Zion Moreno Boyfriend 2021 – Who is the Control Z and Gossip Girl Actress Dating?

Zion Moreno appeared in Netflix series Control Z in 2020 and since then she has become an international star. Making her way into the Gossip Girl reboot on HBO Max, it is all but certain that the transgender actress is going to be a star in Hollywood. And the Texas born, New York residing actress has garnered a lot of attention from when it comes to her relationship status, boyfriend rumors abound, we are here to give you some answers.

The Gossip Girl actress was born on 23 February 1995, to her parents in El Paso, Texas. She was raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico where Zion also attended school and grew up speaking both Spanish and English. Zion knew from a young age that she was born in the wrong body but her parents were always supportive. They helped get her hormone treatment therapy and later helped her transition.

Zion Moreno talks a lot about her up bringing and how she was bullied in school, but she always had the support of her parents. Even after she decided to move to New York to fulfill her career of becoming a model, she had the support of her parents. But modeling was not enough for young Zion Moreno as she moved to movies and TV shows and in just two years she has appeared in a Netflix and a HBO Max show. But for those interested in knowing more about her relationship details, here is everything we know about her boyfriend.

Zion Moreno Boyfriend 2021 – Rumors and Other Details

zion-moreno-boyfriend-2021Zion Moreno is dating her boyfriend Luka Booth, as per reports and fan speculations.
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At just the age of 19, Zion Moreno was making modeling agencies fall over themselves in a bid to represent her. While the modeling world a little difficult for her starting out but by the first year she was living independently, in New York City, establishing her dream life. And fans think that dream life would have also included the arrival of a new boyfriend.

For a few years there have been speculations that the actress is dating someone. While her social media followers only exploded recently in 2020 after she appeared in the hit Netflix show Control Z, there were constant barrage of people professing their love to the actress. However, we did find one person who could be her boyfriend and most of the fans also think so. He is an artist/photographer and they appear to have traveled together for a few years now.

Zion Moreno’s Alleged Boyfriend Luka Booth – Details of Their Relationship

Zion Moreno is rumored to be dating her boyfriend Luka Booth. The two appear to be together for more than 5 years in 2021. While she has not come out and called Luka her boyfriend outright but some fans think it to be true. And all of this stems from few Instagram posts made by the two on their respective grids.

In June 2020 Zion shared a photo with her alleged boyfriend, the caption read, “7 cities in 4 years, darling.” There were many fans in the comment section shipping the two. Then she shared another picture of Luka on 4 July 2020, this time she just wrote “my family” in Spanish. All of this accumulated to give an impression that Luka Booth was Zion Moreno’s boyfriend.

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Luka Booth is an artist and a photographer. According to his official website, Luka is British and currently based in Paris but his work takes him to New York and LA frequently. He graduated from college with a degree in arts and only in 2018 did he make a move into the world of photography. Luka also writes that he has a background in ballet and both performance and art influences his work.

The alleged boyfriend of Zion is an accomplished man, as you can see above. And adding fuel to the fire is also his posting of her pictures on his grid and both of them commenting how much they miss each other. They could be close friends for all we know, as long as they do not confirm their relationship. You can have picnics and share pictures of your friend, but they do appear to be way more than friends. So, in 2021 Zion Moreno’s boyfriend, possibly, is Luka Booth, or she could still be single, nothing is confirmed yet.

Zion Moreno Plays Luna La in Gossip Girl and Played Isabela in Netflix Series Control Z


Zion Moreno shot to international fame with her appearance in the hit Netflix series Control Z. The Mexican series followed students in an affluent high school where a hacker wreaks havoc with revealing secrets. Zion played Isabela in the show, a closeted transgender girl who is famous in high school and has a loving boyfriend, but is outed as transgender, sending her life spiraling out of control.

The actress was set to return in the second season of the hit Mexican show but she pulled out after the sophomore season was announced. Zion was part of the announcement but later decided that during these uncertain times, it would be difficult being away from her family and friends. It was a difficult decision but the actress said she had to make it for her own mental and physical health.

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While Control Z season 2 was getting ready to go on the floor, the actress started filming the reboot of Gossip Girl for HBO Max. She was hired to play Luna La a fashion enthusiast and styliest who is friends with Julien and Monet. Luna is also portrayed as someone who is always scheming. The show is currently available on HBO Max, with four episodes airing to date.

On the other hand, you can probably get some mention to Isabela in Control Z season 2, coming to Netflix on 4 August 2021.

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