Kelsi Taylor

Kelsi Taylor was born on 26 October 1998 in Nevada, United States, and lived there for a better part of her childhood. From an early age, there was proficiency in singing, and it was apparent for all to see, but as she mentioned in her facts video, she was drawn to singing and creative things but never towards books and going to school.

Family, Siblings, Early Life of Kelsi Taylor and Finding Her Footing and Dane Cook

Kelsi Taylor is a Instagram celebrity.Kelsi Taylor became a singer and then an Instagram celebrity.
Source: Instagram @itskelsitaylor

At her tween to teen-age, going to school was a chore because what she really wanted to do was sit in her room and sing songs and work hard to fulfill what she wanted to do growing up. She was the third and a decade smaller child than her brother and over 13 years younger than her sister. Her parents soon moved her to California, so she could pursue her dream of singing.

At the age of 12, the whole family left Nevada and came to California, where she started to sharpen her musical talents. The school was something she was not allowed to quit, which is why she finished high school and decided to join a college. At the same time, she was working to supplement her studies and get her music career off the ground.

Watch: Kelsi started her singing career and released an EP

But like she mentioned in her video, studying was not meant for her, and instead, she dropped out and started to put her entire focus on her music career. Her online presence was growing, and she was also getting jobs to sing background vocals at concerts and went out on tours with different groups. She also once got the chance to sing with Demi Lovato, and Kelsi performed live at the Republic of Pie.

Kelsi’s career was not blowing up but slowing, she was getting some fan following, and her online presence was getting better. She received an okay amount of views on her cover song videos and also released an EP which is available for streaming on Spotify.

As her career was slowly gathering some momentum, she went to the Game Night party hosted by the famous comedian Dane Cook. Unbeknownst to the duo at the start of the day, they were about to meet someone both of them were going to fall in love with.

A Chance Meeting with Dane Cook and Finding Love

Dane Cooks and Kelsi Taylor got in a relationship in 2017.Dane Cook and Kelsi Taylor got into a relationship in 2017.
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Dane Cook is a die-hard New England Patriots fan, and during a matchday, he was hosting a Game Night party, which he often does, and the thing is Kelsi came to the party, and when they first met, it wasn’t much about falling for each other. They were friendly and talked for a while and according to Dane, became friends.

But being friends was not the end of the story for the two; they met again and slowly started to develop feelings for each other, which morphed into blissful love. The duo started to go out together, and Kelsi and Dane made their relationship official on 7 May 2017. The beautiful couple is together for over two years now, and they seem to be in love with each other.

Dane Cook and Kelsi Taylor went to Hawaii together.Dane Cook went to Hawaii with his girlfriend Kelsi Taylor.
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The lovebirds also recently went on a trip to Hawaii on a private jet, and they were not shy of a little PDA on the island. The love was true, but the reason their relationship is talked about a lot is because of the massive age difference between the two.

Dane Cook was born on 18 March 1972, and he lived with his parents in Massachusetts and spent his childhood there. He wanted to be a comedian but studied graphic designing as a fallback plan, and he was the first performer who really used social media, especially MySpace and expanded his fanbase.

Dane Cook is a comedian.Dane Cook is a standup comedian.
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Just to put into perspective the age difference between Dane and Kelsi, take this example, before she was even born, he finished college, started his comedic career, got pelted on at Boston Garden, and finally found success. Dane’s first hit album Harmful If Swallowed was released in 2003, and at the time, Kelsi was not even five years old.

Kelsi is less than two weeks shy of her 21st birthday, and Dane is 47 years old, and their over-26 years of age difference is the one thing people always bring up when talking about the relationship of the lovebirds.

Defending His Choice to Date Someone 26 Years His Junior

Dane Cook is in a relationship with someone who is 26 years his junior.Kelsi Taylor and Dane Cook defended their choice to fall in love; being 26 years apart in age.
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Dating someone ten years junior causes people to catch some flack and imaging dating someone who could be the age of your daughter if you brought a child to this world during your mid-20s. There are going to be people who will snicker and give the side-eyes when the couple is walking together.

This is the case for Dane and Kelsi, but the comedian defends his choice of being with someone who is more than half his age. He made an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show and said, “It’s a little tricky, though, because my girlfriend and I get a lot of crap from people because we have an age difference. I’m 46, and she’s 20.”

Watch: The Video Where Dane Cook Talks about His Relationship to Kelsi Taylor

The crowd gave an obvious reaction, and he made fun of the crowd and then went on to add, “Here’s the thing, I love her, she is the kindest, sweetest, just my favorite — my best friend.”

He is also not shy of joking about the age difference between the two after he spoke of how much he loves her and on Valentine’s Day, where he goes all out. The comedian quipped, “And sometimes I actually find myself saying, ‘Where has she been all my life?’ and then I realize she wasn’t alive for the first 26 years of it,”

Dane Cook kissing girlfriend Kelsi Taylor in front of a jet.Kelsi Taylor and Dane Cook kissing in front of a jet.
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Dane and Kelsi Taylor are really in love, and they care for each other, their families are happy with the love life of the two and considering all the people they know don’t care for the age difference and the people involved in the relationship don’t care for the age difference, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. The couple enjoys a blissful love life, and their happiness with each other is the only thing of any importance.

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