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Fiona Palomo | Maria, Control Z, Father, Mother, Brother, Instagram, Career, Netflix, Wiki, Bio

Fiona Palomo

Fiona Palomo was six years old when she revealed her desire to become an actress. Both her parents were soap stars and popular singers; she

Macarena Garcia | Natalia, Control Z, Yankel Stevan, Boyfriend, Blog, Instagram, Mother, Siblings, Age, Wiki, Wikipedia

Macarena Garcia

Macarena Garcia is pretty famous in Mexico, the 19-year-old actress is followed by close to a million followers on Instagram, and there are numerous fan

Andres Baida | Pablo, Control Z, Netflix, Mother, Instagram, Like, Pepe Toledo, Body, Career, Los Elegido, CEA, Relationship, Stage, Wiki, Bio, Wikipedia

Andres Baida

A career in finance, which is where Andres Baida’s career was heading before he decided acting was the best route for his career. The actor

Zion Moreno | Isabela, Control Z, Transgender, Model, Gossip Girl, Netflix, Instagram, Birthplace, Height, Transition Surgery

Zion Moreno

Zion Moreno was young when she decided to transition; it was a difficult decision, but Zion was born in a wrong body. She was born

Yankel Stevan | Raul, Control Z, Macarena Garcia, Girlfriend, Relationship, Instagram, Parents, Mother, Career, Netflix, Sincronia, Santiago, Wiki, Bio, Wikipedia

Yankel Stevan

Yankel Stevan is playing the biggest role of his career in the Netflix series Control Z, where he stars as Raul. But before the actor

Michael Ronda | Javier, Control Z, Ana Jara, Girlfriend, Soy Luna, Simon Alvarez, Netflix, Parents, Siblings, Age, Como dice el dicho, Career, Wiki, Wikipedia, Bio

Michael Ronda

Michael Ronda rose to fame with Disney Channel series Soy Luna and his role as Javier in the Netflix series Control Z is sure to

Ana Valeria Becerril | Sofia, Control Z, Cast, Netflix, April's Daughter, Pregnant, Theatre, Instagram, Career, Relationship, Wiki, Bio, Wikipedia

Ana Valeria Becerril

At 19 years old, Ana Valeria Becerril took her first feature to the  Cannes Film Festival and was awarded by multiple organizations for her performance,

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