Fiona Palomo

Fiona Palomo was six years old when she revealed her desire to become an actress. Both her parents were soap stars and popular singers; she grew up watching them on TV, and the idea of performing planted firmly in Fiona’s young mind. Even after losing her father at the age of five, the actress was not deterred from her desire to become a successful actress like her mother and father.

The young actress was born on 12 October 1998 to her parents, mother Carina Ricco and father Eduardo Palomo. She was raised alongside her younger brother Luca Palomo, by her mother in Mexico after her father’s death. Eduardo Palomo was 41 years old when he succumbed to a heart attack in Los Angeles while dining with his family. Carina Ricco was a single mother who picked her family up and moved to Mexico, to be away from the prying eyes of media.

Fiona Palomo grew up in place of her birth. Her mother worked as an actress to financially support the family, and Fiona also made clear of her desire to become an actress. She got her first chance at the age of 15 when she appeared in the Mexican version of the hit English series Gossip Girl. She recently appeared in her first movie, and now the actress is starring in a Netflix series.

Fiona Palomo Plays Maria in the Netflix Series Control Z

Maria is among the popular kids who are studying at the Colegio Nacional. She, along with Natalia and Isabela, are close and queen bees of the school. Their lives are perfect until a hacker comes into the picture and disrupts everything for the school’s students. Maria, Isabela, and Natalia are more affected because Isabela is the one who is targeted by the hacker.

Control Z takes a look at the lives of generation z and the inclusion of social media, which means no information remains private. Sofia is one of the students in Colegio Nacional. She does not want to socialize with the students in the school, but she jumps into action when a hacker starts to release private information about the school’s students. Sofia is now trying to find who the hacker is and why the secrets are being released.

Fiona Palomo plays Maria in the Netflix series Control Z.Fiona Palomo plays Maria in the Netflix series Control Z.
Source: Fiona Palomo Instagram

Taking a hard look at generation z, the cast of Control Z says this show is unlike any other, which deals with the teen generation of today. The idea of social media playing a role in students’ status in school is not something unique, but we have to see the show to find out how different it really is. Netflix is surely making a mark in different languages, and Control Z is another show looking to bring in a global audience to the streaming platform.

Netflix released the new series on 22 May 2020. Control Z cast includes Ana Valeria Becerril as Sofia, Michael Ronda as Javier, Macarena Garcia as Natalia, Yankel Stevan as Raul, Zion Moreno as Isabela, Andres Baida as Pablo, Xiabiani Ponce de Leon as Ernesto, Fiona Palomo as Maria, and Arian Saavedra as Regina.

Fiona Palomo is following in Her Parents’ Footsteps

Fiona Palomo is following on the footsteps of her mother and late father.Fiona Palomo is following in the footsteps of her mother and late father.
Source: Mamas Latinas

The parents of Fiona Palomo met for the first time while filming Morir twice in 1996. It was love at first sight for the two and moved in together soon after. The couple became parents for the first time in 1998 when Fiona was born, and two years later, their son Luca arrived. After the birth of their children, the couple moved to the States to pursue a career in Hollywood.

Fiona’s mother moved the kids back to Mexico after the death of Eduardo. Her mother continued working as an actress in Mexico, and Fiona also spoke of her desire to become an actress. The young actress was influenced by her parents and wanted to walk on the path laid out by her parents.

Fiona probably got the performing genes from her parents, and she also got the artistic genes from her father. The actress also draws from time to time, something akin to what her father used to do. Fiona shares a close relationship with her brother and mother, who are also performers. The whole Palomo clan is a talented bunch.

Fiona Started Her Acting Career at the Age of 15

Fiona Palomo wanted to be an actress from a young age. She worked and trained to get roles in TV shows and movies. And her dreams of becoming an actress came true when she was hired for a small role in the Spanish version of Gossip Girl. She played Vivi San Roman in 20 episodes of Gossip Girl: Acapulco and took a five-year hiatus.

She came back with a role in the TV movie Cagney and Lacey, where she played Amy Rodriguez. The actress also recently finished filming a movie with Mauricio Ochmann. Control Z is the third acting credit to her name, and the actress is also set to appear in La Negociadora, which will air at the end of 2020.

Instagram Presence – Does Fiona Palomo Have a Boyfriend?

Fiona Palomo is active on Instagram. She updates her fans about her new projects and her life via her page on the image sharing site. The actress has close to 30,000 followers on her Instagram page and over 150 posts. She frequently shares images of her mother and talks about how much she appreciates her. The actress also shares pictures of her brother and promotes her new projects on Instagram.

The actress is not afraid to share her personal life on Instagram, but Fiona is tight-lipped when it comes to her relationship status. There are no pictures of the actress cozying up to a special someone, and we cannot find a mention of a relationship rumor. It appears Fiona Palomo is currently single.

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