close. Naturi, however, recently got engaged and though she has not revealed the name or her fiancé, it does not appear to be Sinqua. So, it is safe to say Naturi Naughton is not Sinqua Walls’ girlfriend, and it appears the Resort to Love actor is single in 2021.

Sinqua Walls Plays Caleb in the Netflix Movie Resort to Love

Resort to Love is a romantic comedy movie coming to Netflix this summer. The film follows a singer whose career implodes and she decides to take up a gig to become a singer in a tropical island. Vacationing on an island seemed like a nice idea, well, until she is tasked to sing at the wedding of her er-fiancé. Complicating things further, she meets his ex’s brother and a love triangle ensues.

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Directed by Steven K. Tsuchida, Resort to Love is his second Netflix rom-com after Falling Inn Love, for the director, starring Christina Milian. The movie is produced by Alicia Keys and stars Jay Pharoah. The movie was filmed entirely in the Republic of Mauritius, with the island doubling for some New York scenes.

Sinqua Walls plays Caleb in Resort to Love. Caleb is in the tropical Island when he meets Erica and the two hit it off. But things get complicated when he realizes Erica is his brother's ex-fiancée and he tries to get her not trouble any waves in during the marriage. Then the duo soon realize that they may the perfect fit for one another, which sets off a love triangle.

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Resort to Love is coming to Netflix on 29 July 2021. Christina Milian leads the cast as Erica, with Sinqua Walls as Caleb, Jay Pharoah as JasonChristiani Pitts as Emily, and Alexander Hodge, Karen Obliom, T.J. Power, Jeryl Prescott, Tymberlee HillSylvaine Strike also starring.

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