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A career in finance, which is where Andres Baida’s career was heading before he decided acting was the best route for his career. The actor got the chance to go to The Centro de Educacion Artistica (CEA), and it was an opportunity he could not pass on. Andres was 14 when acting had a profound impact on him, and being an adult, the idea of passing on his dream was not something he was ready to live with.

Andres Baida was born on 28 February 1995 to his parents in Mexico. Andres was raised by his mother, Lily Baida, and the actor loves her a lot. There are no shortages of the actor praising his strong mother and sharing about her on his Instagram page. Andres turned 25 this year, and he has spent most of his life in Mexico where he is only recently starting a career in front of the camera after a couple of years of training.

The young actor started his acting career about four years ago. He was on his way to a life in finance, but when the opportunity came knocking, he answered the call and started training in CEA. Four years later he is pursuing a career in acting, he has had his ups and downs in the industry, but he is getting ready for what could be a career-making performance in the new Netflix series Control Z.

Andres Baida Plays Pablo in the Netflix Series Control Z

Andres Baida plays Pablo in the new Netflix series Control Z. Pablo is the golden boy of Colegio Nacional, and he is the high school sweetheart of the school’s “it” girl Isabela. Pablo and Isabela are a couple for the longest time, but when a hacker reveals private information about Isabela to the whole school, it throws a wrench in the relationship of the lovebirds. Andres himself described his career as transitioning from good to bad as the series progresses to the later stages.

Control Z is about the different students who live in Mexico and study in Colegio Nacional. Like every other school, there are hierarchies, bullies, and teen troubles, but things take a violent and dark turn when a hacker pits students against each other by leaking secrets about them. One of the school’s students, Sofia, talented but socially awkward, tries to solve the mystery and find who the hacker is, this forms the main plot of Control Z.

Andres Baida plays Pablo in the Netflix series Control Z.Andres Baida plays Pablo in the Netflix series Control Z.
Source: Andres Baida Instagram

This show is the newest addition to the Netflix Latin lineup, and a way for the streaming giant to get a better foothold in the Spanish speaking markets. With so many streaming services vying for the same markets, Netflix is switching gears and speeding up content creation in the Latin world. Control Z is teen-targeted programming by the company, which they hope will bring in more subscribers.

According to Netflix, the show will be released on 22 May 2020. Control Z cast includes Ana Valeria Becerril as Sofia, Michael Ronda as Javier, Macarena Garcia as Natalia, Yankel Stevan as Raul, Zion Moreno as Isabela, Andres Baida as Pablo, Xiabiani Ponce de Leon as Ernesto, Fiona Palomo as Maria, and Arian Saavedra as Regina.

Watching The Lion King on Broadway made Andres Baida want to be an Actor

Watching The Lion King on Broadway made Andres want to be an actor.Watching The Lion King on Broadway made Andres want to be an actor.
Source: Andres Baida Instagram

There are always different profound experiences, which inspire a person to follow their dream. Andres Baida had one of those profound experiences when he saw The Lion King for the first time on Broadway, at the age of 14. The 14-year-old mind of Andres looked at people around him and also his own feelings and how a simple play could invoke so much emotion on the people watching.

Seeing the impact of the performance was the crux of young Andres wanting to be an actor. He saw the people and thought to himself; he would like to make people feel like that through performance. But acting was still a dream for Andres, who had no prior experience and training. He was resigned to working in another field when he got the chance to attend CEA; the opportunity was something he took with both hands and formed the backbone, which supported his dream of becoming an actor.

Andres was further emboldened by the reaction his mother had after he performed in a play while studying in CEA. The play was called Spring Storm, and he was playing one of the leads in the play after the play was over, he went and found his mother who was crying seeing him perform. 14-year-old Andres wanted to impact people’s emotions, and seeing his mother cry after watching him perform, let the actor know he was on the right path.

Andres Baida made His Acting Debut on Like

Andres Baida was 23 years old when he first played a character in front of the camera. His first acting credit was in the telenovela Like, La Leyenda. The show was about private school students in Mexico who are from wealthy families and have their own sets of problems. Andres played bad guy Pepe Toledo in 66 episodes of the telenovela, and the actor said he enjoyed playing a character who was bad to the core.

He again played the bad guy in another series Los Elegido. He played Hector in the fantasy series, a bad guy, but as the series progressed, he turned to a good character. Another notch in the career of Andres, who said he enjoys playing the bad guy. Control Z is going to be the third series, where he is again playing a good to a bad transitioning character.

But the actor was also involved in the production of another show called The Chosen. Andres was excited about the show and also the experience he had while making the series. But The Chosen was cut before it even aired, and the actor hates it that the series met such an untimely demise.

Andres Baida is Active on Instagram – Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Andres Baida has close to 50,000 followers on Instagram, and the actor uses the image sharing site to promote his shows and share pictures of his past and present. There are numerous pictures of Andres with his mother and other images showing off his physique. Andres posts regularly, and he is also a great follow on Instagram.

According to reports, Andres Baida is currently single. He is 25 years old and focused on his still budding career. The actor posts pictures with beautiful ladies, but Andres has not confirmed if he has a girlfriend.

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