Keemstar Girlfriend 2021 – Dating 20-Year-Old Christine Youngman!

Keemstar is a social media celebrity who rose to fame on YouTube with his pop culture news channel DramaAlert. From exposing various other stars to himself getting into controversy and bitter feuds, the 39-year-old has created a reputation for himself which has divided the viewers over time. More recently the division was visible when Keemstar showed off his new girlfriend, someone almost 2 decades his junior.

The YouTube star was born on 8 March 1982 as Daniel M. Keem, to his parents in Buffalo, New York. He was raised alongside one brother and one sister. He was 27 year old when he started his first YouTube channel, since then he has had multiple channels up and running where he posts new videos everyday and also earns most of his revenue from.

Keemstar has also evolved into a gaming YouTuber and has a large following for his game play videos. But the thing fans know the YouTuber most from is his news show where he frequently gets into fights with other stars and the battle wages into other social media platforms as well. While 2021 has not been short on controversy, Keemstar added fuel to the fire when he introduced his new girlfriend and fans were quickly battling in comment section.

Keemstar Girlfriend 2021 – Dating Someone 2 Decades Younger Than Him

keemstar-girlfriend-2021Keemstar is dating his girlfriend Christine Youngman in 2021. Keem is about 20 years older than his new gf.
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When it comes to dating life of YouTube stars, almost nothing is ever private. They appear in videos together, talk about their relationship and all the other corny videos you have all watched. There is no hiding a relationship, more so if you are big on YouTube. So, when Keemstar showed off his new girl on social media, about 4 days ago, people started on a fact finding mission.

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The social media commentator has previously criticized other YouTubers for dating their fans, even 2 years younger than them. So, imagine the masses surprise when Keemstar came out of and showed off a girl who is 20-years younger than him and also a fan. It was the talk on Twitter as his fans praised him for winning in life, while other criticized the YouTubes, even going as far as alleging grooming.

Keemstar is Dating His Girlfriend Christine Youngman in 2021

For those who are not familiar with the story, Keemstar is dating his girlfriend Christine Youngman in 2021. According to reports and information gleaned by fans as well as some stuff leaked by Keemstar, his girlfriend was a fan who came to meet him with one of her friends. They started soon after meeting at an event and after some searching on the internet, it was revealed that Christine was almost 20 years younger than the YouTuber.

The first revelation of Keemstar’s girlfriend came on 3 August 2021 when Daniel shared a photo of her back on Instagram. He captioned the photo, “She plays Minecraft am I going jail?” Probably referencing her age in the caption, he caught some flack on the comment section as people called her a child all the way to guessing her age being at around 13.

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A few days after the revelation of his new girlfriend, Trisha Paytas went off on the social media star and alleged grooming. Trisha is also famous on YouTube and she recently started doing these videos about women and girls more recently. And on a video from 5 August 2021, she spoke about the Daniel Keem situation. The girl he was dating got some advice from the 33-year-old who claimed she had been through almost all of these scenarios.

Trisha said than Keemstar was “manipulating and grooming someone who was so much younger than him.” She also went on to cite some facts about the mind being not fully developed before the age of 25. Then she went on to allege that money, fame and possible daddy issues were behind young Christine Youngman falling for a man who could be close to her father’s age.

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Seeing all the talk about his girlfriend on social media, Daniel shared a picture of his girlfriend on Instagram with the caption, “Trisha I’m never letting sit in my car stay jellybean mad you psycho!!!” Then he went on Twitter to rant about the situation and also to call out Trisha. Video entitled Trash Trisha Paytas went up on his Twitter page and Keemstar ranted for more than 2 minutes.

Keem said his girlfriend was an independent woman who has a job and a normal life. He also mentioned that she has a great relationship with her family and there are no daddy issues. No matter what Keemstar says though, Christine Youngman is still nearly 20 years younger than him. There will be people who won’t like the relationship, while others can be nonchalant about the whole situation.

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